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    HIV from kissing risk
    An_267840 posted:

    The issue of HIV transmission via kissing really confuses me and I believe there could be a possibility transmission is possible.

    1. I was kissed by a guy who I know has had unprotected sex with someone. he has never tested for any STI's. When he kissed me I had a very bad ulcer or sore on the roof of my mouth. It was a kiss on the lips but he tried to get his tongue ‘in’ a couple of times. Is there even a remote chance I could be infected this way?

    2. Two weeks later, I began to get a bad headache, nausea and aching shoulders, sharp pain in my wrists, elbow, knees and hips. I could not feel any swollen lymph nodes but their was a lot of pain on my neck, groin and I could feel puffiness under one of my armpits, but could not feel any hard lumps. If lymph nodes are swollen, would I feel hard lumps? I've had a swollen node at the base of my neck before but could feel lumps. I have had no rash and no obvious fever (went up to 37.5 one evening).

    3. A week and a half has now passed with these symptoms – I’ve never had this group of symptoms before and wonder if actually I have somehow been so unlucky to have been infected this way. I'm very concerned and would like to know my risk of HIV or any STi from this incident.

    4. Two other incidents happened. One was mutual masturbation - not sure if he had precum from his penis on his hand but he did rub my urethra. The second was in a gay cruise club in London, where a guy asked me if he could suck me off with a condom on. He wanked me and we both came. I never touched his penis. But when he left, he shook my hand and I suddenly got a pain in my hand and could see a red dot. I'm scared he could have stuck a pin or needle in me. This was about 6 weeks exactly before these symptoms have appeared.

    5. I have had no oral or penetrative sex of any kind and am VERY conscious about being 'safe'. Im just so scared my body has left me down.

    Curious to hear your thoughts on this.
    georgiagail responded:
    1. No

    3. Zero risk.

    4. Please don't worry about this. Folks really don't go around sticking others with pins or needles containing HIV.


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