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    I'm terrified I have caught HIV-Please help!
    Bornworrier83 posted:
    Ok, I'll give a background to why I'm so scared right now! I have been with my boyfriend for three years. Earlier this year however we broke up for around five months. During that time I had an unprotected one night stand with a guy from Poland. I regretted it instantly (as I'm sure a lot of us do) and I'm filled with guilt every day for what I did! Three weeks later I had been working several late nights at my bar job then awoke one morning with what felt like flu, my throat wasn't sore but I has that painful, swollen feeling that you get behind the nose and felt very shivery, to my recollection I had no fever! This turned into a full cold/flu with a really bad productive cough which lasted a couple of weeks. About two weeks after the cold/flu subsided I then noticed I was gettin a lot of itching in my vagina and anal itching, also i has been having a burning sensation after i urinated......never when i was actually peeing, just after (i did actually start getting the burning and anal itching before the unprotected sex) so I thought I was gettin thrush (I have had this a few times before). I used canesten which siding help so I decide to go to my sexual health clinic as I was worried I may have gonorrhoea or chlamidya. This was now around 5 weeks after having unprotected sex.

    The doctor said it looked like I had BV, and I was tested for gonorrhoea, chlamidya and trichonomiasis. I declined a HIV test as I was terrified of what the results could be.....I wish I'd just has it now as at least my mind would be to rest. I was given metronidazole and a tablet for thrush (can't remember the name).

    As soon as i started taking the tablets i noticed i felt even more itchy amd my discharge has become heavier and more watery. I got my results a week later which were negative for the STI's.

    However I am still continuing with the after burn from peeing and very slight vaginal itching to this day. I have never had BV before, just thrush and I am worried this could be an indication of the HIV virus, as well as the cold I had! I am absolutely terrified right now! I was on holiday last week and starte getting a stratchy throat the last couple of days which i still have, nothing as bad as some of the sore throats I've had in the past....but enough to scare the crap out of me! II know that I need to get tested as it is the only way of finding out but I feel I couldn't cope if I tested positive, not just for myself buy my boyfriend who I subsequently got back together with! I'm just in turmoil right now. I can't eat or sleep.....I have no one I am talk to about this which I why I am turning to this forum.
    georgiagail responded:
    Do yourself the following kindness...

    1. Stop attempting to diagnose HIV by symptoms. It can't be done.

    2. Get tested. Many places offer rapid testing where results are available in 20 minutes. Let us know the results.

    3. Your vaginal itching and burning after urinating are not symptoms of HIV. Neither is your sore throat.


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