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    Includes Expert Content
    RRichard2005 posted:
    My 2 yr old son got a hold of my razor and nicked himself. I believe the last time I used the razor was about36-48 hrs prior and I know I cut myself. What are my baby's risks?? I feel like the WORST mother in the entire world! When should I get him tested?? I just feel sick!
    RRichard2005 responded:
    Also, after I got him out of the bath I didn't see any blood. Now it just looks like a small slice rather than an actual cut. Does viral load have anything to do with transmission? Mine was 714,000 as of Feb.22.
    RRichard2005 responded:
    Me again.. I just keep thinking. I know that there was no blood on the razor. I always rinse it really well when I am done. So with the blood rinsed off is there still a risk or at least as much?
    Anon_130687 replied to RRichard2005's response:
    No blood on the razor? Then I think you are in the clear.

    Please call your doctor or your son's pediatrician to ease your mind.

    I'd be more concerned about him being able to reach a sharp object like a razor. Be sure all of that stuff is out of reach - 2 year olds can surprise you with their ability to get a hold of "no-no's"
    RRichard2005 replied to Anon_130687's response:
    No, no blood that I ever noticed. Once I finish shaving I always clean off the soap and hair. I have read SO much stuff over the past 24 hours or so and mostly everything I am reading says that the risk is low. However, I have also read that even if there wasn't visible blood on the razor the virus can still remain. Needless to say I am scared but there is nothing I can do!

    Yes, I am usually more aware of things my 2 yr old can get into but I guess I just dropped the ball. So help me God, nothing like this will ever happen again!
    Melissa Palmer, MD responded:
    Fresh blood form the razor would have to infiltrate your sons blood stream. As the risk as you describe it appears very low, it is best to have him tested within 2 weeks and again by 6 months. I assume that you have had him tested already since you gave birth .
    RRichard2005 replied to Melissa Palmer, MD's response:
    Yes, Dr. Palmer. He was tested at one year and was negative. I know for a fact there was no fresh blood on the razor as it had been approximately 40 hours since I last shaved. I continually rinse as I shave and when finished so does that mitigate the risks at all? I mean does blood stick to such surfaces even after being rinsed off?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. My mom and husband believe I am overacting but I just feel horrible. I have consulted many sites and have been told over and over that the risk is very low in my situation but nevertheless... I can't eat, sleep or even look at my poor innocent baby boy without feeling major guilt!

    Also, Dr. Palmer, if he does unfortunately test positive what are our options? Can kids go through treatment? If so is it the same treatment that adults do? Would it be as hard on him? What is the success rate?

    Thanks again!
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to RRichard2005's response:
    Please don't jump the gun seeking out information that is probably not relevant to your situation.

    Please try to manage your stress level right now - it's not healthy for you to be filled with anxiety and worry.

    Take a deep breath, forgive yourself and concentrate on being a great mom, wife and daughter - which I'm sure you are!

    Here's a link to a short article with 10 tips to relieve stress now - try a few of them out - don't forget deep breaths

    Stress Management: Relax Your Mind
    RRichard2005 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:

    I guess I am one of those people to don't count my chickens till the eggs hatch, unfortunately! I HATE it!! I have calmed down though and have been thinking...

    Would I have noticed if my son did in fact cut himself? Like I said, I never saw any blood... AT ALL!!! He never wears shoes in the house so I keep thinking that I would have noticed some sort of cut on his foot. Especially when I got him out of the bath and I never noticed a cut until later in the day when I started thinking about it. Also, my son had been playing outside most of the day without shoes because he always takes them off. I usually stay in the bathroom when he bathes but I stepped out for a couple mins and when I went back in I just saw the razor in the bottom of the tub.

    My friend said that her son cut himself with a razor and it was a blood bath. I guess that would make sense since a toddler has no idea what they are doing and would take no care.

    The mark I saw on my son's foot could have been more conclusive to a scratch from something in the yard. It was like a 1/2 inch red mark and at the end of that a small cut, like a stick snagged him. I noticed it about 3:30 p.m. and by the time my husband got him it was around 6:00 p.m. and the red scratch was gone leaving just them small cut.

    Any insight would be great!
    oldtiff47 replied to RRichard2005's response:

    RRichard2005 replied to oldtiff47's response:
    I have contacted the Pediatrician's office and waiting for a call back! We are on an Army base so it's like a clinic and questions don't get answered for around 72 business hours.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to RRichard2005's response:
    Have you gotten a call back yet? I hope you are able to ease your mind soon....

    RRichard2005 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Nope! I just made an appt. for Friday because that is obviously the only way I can speak with anyone.

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