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    Having initial symptoms of HIV and really scared!
    confusedone posted:
    I had unprotected sex on November 8th 2012 with the partner that I've been seeing since August 2012. I had just gotten over a cold a week prior. During this cold my throat was inflamed (not really sore) and my voice became hoarse. The inflamation cleared up after a few days but my voice continued to be raspy.

    Two weeks after my partner and I had unprotected sex. I got sick again. On November 20th, my throat was bothering me again, my body was aching, my ears felt full, I was coughing, the lymph nodes in my neck were slightly swollen and I felt tired; had no energy. I went to a walk in clinic ( I was out of state visiting) and I was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. I was given instructions to rest, drink plenty of fluids and take some over the counter meds. After a few days, I felt better but the coughing remained. The cough was due to a tickle in my throat. It was also producinIg a lot of mucus. I also had and continue to have post nasal drip.

    My partner and I had a second unprotected encounter but orally this time on December 3rd. Two weeks later on the 18th or 19th, I started feeling sick again. I had dizzy spells, my lymph nodes are swollen again (worse this time), my shoulders hurt and my ears feel full and bulgy. I saw my primary care physician on Wednesday December 19th complaining of the cough thats lasted for two months and a yeast infection. He was not too concerned that I have been coughing for two months and gave me a prescription. He checked my ears and they were fine. He checked my throat and it was fine. He gave me a prescription for diflucan for the yeast infection. I've been unable to completely get rid of this yeast infection. Upon my request, My doctor conducted an STD panel test. The results came back positive for HSV1. I thought I might have HSV1 back in August but test results conducted in August and October were both negative. The HIV results from the 19th were negative.

    Based on my risky behavior and my symptoms, I am scared that I am HIV positive. It seems that I've had 3 colds in 2 months, my lymph nodes are swollen ( I can feel it when I swallow or turn my head), my neck hurts, my shoulders hurt, my ear drums feel like they are bulging, I feel nauseous, I've been feeling dizzy, this yeast infection will not go away and I feel like a headache is coming on. Furthermore, my skin began feeling itchy today. I've not had a fever but I feel hot especially around my ears.

    My behavior and decision making with my partner is completely unbelievable. I've been under so much personal stress lately that my judgement is completely off. If you are willing, please help me sort through this given the symptoms that I've described. Thanks for your attention.
    georgiagail responded:
    While you are focusing on symptoms in regards to HIV, we only focus on test results to determine ones status. Your test results regarding HIV have been negative. Testing out trumps symptoms every time.

    If you remain concerned have your partner tested. If they test negative they do not have the virus to pass on to you in the first place and their test result should bring you great comfort.

    confusedone replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thank you Gail. My partner is going to get tested. We had the conversation prior to engaging in sex in the first place. All of my partner's results were reportedly negative. I understand that testing out trumps symptoms every time. What scares me is that I was tested for HSV 1 and twice the results were negative. My symptoms were telling me a different story. As mentioned in my original post, the test results from last week (a third test after 4 months) showed that I do have HSV1.

    While my sypmptoms persists today, I am going to try to focus on the holiday and others. There is nothing I can do to change anything by worrying at this point. It's easier said than done when you feel sick, but I will make a good effort at it. I will test again in March.

    Thanks again.

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