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    Living with someone who has hep c
    gwen6336 posted:
    Hi, I'm very worried about my 13 yr old daughter who has had upper right quadrant abdominal pains for the past 2 weeks. She has a low grade fever and last week I noticed her eyes were yellow. That has gone away. She had an ultrasound of her gallbladder to rule out stones, they also checked her liver and kidneys. My roommate has hep c and in looking up her symptoms on the symptom checker, that came up as a possible reason for her pain. She altogether doesn't feel well. My concern about hep c is that my roommate is a chronic drinker and I questions his hygiene. For example, uses toilet yet never flushes or washes his hands and then gets into our food. Has open cuts on his hands, has rotten teeth and gums, will stick his fingers in his mouth, scrape along his teeth as he's standing at refrigerator looking for something to eat. He has cooked for us and while cutting up veggies has cut his hand, wiped the blood off with a napkin and leave it on the counter!! I'm scared to death! Should I be concerned that my daughter has caught it now and will we catch it with his poor habits? Thank you for any answers you can give me. I will be taking her back to doctor for testing. I just want him to take me seriously.
    gwen6336 replied to oldtiff47's response:
    I have given him big hugs. We've talked a lot about it since this whole thing started and now he's more open to discussing it. Believe me, I'm not one to judge. When I "vent" and say things that aren't exactly pc it's because of my fear and ignorance of this disease and his carelessness that had me so upset. Not only that, it was the fact that he continued to brag about his great lifestyle of doing drugs which he knows for a fact that's how he contracted it. He was doing this as I was waiting to hear about my baby girl. So please forgive my anger in that post.
    angelo212 replied to gwen6336's response:
    "Now, for people that have contracted it by drug use and other despicable ways, I don't feel that they care enough about themselves much less anyone else."

    For someone with a very caring heart and who "feels" for people you sure lump every substance abuse user into one category of being uncaring. Not every ex-junkie who engaged in "despicable ways" is uncaring. Most are very remorseful.
    angelo212 replied to gwen6336's response:
    I wrote my post above before I read yours and do forgive the anger in your post. I also am relieved to hear that your daughter is fine.
    WintersMomma replied to gwen6336's response:
    Other "dispicable" ways of contracting this disease can be a disease itself... Addiction. Which has nothing to do with whether a person is capable of caring for themselves and others. Im a mother of two, I have Hep C, (my 25 yr old daughter has Hep C which she contracted from her own use of iv drug abuse & my 2 yr old daughter does not have Hep C even though I was infected with it prior to & during my pregnancy), I love my children more than words can say, I love my animals just as much, & I certainly care about myself, (im a good person)... & im a heroin addict. That part I dont like, but as I said, addiction is also a disease. I am always conscious about having Hep C & am vigilant about making sure I don't contaminate anything with my blood, use & store my own razors, toothbrushes, even only use my own cup, just to play it safe. Im clean, compassionate, and unless im suffering from withdrawal, you'd never know that I'm a heroin addict. Albeit I realize the average junkie gives junkies like myself a bad name. Perhaps your roommate should see a therapist? Just saying...

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