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    Still paranoid about oraquick and HIV
    fflstarter posted:
    Good morning,
    Approx 4 years ago I had 2 quick encounters of protected sex with 2 different men (I'm hetero married) and have regretted every second of it.
    Since I have taken 4 home Oraquick swab tests all being Neg with 2 having light C lines but still no T line. I always thought 2 could have been user error though since I did one in my car from fear of being seen and one I think (not sure) that I brushed 20 min before I took it. The third was 3 years after experience and I had a friend with me to make sure it was done right and it was Neg with C line.
    NOW...If I could JUST get over the 'What If!?!" My wife had a crown put on last week and now she has a swollen gland of sort in front of her ear and I'm convinced it's from me giving her HIV. Every time she gets a symptom I freak out. I have been told by hundreds on here and paid drs on line and all told that I am fine. But my "what if' is killing me! I am scared to death of blood work to begin with because of my OCD and hypochondria. WHY can't I let this go?!?! (all 3 tests were taken over a year after the experiences) Thanks for understanding.
    fflstarter responded:
    I have taken THREE home Oraquick swab tests, not 4. Sorry for the wrong information.
    fflstarter responded:
    I meant I have taken THREE Oraquick home tests not 4. sorry
    georgiagail replied to fflstarter's response:
    You can't let this go because your fear is based on guilt of not only stepping outside your marriage but doing this with other men.

    If you remain so worried about these non-risk events after 4 years and three negative tests results, then it is time to consider some professional therapy. After all, who wants to go through life living like this? You are torturing yourself with this anxiety.

    fflstarter replied to georgiagail's response:
    I'm sure that's all it is Gail. I'm good until I see a symptom on her and that's when it comes back full force. SO I read about swollen parotid glands and BAM..HIV comes up as a possible cause and I'm off and running!! I don't think logical about the fact that she had a crown put on and her mouth is still sore, I got to the worse case scenario.
    cajunscared replied to georgiagail's response:
    Gail, just curious if after 5 days of getting an amalgam filling replaced with a crown if it would be possible for this to cause the parotid gland to swell just on that side or if it's somethings else?
    georgiagail replied to cajunscared's response:
    Bacterial infections would cause one sided swelling. Perhaps some bacteria entered the system during the procedure. Not necessarily unusual since the mouth contains a fair number of bacteria all the time.


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