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    Random incident, risk?
    Anon_126579 posted:

    I am a married man (33 yrs old) and I am a little paranoid about something that happened yesterday. I play in a city soccer league on Sundays. I got hit with the ball in the closing seconds of our victory and my mouth got cut up pretty bad. It was swollen on the inside and I had a cut on the outside of my lip. I spat out some blood when it happened ( I don't think anyone else noticed). My lip and mouth is still a bit swollen today. It was big victory and as we were celebrating with our teammates and friends, one of my teammate's sister (who I've known for years and is a wild one) came up to me and hugged me then kissed me on the mouth. It caught me off guard and I feel guilty and I haven't told my wife. I didn't kiss back or use tongue or anything, but could I have possible caught something if she had a cut or something in her mouth. Like I mentioned, it wasn't a prolonged kiss but I'm sure her mouth contacted my cut. I was actually still bleeding a bit even after the kiss. I tried to look at her mouth but it seemed fine to me. I don't want to tell my wife because I don't want this to cause problems, I really don't think I was in the wrong bc I didn't even see it coming nor kiss back, and I don't want my wife to develop a feud with my friends. I am suffering from anxiety now. Am I in danger of catching HIV or any blood born STD through this? Are my wife and kids at risk? Since this happened yesterday, I researched a medicine (PEP?) that works for immediate emergencies. Should I look into that? Or (hopefully) am I just overreacting and should I forget this ever happened?
    Nieciedo responded:
    There is totally no risk in this situation.

    There has only ever been one documented case of HIV transmission by kissing, and both parties involved had severe gum disease.

    Your mouth was cut up and bloody because you had just gotten hit with a soccer ball; how likely is it that this woman would also have an open bleeding wound in her mouth? Not very. Moreover, even if she did, you said it wasn't an open, deep kiss. Finally, however "wild" she may be, that does not mean she has HIV or any other STD.

    Your risk in this encounter is for all intents and purposes nil. No testing is necessary, and you CERTAINLY don't need post-exposure prophylaxis (not that anyone would prescribe it for an encounter like this).

    I think your best course of action is to forget about it. You were not at risk, and neither are your wife and kids.

    It seems like you might have some lingering sense of guilt over this kiss with a woman who isn't your wife, but as you said the encounter was totally innocent and nothing to get hung up on.

    Hope this helps,

    David J Malebranche, MD, MPH responded:
    Hello sir,

    you caught me on the day when I am announcing leaving this community, so let me answer this for you quickly.

    If you look at the odds, you should not be anxious at all!!! First, you don't know the STD and HIV status of your teammate's sister, and the likelihood that she is HIV is likely much lower than .01%, which is extremely small odds overall.

    If you are a worried person who will obsess over this, ask her directly, but ask her about all STDs and HIV status - preface it by saying you are not trying to offend her, but because of your cut you are worried.

    Oral sex is an extremely low, if not zero risk for HIV transmission unless both parties mouths have open cuts/sores, but the first issue is that one of the person has to be positive first. And the chances that she is are VERY slim, so I wouldn't get too concerned.

    But like I said, if you are worried, do two things:

    1. Ask her directly about her status
    2. Get yourself tested in about 6 to 8 weeks - a negative result then will put it to bed.

    Hope that helps sir... good luck to you!!!


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