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    Scared 17 year old over possible infection!!!!
    JohnSmith268 posted:
    Is it possible, when someone does experience ARS, to have no other symptoms then swollen lymph nodes? After some frottaging of the anus, my situation was that I basically attempted brief, no more then 1 inch of insertion (maybe a little more, maybe a little), of unprotected anal sex as I was the insertive partner. It also only lasted 5 seconds if that. My partner would say "ouch!" and would tell me to stop and I then would. My partner had sex one time in his life and it was protected and the condom did not break. Other then that girl I stated he had sex with, I was his only other partner even though we are both males. He has had NO OTHER SEX PARTNERS in his entire life other then me which we have experimented for 3 years and that girl he had PROTECTED sex with one time. We are both 17 and so is the girl he had sex with.[br>[br>2 weeks later I experienced slight muscle pain and aches but I'm an athlete and I also had a soft stool but not diarrhea. I believe diarrhea is considered three or more times of watery stools containing mucous in one day. I did not have that. When I went, it was just soft.[br>[br>I had not experienced any fever or any rash but I did experience respiratory issues such as post nasal drip, stuffy nose and a slight, slight sore throat. The drip is still here today but the sore throat is gone and I still have soft stools. I understand respiratory symptoms such as post-nasal drip and a stuffy nose is not ARS related. [br>[br>The thing that concerns me is my swollen lymph nodes in my groin and neck. The one is my neck just went down after about a week and a half of swelling, maybe two weeks where it WAS noticeable through a mirror if I looked up at the ceiling and the ones in my groin I just recognized. I am very skinny though nearly 130 pounds and 6'0 ft (I know I, should eat a donut or something) I have one on each side of my groin, maybe two on each side, in the same spot and they are about the size of a pea. [br>[br>When one does experience ARS, which I do understand many DO NOT and symptoms don't mean anything for HIV ARS, are swollen lymph nodes alone with NO FEVER and NO RASH a good indication that it's not HIV related for what I'm experiencing? I basically only had swollen lymph nodes in my neck for almost three weeks now but it went down a lot and the two or four possibly in my groin I just realized today for as a symptom and at no point did I ever feel sick through my exposure a month ago. I just felt like I would if my allergies were bothering me a little. [br>[br>Is this possible for ARS to occur without fever and without a rash and just swollen lymph nodes? I am a worry wort, I keep telling myself I'm ok but I just panic and I feel like as others said I should not have a reason to test for the circumstances while others say test, but I feel like I would develop AIDS within a year and etc if I was positive and I think I would be the small percentage that have AIDS developed within 4 years of infection, maybe less. I know a test is the only way to know my status but I would appreciate it if you could tell me my risk and answer my question regarding the symptoms. I would prefer not to test if you believe I don't have a need to. I know this site has many trained HIV experts and or people who know a lot about the disease itself.[br>[br>Thanks:)
    georgiagail responded:
    You state your partner had sex one other time and it was protected intercourse with a condom used accurately that did not break or tear.

    I'm going to assume he also has never shared needles with anyone.

    Symptoms aside, if this is truly the case, he cannot have the virus and thus he has nothing to pass on to you.

    We do not attempt to diagnose by symptoms but we do look at the event to determine risk. In your case, there was no risk as it would be impossible for your partner to carry this virus from his one other sexual event.

    JohnSmith268 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Hi, Gail,

    No, my partner is not a drug user. He may smoke marijuana but he is not a drug user and he certainly would not share needles for any reason.

    And yes, I asked him and the condom did not break and he also ejaculated in the condom and he was like "No, I didn't examine it to see if it broke but when I took it off it was still on. If it broke, HIV wouldn't be my issue, she would be pregnant. I'm fine stop worrying, I don't have HIV. I had sex once and it was protected".

    That was his response to me.

    Last question though, even though symptoms are terrible indicators, if you're truly experiencing ARS, the absence of fever and rash is a great indication it's not ARS, right?

    georgiagail replied to JohnSmith268's response:
    Sorry; as I said we don't attempt to diagnose HIV by symptoms.

    JohnSmith268 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thank you for the great advice.

    But considering my situation you insist I had no risk and have no need to test from this?
    JohnSmith268 replied to georgiagail's response:
    If it helps, I live in Staten Island, New York where there are 500,000 people in population. Of the 500,000, 2,000 are HIV positive and it's the lowest amount of HIV people in the whole city by a large margin. The City, Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx combined is about 133,000 people living with HIV and around 2,500 for new HIV diagnosis per year. In Staten Island, again where I live, about 45 people get diagnosed each year and of the people that are involved here, me, the girl, and my partner, we are all white and 17. HIV statistics state that 7 people in our age group with white skin were reported with an HIV diagnosis. Also in New York alone (The City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx and Queens) only 135 people who are ranged from 13-19 were reported with a new HIV diagnoses.

    georgiagail replied to JohnSmith268's response:
    Where you live and how many people around you that are HIV positive really isn't the issue here.

    The issue is the status of the partners you have sexual contact with.

    Your partner has had one other sexual encounter; this was appropriately protected with a condom that did not break or tear. Even if the girl he had intercourse with was HIV positive, the virus cannot cross an intact latex barrier. Thus, he could not have picked up the virus from her and would not have the virus to pass on to you.


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