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    Bloody nose exposure
    Anon_41414 posted:
    On Sunday night, I spent the night at a friend's house who I met recently. I'm male and I've slept with her on a couple of occasions ( I always use a condom). Last night, she had some friends over and they were smoking weed. I never got into that sort of stuff but it doesn't bother me that other people do. When everyone left, I stayed and we fell asleep on her bed. We did not have sex that night bc she was out of it but at night, she was coughing pretty hard while she was next to me for a few random minutes of the night. The coughing was probably a result of the weed. Earlier in the day, I had a bloody nose which happens to me every now and then in dry weather. It was still irritable that night. My question is, could it be possible that since she was coughing hard next to me that she could've coughed some blood into my nose which probably had damaged blood vessels? Am I at risk for HIV ? While I was half asleep face up, I felt the air from her cough on my nose and mouth. For some reason, the whole incident makes me very anxious. Please help?
    Nieciedo responded:
    No, it is absolutely not possible that you could be at risk from HIV from this.

    First, you have no reason to assume your friend has HIV to begin with. Moreover, people do not generally cough up blood unless they are extremely sick. Finally, even if you did have a bloody nose earlier that day the fact that your nose stopped bleeding indicates that any opening in the blood vessels had long since closed. I don't think we need to go into the severe unlikelihood that any blood from her lungs would end up in your nose in the first place.

    HIV is primarily transmitted by unprotected sexual intercourse and sharing IV needles. You use condoms for sex, and your discomfort around marijuana suggests that you are not using harder drugs where IV use would be an issue. Therefore, I can say that you have no reason to be worried about HIV.


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