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    Depressed about symptoms HIV
    An_247768 posted:
    I had sex with women unproteced , more than 10days.

    after 1.5 moths I have following symptoms,

    * throad sore, inner mouth skin sore.

    * all lymph nodes(neck, armpit and groin) falmable feeling not swelling.

    * penis tip gettting always iritation.

    * nail tip also white curve.

    * fever was only one day @ 102. then it was gone.

    by that time i went for HIV test, I got the result no reactive.

    any way this is too short time to take this result. but i am restless.


    * is that symptoms only for HIV or can appear other std also.

    * if you feel i am affected. Can i prevent in this time?

    * I am losing hope, depressed .

    * if this initial stage, is there any way to remove that virus??
    georgiagail responded:
    We do not attempt to diagnose HIV by symptoms, only through testing results. However, a test done 1 1/2 months after a posible exposure..while not a 100 percent guarantee of ones status gives a pretty darn good idea if one is positive or negative.

    By 1 month post exposure 95 percent of newly infected folks will have enough antibodies present to be picked up by current testing methods. By 3 months this level has risen to 99.9 percent.

    lordcand replied to georgiagail's response:
    Hi Gail,

    Thanks a lot for your reply... Your reply gives me atleast some people is there to hear some people problem.

    I will wait for 3 moths.

    and i want to know some more clarification. Please clear those also.

    * How nail will show the symptoms? if that show, will it show in early stage??
    lordcand replied to lordcand's response:

    * I dont have more than 2 days of fever. is that any change of not getting HIV?

    * And i got a severe leg injury that time. May it cause the all lymph node irritation??

    Thanks in advance!

    Please research and find HIV cure drugs
    lordcand replied to lordcand's response:
    And one more thing i want to clear i had a severe bone scrape in that time. It was not healing more than 1.5 months. May be it cause all the symptoms??(sore throat, swollen lymph node??)

    is there is a possible?

    I am really waiting for your reply. Please do reply. and help people like me

    this is my last conversation also. dont get irritate. thanks in advance.
    georgiagail replied to lordcand's response:
    There is no connection with white curves on fingernails and HIV. It is quite likely that your severe bone scrape that seems to have difficulty healing would be the cause of your fever, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Has it healed now?

    While there are medications to treat HIV, they focus on slowing the process of the disease from HIV to AIDS (the end stage of this disease). There are no drugs (yet) available to actually cure one of the virus.

    lordcand replied to georgiagail's response:
    thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks a lot Gail.

    The wound seems healed outside but it gives rough feel and not giving fully cured inside.

    will it invoke HIV, even i am not affected??

    And i am damn sure i didnt get more than one day fever this time. any luck??

    i am just 28 and i feel i ruined my life. not got married!! i dont want to spoil any girls life anyway. i have to wait atleast 9months test. then only my life starts.

    anyway Thanks again Gail. Please reply and please asap find 100% cure medicine for this HIV/Aids.

    promisingly this is my first experince, but unlucky perso i am. dont know how to do, even i am educated.
    georgiagail replied to lordcand's response:
    No, having a wound will not suddenly invoke HIV.

    You do not need to wait 9 months for accurate tests. A test done 3 months after a possible exposure is considered to be conclusive in determining ones status.

    lordcand replied to georgiagail's response:

    I dont have fever more than one day and till now no night sweats.

    is that one of the major mandatory symptom for HIV?
    georgiagail replied to lordcand's response:
    As I mentioned previously, we do not attempt to diagnose HIV by symptoms. It is impossible to do so.

    When you get to the 3 month mark after your last possible exposure, get retested. If negative then you take comfort in knowing that you are HIV negative and you can stop worrying about this.

    lordcand replied to georgiagail's response:
    Now the exact status.
    Unprotected Sex Happened: May 5 th to July 15.(2012)
    Symptoms :
    All three Lymph nodes falmable, little swollen.
    Nail top growing part looking brownish(little yellowish).
    NO fever, No diahrea and no night sweets and weight loss.

    Tests happened
    First HIVtest - negative - @ 9th sep 2012
    Scnd HIVtest — negative - @ 22nd Sep. 2012
    More info on report - lymphocytes in range of 23%(down) & esonophil 13%
    HI Gail,
    Any feedback. Please check the duration already 90 over for may and april 2012. Anyway still I am waiting for last exposure 90 days. Please reply. Thanks.

    Current situation is, no little swollen and sometimes painful, mouth sore is ok and nail tip is yellowand brownish.

    Please reply GAIL.
    georgiagail replied to lordcand's response:
    You are clearly HIV negative from any unprotected sexual encounters that took place in April, May and June.

    lordcand replied to georgiagail's response:
    Hi Gail,

    now i am waiting for 90days test. before that i wanna know when we can get 100% cure for this HIV?

    what is the update?? any hope in future??

    Please update the truth??

    Nieciedo replied to lordcand's response:
    Currently there is no cure for HIV, and given the nature of the virus developing one is going to be very difficult. It's pretty much impossible to "cure" viral diseases. Most viral diseases, like colds and the flu, just have to be ridden out until the body cleans them out on their own. Other more serious viruses are treated the same way, except that we have in many cases found ways to keep the patient stable until the virus runs its course. For other viruses, we have developed vaccines that prime the immune system to fight off the virus if it ever enters the body so that it doesn't have the chance to cause harm.

    Smallpox and polio once killed or crippled millions of people until the discovery of vaccines to prevent them. That didn't help the people who already had the viruses, but it meant that future generations never really needed to worry about it.

    Because of how quickly HIV mutates and the fact that it targets the immune system itself, a vaccine is going to be very hard to develop - although there are attempts underway.

    Right now, the best way we have of dealing with HIV is to treat it with medication, to keep the virus from overreproducing itself, and thereby keep it from destroying the immune system.

    However, the difference between smallpox and polio on the one hand and HIV on the other is that HIV is 100% preventable.

    Accidents do happen, and to err is human, but if everyone learned how to protect themselves against catching or transmitting HIV and acted accordingly, we wouldn't NEED a vaccine or a cure.

    Good luck with you results,


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