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    Hep C & Lupus?
    myblessedlife posted:
    Does anyone have any experience with symptoms of Lupus with their Hep C ? & if so, what ? My hair has been falling out for about 10 years now. I have a Lupus rash on my face & arms, fatigue, sore muscles & joints. I can't be in any kind of sun &/or certain light, & am sensitive to heat. I'm getting different information from different Dr.'s & I feel like I'm going crazy... I don't even want to go back. One Dr. made me go through 2 days of tests for M.S. & A.L.S., & muscle biopsies. It seems like I can get better information from the internet medical sites. I have an appointment this week for another 6 month check-up, but after what happened last time, I don't know if I can do this again. I'm stage 2, type 1a, if they're even right about that. :sad:
    Susie2009 responded:
    Try not to be too upset. These things are hard for the doctors to rule in or out as there is no one test to give an answer to lupus or the other connective tissue problems. Hepatitis C can cause false positives in many tests such as the rheumatoid factor test and lyme disease as well as many others. Hepatitis C virus alone can also cause all of the symptoms you mention. You need to see a rheumatoid specialist who knows hep C.
    myblessedlife responded:
    Thanks Susie, I guess it's just that the thought of another specialist, & yet another opinion, well you know... I just don't get how far off they all differ. Am I alone in this that there are 2 infectious disease Dr.'s, in the same office, with 2 different opinions? 1 that said to treat 6 months ago & the other that said it was all neurological, & to go back to the gastroenterologist for the pain in my side? My regular Dr. says it's all a coincidence & it may be stress. None of them have mentioned the rheumatologist, even though that's the same information I'm getting too when I do my own research. I just got more information from you than I've gotten from my main infectious disease Dr. yet. Thanks for your help. XO
    murr65 responded:
    hi, this sounds like what I'm going through right now, just went to the rheumatologist he said it's all due to Hep-c but it all does sound like lupus I got a pain in my left side abdominal area about 3 weeks ago extreme pain that won't go away got all test done at E.R. and more with primary care Doc (blood,CT scan ,ultrasoung,everthing comes out normal but still have extreme pain vicodin doesn't take pain away,percocet just dulls it , is your pain on the left also? Thanks
    myblessedlife responded:
    Hi. Shew am i ever glad to hear from you... You know, misery loves company kind of thing. LOL. My pain is in my right side though. How far left is the pain for you & is it under your ribs, mid abdomen or closer to your pelvis? How wide spread is the pain? Sounds horrible! XO
    murr65 responded:
    Hi, it is right under my ribs,deep inside,hurts when I cough or hiccup worse takes my breathe away,they checked spleen and pancreas and nothing no inflamation. Have you had your liver checked recently?
    myblessedlife responded:
    Yeah, I saw my Infectious Disease Dr. about 2 months ago & my last biopsy 6 months before that. They're waiting for me to say that I'm ready to treat, but I just can't bring myself to do it. The reason I asked about where your pain was is because I know that the pain from your liver & gallbladder can do something called "refered pain". So, alot of times when my side hurts, I get pain in my right shoulder, chest & back too. Like when people have heart attacks & get pain in their arm, neck or jaw. Also, I had one Dr. tell me that if it was my liver that it would hurt across the front too, not just my side & back. Dr.'s... Everyone with their different ideas... Anyway, going on what that Dr. told me, it sounds like it could be your liver doing a refered pain/radiating pain kind of thing. Keep looking & asking... I know that I have to take time off to regroup alot of the time because it makes me crazy with all the Dr.'s & their different opinions & why can't they just call each other instead of making me run around... LOL. XO

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