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    Low risk exposure and Oraquick
    An_267164 posted:
    Hello experts -

    I am a heterosexual male that performed in literally a split-second unprotected cunnilingis with a stripper of unknown status (clouded judgement via alcohol).

    I know the risks performing cunnilingis (especially in my split-second situation) are extremely low with some even saying none at all due to the mouth being a hostile place for the virus to infect.. my concern is I have a decayed top right molar next to my wisdom tooth down to gumline and my overactive imagination tells me that the very very minimal fluid I did taste somehow found it's way back there and inside my tooth! Dramatic, I know...

    I took an Oraquick at 6 weeks and again at 9 weeks, with both coming back negative. (Performed correctly by my knowledge -- swiped top gums once, took swab out of mouth and then swiped bottom gums once)

    But here's my question;

    1. This was my only risk, did this warrant testing IYO and constant stress and anxiety?

    2. I plan on taking another test next week which will be the 13th week since the incident, how comfortable should I be with the previous results that they won't somehow change?
    georgiagail responded:
    1. No to both questions.

    2. Very comfortable.
    An_267164 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thanks for your reply Gail.. It definitely helps out my extreme anxiety over this matter. I understand most of my anxiety comes from guilt as I am in a long term relationship and wouldn't want to pass anything to my significant other over a split-second mistake (even though we established this as no risk). I'm literally counting down the days so I can put this behind me at last!

    But one last question, this is more hypothetical than anything but figure I ask as well even though I read this is zero risk as well:

    During that same encounter, the stripper guided my thumb and rubbed it around her vagina and slightly inside of it (not past first knuckle) while keeping it there for about 10 seconds at the most. I'm a bad habitual nail-biter and sometimes have cuts around my nails, either from bitten off hangnails or biting the nail a little to low. Obviously I don't believe any of ones I may have had were actively bleeding profusely at the time (because I think I would know!), but if it were would it be a risk IYO Gail? I didn't ask previously because I don't think it would be but wanted to see how you would feel about it. Thanks!
    georgiagail replied to An_267164's response:
    Your nails were not bleeding at the time of the this event. There is no risk here (even IF this person even was HIV positive). You are correct that your anxiety is based on guilt over a very brief (and really unimportant) step outside a long term relationship. This does not mean that HIV will be your punishment.

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