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    A post from a Yahoo Heart Disease support group member
    deadmanwalking57 posted:

    I am passing this post on for a fellow from a !Yahoo heart Disease Support group who sent me this in an e-mail.

    "Well my diet just took a turn downward. My gastrointestinal doctor has told me I cant eat any uncooked veggies. No more salads, broccoli, collyflower,corn,brussell sprouts or any hard veggie. I have a threatened bowel obstruction that I have to try to keep from haveing surgery on. He said I could have steak only if it is cut up in baby sized bites. My wife jokeingly said she would put things in a blender and he said that would be a good idea. Due to my numerous abdominal surgeries I have alot of adhesions which are causeing an abstruction. It all started with a simple reflux surgery then I had emergancy surgery for a perferated stomach. Then six months later I had a insisional hernia which was done lap. then I had a bowel obstruction and cut open. Then I had all sorts of problems such as distention and would have to go on liquids till it resolved. This got to where I was haveing the problem three times a week. A doctor said that I would have to live with this till it got bad enough for surgery which he thought would be up to two years. Two and a half years later which was nov. of 2011 I had extensive surgery to remove an infective mesh which had perferated my colon and the surgery lasted for over two and a half hours with two surgeons doing the surgery. Three months later I started again with the distention problem and I started myself back on liquids. When it got bad, at least three times a week, I saw the surgeon who did the last surgery and he said he thought it was from the adhesions but run some tests to see. Well he had me see my gastro doc. and here I am all over again. Now I am back to square one till it gets bad enough again and causes a blockage that wont resolve. Anything that might have even a small chance of being hard to digest or clump I cant have. Do you have any suggestions of some good foods???"

    jc3737 responded:
    Can you link that message? I have some ideas that may help.
    deadmanwalking57 replied to jc3737's response:
    Its not in the Yahoo! group. Just post your reply here. I will e-mail him the link to the post I placed.
    engineerguy replied to deadmanwalking57's response:
    Hi DMW,

    As a layman, I can only guess. I have no specific knowledge of a condition such as his. We all believe that our overall general health will be improved by following a mostly plant based diet diligently. This may (or may not) cure this person's condition, without ever knowing what specifically caused the condition.

    My advice to this gentleman is to join the Dr. Fuhrman website . For $50/month, he can ask very detailed questions of Dr. Fuhrman or his staff. The first course of attack is to follow the Fuhrman Nutritarian program diligently. If that does not result in great results, then take blood tests for deficiencies, etc. We are all individuals, and some people have deficiencies due to their makeup, or luck or whatever. In my opinion, that board is the best health information in the world today. I would be pleased to explain why.

    OK, am I violating WebMD policy, by advocating a certain program? I got a spanking by WebMD for saying what a great video "Forks Over Knives" was, on the diabetes T2 website. This is a program that can reverse diabetes. I told them where to buy the DVD (not from me). Somebody complained, I suppose. If I had said that I had great results from a diabetes drug, they would have loved it, but advocating or even bein informative about lifestyle changes is offensive on that board. It's really a shame. Let me step off my soap box.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy
    jc3737 replied to deadmanwalking57's response:
    Tell them to go on an all potato diet and see what happens.Later they can slowly add back other foods one at a time....beans would be next,then green leaf lettuce....

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