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    Negative Orasure Oral HIV test and still unsure of HIV status??????
    An_248535 posted:

    I hope that someone here can help me. I had two possible exposures. One was seven(7) years ago and one was four(4) years ago both people were of unkown status. I have always considered myself a safe person and condoms have always been a requirement. For some reason the two people that this incident happened with decided that it would be a good idea to remove the condom without my permission or knowledge (that was soooo not a good idea). They both assured me that they did not have anything (diseases) but I always had the thought in the back of my mind that they were lying. Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided it was time to learn my status and went to a local clinic. I stuck out my arm and started crying but to my surprise the counselor pulls out a mouth swab (WHAT!!!) This was a shock to me. She instructed to swab my gums and twenty minutes later NEGATIVE!!!! Okay so here is where the anxiety starts. I have read that this test was over 99% percent accurate BUT I have also read studies where people have received false negatives but they offer no reason why this happens. I know that one reason is the window period. Well...that is not my case as I have tested WAY outside the window period. What else can cause a false negative??? Then I read something about not being able to produce antibodies if that was the case, would you test negative on a blood test too? I am just really confused right now. I don't understand how this test actually works. I can't find one piece of concrete information about this test. No one can explain the prevalence of antibodies in oral fluid. I mean are they always there once someone is infected and are they at a level in order to be detectable in oral fluid. I keep asking...why in the world would they administer this test if there are so many what is situations that come along with it. People don't want to go and take a HIV test just to turn around to hear "oh well...this test may not have been accurate because of the method you chose" and they definitely don't want to keep testing over and over again when they know that they have not had any other risk. I just want to know can I trust this test and move on with my LIFE!!! Also I want to know have these issues with false positive and negatives been resolved with this test so myself and millions of other people who have been tested orally can MOVE ON and not fear that we will all wake up one day with a huge devastating surprise. Thank you all for listening
    georgiagail responded:
    A good explanation of how the OraQuick oral test works is outlined here:

    The test did not check using oral fluid but rather checking for antibodies in the mucous cells that line the oral cavity (i.e., the inside of your mouth). Antibodies would be present in these particular cells. And yes, you can trust the accuracy of this test; as the attached shows, it has been approved by the FDA.

    Folks who test too early (i.e., days or just a few weeks after transmission) are those who may have "false negative" test results; i.e., they are actually positive but there are not enough antibodies present to be picked up by current testing methods. As you've pointed out, this is not the case with you.

    Folks who don't produce antibodies any longer are those whose immune systems have been terribly damaged by the virus; these are folks who have progressed from HIV to AIDS and suffer very obvious symptoms from this, including severe weight loss, diarrhea, extreme fatigue, a certain type of pneumonia, etc. Again, you do not fit this category.

    The bottom line is yes, you can trust this test and your test result and accept that you are HIV negative.

    gloomylala replied to georgiagail's response:

    Thank you for your response the last few days have been extreme turmoil for me. I keep having nightmares that the test missed something. I guess I am just suffering from anxiety. I know that I do not have AIDS because I have been trying to lose weight for the longest with no success, I had a physical last year and they checked my lymphocytes (which I know are your T-cells) and they are within normal range. Maybe the fact that I waited so long is what is bothering me. With this particular test, everyone keeps mentioning "three months" I was like okay, I know that the window period is three months but what about activity that was done prior to three months? I will definitely take the time to read the information that you provided along with moving on with my life. God Bless!!!!
    SearchingForAnswers replied to georgiagail's response:
    Magic Johnson Partners With OraSure on HIV Awareness Campaign
    1. In Home HIV Tests Now Available to Mislead
    2. Ask for the Kit insert before your next HIV and AIDS test.
    3. HIV Tests Are Not HIV Tests. WHAT?
    4. HIV testing cannot detect "HIV" itself
    georgiagail replied to SearchingForAnswers's response:
    There are many theories that tend to float around the Internet periodically, including the idea that HIV does not cause AIDS.

    These theories are inaccurate and only tend to bring unnecessary concern to those already worried over a disease they do not have.

    SearchingForAnswers replied to georgiagail's response:
    Gail. Maybe all your idea are wrong. did you ever ponder that?
    did you read all of the links because dismissing them? Maybe a good new dialog needs to happen after 30 year no cure and every one is still going to die.

    georgiagail replied to SearchingForAnswers's response:
    Actually there are excellent medications available to treat (but, unfortunately, not cure) HIV. As such, HIV is no longer a death sentence although, of course, everyone (HIV positive or not) eventually dies. I've never yet met anyone who has figured out a way to, eventually, beat death.


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