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    Afraid of ARS symptoms
    An_246729 posted:
    Hello, I am new here, and hope somebody here can give me some insight, because I am incredibly terrified of having gotten ionfected by HHIV. I have 2 events that worry me, mostly because of symptoms appearing 3 weeks after each event.
    First event, had sex with a girl, protected, she got her period right in the middle of intercourse, found out till I finisehd, when I saw the blood on the condom, removed it, and all, did not feel alarmed by it. But, 3 weeks after this episode, i developed a sore throat that lasted 2 days, then had a runny nose, and last had a cough that lasted for about 6 days. i am so terrified.

    Second event, had unprotected vaginal sex for a minute, then put on a condom for the rest of sex. Exactly 3 weeks after this incident, I developed a sore burning thraot that lasted for 2 days, then one day I sneezed more than usual, and finally a dry cough that lasted 5 days, NO runny or congessted nose. It all began couple days before, I was a t a hotel room smoking cigarrettes, then after some hours felt a slight burning sensation in the back of my throat, later taht night I went ourt for drinks and smoked more, still a little burning feeling in the back of throat. 2 days later I began with the sore throat, which was constant all day for 2 days, this subsided, and began with the dry cough.

    Both events had almost the same symptoms, except for the lack of runny nose in the second one, they lasted about the same time, one week, and both happened exactly 3 weeks after sex.

    I am nervous wreck, totally terrified, do this resemble ARS? please be honest.
    georgiagail responded:
    We do not attempt to diagnose HIV by symptoms, only by risk.

    Event Number 1 - Absolutely no risk whatsoever. A condom was used appropriately (and did not break or tear, I'm assuming). Even if partner number 1 was HIV positive, the virus cannot cross an intact latex barrier.

    Event Number 2 - Short term unprotected insertive vaginal intercourse. The ESTIMATED per act risk from unprotected insertive (that's you) penile-vaginal intercourse is 5 per 10,000 exposures with a source KNOWN to carry the virus.

    Your risk would be less since 1. you cannot confirm this partners status and 2. the actual unprotected contact with her was quite short.

    If you remain concerned, consider a rapid HIV screening test at the 90 day mark.

    hypoterrified replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thank you very much Gail. I must add that I am so paranoid of this disease, had been in a long term realtionship (10 years), now that I am single, well, have had a couple adventures qe might say. One of the girls, actually the one I had little unprotected sex, I?ve known her for many years,and has always been the relationship type, not the type that fools and sleeps around. However, been the hypochondriac and fearful guy that I am, Ialways imagine the worst and think I might have contracted HIV.

    I know that it is not safe nor recommended to look at symptoms, but these can give you at least an idea. looking th the symptoms I described, to they seem like ARS symptoms to you or just some viral sickness, like common cold?

    Would appreciate your insight on this.

    thank you beforehand.

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