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    Does this sound like classic ARS or Anxiety / Coincidences
    An_253810 posted:
    I know a test is the only true way to find out, I just wanted an opinion before I do test on whether this fits with ARS. I don't recall any fever.

    Exposure insertive vaginal unprotected with unknown status.

    Week 1-5 Nothing

    Week 6 [br>Bout of Diarrhoea after consuming Alcohol [br>[br>Week 7 [br>Small pea sized bump directly behind right ear. Was told it could be a benign cyst by a pharmacist but that IT WAS A LYMPH NODE by a triage nurse. Almost gone now, possibly more attached to the skin than under it but that's me being hopeful. [br>[br>Can feel them in groin and jaw but not sure they are enlarged. [br>[br>Week 9 [br>Diarrhoea just once [br>[br>Week 10 [br>Noticed a slight white tongue mid week [br>Diarrhoea just once [br>A couple of nights I woke up in a sweat [br>[br>Week 11 [br>What appeared to be Oral Thrush [br>Tongue was covered in a white layer, mouth felt like with constant salivation. Not something i've ever had before anyway. Not especially painful. It's completely gone on it's own by week 13 but you can understand why this was alarming. [br>Diarrhoea after Alcohol [br>[br>Few small pimple spots close together on just on butt cheeks, at week 11, then a couple more at week 12. [br>[br>Week 13 [br>Mild sore throat.

    Surely a rash would not show as late as week 11?[br>

    Thanks in advance.
    georgiagail responded:
    I vote anxiety.

    Why? Couple of reasons. First, your diarrhea seems to be connected to alcohol use and (I'm guessing) that perhaps the alcohol use is connected to stress over all of this.

    Second, oral thrush doesn't happen until the end stage of HIV when the patient has moved from HIV to AIDS. In an untreated individual that takes, on average, a decade after the initial transmission. And it's more than just a white tongue. Oral Candida is incredibly painful.

    One can usually feel lymph nodes in the neck, under the arms in the groin because these particular nodes are close to the surface of the skin.

    Sounds like your pimples on your butt are, well, pimples on your butt and nothing more.

    Planning on getting tested? That's really the only way to know your status.

    cgblue replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thank you Gail, I really appreciate your advice.

    It did seem when I tended to drink more than usual, ie heavy weekend the diarrhea followed, although I have had two spells that weren't due to drinking (possibly linked to anxiety) I feel that is more than likely the cause.

    Are you quite up on what lymph nodes should feel like? If so i'd like to ask you something, as that's what originally set my worries off more than anything.

    I can't confirm if it was Thrush but it was definitely not right, there wasn't any red painful plaques underneath but just my tongue was coated with the papillae (I think?!) looking a lot whiter than usual. If it wasn't I just don't know what else it could've been.

    There was constant flow of saliva I had to keep swallowing. It seemed to clear up after a couple of weeks as mentioned but my heart sunk.

    I've heard stress doesn't really cause it. I have also heard it only really shows up in later stage HIV.

    So much conflicting information out there.
    cgblue replied to cgblue's response:

    So you would agree that it doesn't sound like ARS as such? I don't recall having any flu symptoms.

    I've heard that symptoms when present show up around the same time, then go. My anxiety / possible symptoms seem to follow after another over a two month period.

    With the pimples i've noticed a few more today, some fade then a few more turn up. I'm hoping 14 weeks is too late for an ARS rash. I would like to think the rash would show up at once rather than a few pimples here and there.

    Test this week. I'm so depressed and have been living like a ghost and have withdrawn from eveything I normally do.

    Sorry to message again, but you seem to know a lot about this topic, when there is so much poor information online.
    georgiagail replied to cgblue's response:
    Take the test and let us know the results.


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