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    Hurry! - Pomegranates are still in season
    engineerguy posted:
    Hi folks,

    Hurry! - Pomegranates are still in season ! Eat a wide variety of veggies, fruit, nuts & seeds, beans and whole grains. But it's good to include superfoods like pomegranates daily.

    They will be in season again in February.

    Research is showing that pomegranates improve blood flow in heart patients, while the control group (randomized, double blind) got worse. American Journal of Cardiology, Dr. Dean Ornish.

    Research suggests that pomegranates cut the risk of cancer.

    My wife and I buy about 20+ pomegranates, and take out the arils (the seeds with the juice pocket) and freeze them. My wife likes to put a tablespoon or so on her breakfast or salad. I like to put a tablespoon or so in my veggie smoothies. This way, it lasts all year.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy (Stacy)
    max9821 responded:
    now they are fairly expensive but when I was a kid the other kids used to spend ten cents or fifteen cents on a "chinese apple" as they were advertised then. The kids would suck on the seeds to get the juice out then spit out the seeds. I was really shocked the first time I saw pomegranate seeds as the topping on a very fancy salad in a cook book. How in the world could a diner, especially in a restaurant, manage to delicately spit out the seeds after sucking the juice out of the seeds?

    I wonder if the seeds are better in all respects to the juice that Ornish used. Would the fiber have a positive effect on health more than the juice?

    PS I love pomegranates and eat plenty of them when they are on sale. I do not spit out the seeds.

    engineerguy replied to max9821's response:

    Great to see you. I didn't catch that it was you, from "max9821"

    My take is that pomegranate juice is so valuable that it is an exception to the general rule to avoid fruit juice. The seeds have valuable phytochemicals and antioxidants that are different than the valuable nutrients in the juice. There is a lot of science supporting the benefits of both the juice and the seeds.

    All seeds are high in valuable nutrients. Nuts also.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy
    max9821 replied to engineerguy's response:
    If I remember to buy it I drink about two ounces of pomegranate juice in the morning.

    ps, yes it is I. Occasionally web md tells me I have to sign in and I either forget how I did it the last time or if I write it down I foul up somehow and do something wrong and have a devil of a time getting back on. So I just figure the heck with it. But here I am again under a different watchamacallit. Couldn't get back on for quite a while.
    engineerguy replied to max9821's response:
    Hi didi,

    I am very glad a different whatchamacallit brought you back to us.

    Best regards, EngineerGuy(Stacy)
    deadmanwalking57 replied to engineerguy's response:

    Am I the chief pomegranate fanatic ? A spoonful of arils at a time ? I will eat one or two whole pomegranates in a sitting sometimes. Some seeds are edible, some not. Know your variety.

    I am sure I must have put some pubmed links to research on them a long time ago. I drink some every meal, almost every day of the year, closing in on 8 years now.

    Sculling now for 16 months, an hour on most Saturdays and Sundays alone or with a friend or daughter, and playing hours of volleyball. I am having more fun, and never tire. I surprise the folks I play with, half my age, with my speed and vigor. Can't jump that well, and no visual judgment to spike. But I do manage to upset young guys now and then with a solid block on their spike attempts.

    Pom's are also very high in potassium. In blood tests, my potassium is always at the top end of the healthy range, or a touch above it. I played outdoor volleyball last year in 100 degree heat a number of times. Feels like only 85 or 90 to me. I sweat bullets, but feel cool and comfortable. Never needed a rest, and the 20 and 30 somethings playing looked at me like I was an alien. Great fun. Just needed some juice or water now and then. Rest ? Some days I played as much as 6 hours.


    3,000 ORAC anti-oxidant units in a small one. 10,000 or more in a big one. You need a couple pounds of veggies to approach that. Veggies are 10% the anti-oxidant capacity of the better fruits. 1% that of the best herbs and spices.

    Pomegranate boosts HDL numbers and function, so HDL works as if you have much more for reverse cholesterol transport, eliminating LDL in the bloodstream.

    Boosts the bodies production of paraoxonase, which is the "magic bullet", that causes macrophages (the immune cells at damaged artery sites that absorb oxidized LDL) to release ox-LDL, allowing the blockages to shrink over time.

    Almost no other food has a similar effect on paraoxonase, from continued research I do keeping up with the literature.

    Oregano : At 270,000 ORAC units in 3 ounces dried, that is the same as 90 pomegranates. Sprinkle some on everything you eat. Seriously.

    I should change my moniker. No longer DeadManWalking.

    Now I am sculling, playing volleyball, and back into archery.

    twinb63 replied to deadmanwalking57's response:
    DMW! What, you're back again? hehe. Good to see ya guy, been awhile since you've posted. I think we should start calling you Scully. Come around more often will ya, always enjoy reading your summaries of the research that's been done.

    I've tried eating ariels a number of times but just can't get used to chewing/swallowing the seeds so I buy the juice from Costco & drink that.

    deadmanwalking57 replied to twinb63's response:

    Talk to the store manager where you get pomegranates. He may not be aware that there are a few varieties that have edible seeds. Most have seeds that are not recommended to be eaten.

    The POM Wonderful variety has edible seeds. My local Ralph's gets POM Wonderful variety. I found a local nursery that carried a tree, and bought and planted it. We will get between two and six dozen good mainly softball size fruit each year.

    When restaurants use arils on other foods, they use edible seed varieties.

    Sculler, archer, volleyball player.


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