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    HIV possible rash?
    WERD123 posted:
    ok so i mad a dumb decession with a girl about 3 weeks ago.
    i found out later 1-2 days later she was a bit of the town whore!
    i imediatly freaked out and got tested for all but hiv. i came back positive for chlamydiae which im sure i had before her because i noticed a paintfull urination about a month prior. I was given 1g of azithromycin and that cured it up but about 6 hours after i took the azithromycin i developed mild diarrhea. then about 2 weeks later i had sex with a condom with the girl i dated for years (we got back together) I had never used a condom before with her and know that was stupid so i used it with her. she happened to be on her period and i had bought new body wash i had never used before in my life. so after sex i washed the blood off and just cleaned my pubis region and penis of any blood or anything with the new body wash that was bath and body works which i had never used before. the next day i woke up with pimple like dots very small in and around my pubic area like about 1-3 inches at most above my penis and 2 on the lower part of my penis.
    I instantly went into panic is was a acute hiv rash but then read most people get swolyn nodes and a fever which i dont have . the diarhea was still there probally because after the azithromycin i did not eat good since i work in the mall and was eating mall food alot. So i ate about 3 things of activia yogurt and bam my system is back! today is about the 8th day the pimple things are there they are spread out and not near each other except for one small cluster of maybe 4-6 and i pooped one and a small clear ball came out followed by a little here is were it gets interesting the girl i sleep with before was the reason i was scared so i called her and she said she had been tested for hiv 6 months ago and tested nonereactive. she then said if it makes you feel any better she would get tested tommorow and she did went and got a rapid antibody test and tested nonereactive about 8 days after i sleep with her. does this sound like Hiv rash? they are starting to itch a little and seem to be slowly going away. now i have a history of thinking I have every illness in the book when i was 9 i thought i had aids because i keep constantly checking my lympnodes pressing had in my jaw line all day long till they got sore and i freaked out. so anyones input would be great! thanks guys!
    georgiagail responded:
    This sounds like an allergic reaction from the body wash.

    WERD123 replied to georgiagail's response:
    so does not sound like a hiv rash?
    WERD123 responded:
    anyone elses input?

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