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    Includes Expert Content
    Always TIRED
    PSJ1970 posted:
    Is it normal to be SO exhausted? I'm wiped out and my body hurts so bad. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago but am wondering if it's the hep c doing this to me.

    I have been to see a gastro but they said I need to lose 20 lbs before I can even think about doing one of their trials-and when I asked about the cost of treatment with my insurance (BCBS TX, although I live in MO), they said it would be very expensive...something like a grand a week just for one of the meds. Should I go to another gastro or does that sound about right for the costs associated with treating it...I have geno 1a and my one and only test (a year ago) was 1,033,040.

    I feel like I'm swimming in circles!
    RRichard2005 responded:
    I guess it depends how long you've had Hep C and how advanced the disease it. Maybe! I have mild aches and tiredness sometimes but that could be attributed to other things besides Hep C.

    I would go see another G.I. If possible try to see a Hepatologist. I know the cost of the treatment is expensive but I would not imagine it being that high with insurance; I guess it depends on how good your insurance is.

    Did you ever have a liver biopsy done to see how much damage (if any) has been done to your liver?
    Melissa Palmer, MD responded:
    Fatigue is the number side effect associated with HCV. There are assistance programs available to cover the costs of the drugs if you qualify
    PSJ1970 replied to RRichard2005's response:
    No one has even suggested that I get one except the GI and only if I did their study (that I'm too overweight for).

    I think I've had hep c for about 13 yrs or so.
    RRichard2005 replied to PSJ1970's response:
    You should definitely get one to see how much liver damage you have (if any)!
    PSJ1970 replied to Melissa Palmer, MD's response:
    The fatigue is frustrating. I feel bad because I could get so much more done but I do one thing, then sit down.

    Would you recommend I tell my GI that I want to get another blood test and a liver biopsy or do they know what's best? The nurse told me "we already know you have it, so we don't need to do any more tests.
    PSJ1970 replied to RRichard2005's response:
    That's what I I will admit I haven't led the most "healthy" lifestyle. I had my times where I drank too much but as of my diagnosis, I haven't touched a drop (not that I was an alcoholic-just liked to have a few beers).

    I've been meaning to call and schedule one, guess it's better late than never.
    PSJ1970 replied to RRichard2005's response:
    I didn't realize the GI I went to see is also a hepatologist...he's supposed to be one of the "best" in my area. I haven't even seen the doc himself yet, but they had me meet with a nurse, who is the one who suggested I do trials.

    What really irks me about the nurse suggesting I do trials, she looked at me and could see that I'm overweight...why did she even bother to offer them to me if I'm too fat? Kinda stupid if you ask me.
    billm57 responded:
    a grand a week is outrageous - the last time i treated - 2009 - 2010 - my out of pocket expense was around $90 / month for combo treatment - triple therapy is going to be more - there are patient assistance programs available - a biopsy is the best method to assess liver damage but there are non invasive methods which are fairly accurate - but damage assessment is recommended prior to treatment - if they told me i was overweight id go elsewhere

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