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    Could I ahve HIV? Please respond!
    An_246708 posted:

    I have read the post below mine but would really like some insight into this as well.

    I have just moved in with a new roommate and we are both on our periods. Went to the bathroom before bed the other day, and when I sat down on the toilet seat, I noticed some specks of blood on the front of the toilet between where my legs were (NOT on the top of the seat), but they were near the seat. I got up right away and used toilet paper with soap and water to clean them off. I don't believe I touched the spots of blood with my legs or anything, but I could have. The blood could have been from me or my roommate, I am unsure. She may have been in the bathroom a minute before me so I don't know how fresh the blood was (I know the virus is uaually killed in 1-2 minutes exposure to air.)

    Would it be possible if I had accidentally touched the blood (no cuts on the back of my legs) for my underwear to possibly touch it and get onto my vagina (also no cuts I'm aware of) and infect me with HIV?

    Is it possible for relatively blood to be transferred on underwear or clothes that are near the genital area and infect a person with HIV? (By transferring from source, to cloth, to genital area skin, and into vagina?)

    Please respond asap!!!!!
    georgiagail responded:
    Again, there is no risk from this experience (even if your roommate is HIV positive).

    HIV from an infected person does not transfer from a toilet to underwear/clothes to genital skin and then manages to crawl up into ones vagina.

    In order for transmission to occur, the virus must, somehow, enter the actual body through a cut, tear, wound, torn mucous membrane INTO body tissues.

    WERD123 responded:
    no you are not at risk. but it it helps ease your anxiety bleach kills the virus so if you are worried get a spray bottle fill with bleach and pray and wipe of the seat and also the shower or tub. I do it because i am a germ freak
    WERD123 replied to WERD123's response:
    spray not pray sry for the typo

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