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    john111 posted:
    Dear sir, I am 26 years old male. I did biggest mistake of my life. 40 days ago, I had unprotected sex .It was without condom. i think she was turkesh. It was my first sex experience in life. I am not sure about her hiv status. after that day i am constantly thinking and worying. I am stress till now. After 21 days I did HIV antibody and antigen P24 test (HIV1&2 Abs + p24 Ag Methodology CMIA ) it came 0.11 non reactive (non reactive < 1.0). and i repeat the test after 28 days it came 0.11 non reactive, and i repeat it in 40 days it came 0.31 non reactive. but now I am confused because it was changed from 0.11 to 0.31 . my question is that mean it will increase by time to reach 1.0 (Reactive) . please
    john111 responded:
    and is that mean i am clear ???
    georgiagail replied to john111's response:
    OK...stop all further testing until 12 weeks have passed.

    Then take one final HIV antibody test (save your money and do not take any more P24 tests).

    The recommended time period for testing is 12 weeks after a potential encounter.

    Come back and let us know the results of this final test. By the way, the odds are incredibly in your favor that this test result will be like all the others; non-reactive (negative).

    sarahearts21 replied to georgiagail's response:
    I need some peace of mind about what happened the other day. I work as a waitress and ive been handling dirty dishes all day. After work, it had been about an hour or a little over an hour, I had bit the inside of my cheek and my first reaction was to touch it with my finger and there was blood from where i was bleeding. I am afraid I could have touched blood at work and put that blood onto my open bleeding sore and could be at risk for a possible HIV. this happened an hour after i touched anything at work plus i was touching everything AFTER work including driving, changing clothes, and what not. If I did have HIV blood on my finger, is there a way I could have contracted in through my open bleeding sore even if the blood did dry and I was touching everything after work? I feel like if there was blood on my finger it would have rubbed off or the virus would have died.

    is there also a way my new blood could have regenerated the old blood? I need some peace of mind and I appreciate you reading this.
    georgiagail replied to sarahearts21's response:
    There is absolutely no way of you becoming infected from this scenario.

    Why not?

    Even assuming you had dried blood on your finger AND the blood came from an HIV positive person AND that finger just happened to touch the inside of where you bit your cheek....once the bodily fluid from a positive person dries, the virus dies.

    And no, your blood would not "regenerate" the old blood nor any virus.

    You don't need to worry about ANY risk from this experience AT ALL. Really.


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