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    Lisiniprol Cough Continues After off drug
    binchar posted:
    I took a total of 8 lisiniprol pills (last one over a month ago). I have had the horrible nagging, gut wrenching cough side effect. Is it possible for this side effect to last this long after stopping the drug? Also what can I do to help this go away? It feels like it is destroying my daily life! The cough starts at any time and totally consumes me for a few minutes...can't talk or get my breath. It wakes me up many times a night. I cannot believe it is still in my system but I am NOT sick with a cold or infection of any kind. I know my doctor will want to put me on another drug and I do not want that. My BP was not that bad to begin with! Any advice is greatly appreciated as I am totally worn out from this....sorry I ever took this drug!!
    billh99 responded:
    I don't have any data on it, but I would suspect that after only taking 8 pills and after a month that the cough is caused by something else.

    I have had problems with such a cough and was concerned that it was caused by the the ACE inhibitor. But in my cause it was caused by a post nasal drip. A humidifier and nasal surgery has stopped it for the most part.

    My sister has it cause by an asthmatic cough.

    Cough-variant asthma is a type of asthma in which the main symptom is a dry, non-productive cough. (A non-productive cough does not expel any mucus from the respiratory tract.) People with cough-variant asthma, or CVA, often have no other "classic" asthma symptoms, such as wheezing or shortness of breath.

    Cough-variant asthma is sometimes called chronic cough to describe a cough that has lasted longer than six to eight weeks. The coughing with asthma can occur during the day or at night. If you have nighttime asthma, it can interrupt sleep. People with cough-variant asthma often notice that coughing increases with exercise, called exercise-induced asthma. Coughing may increase when they are exposed to asthma triggers or allergy-causing substances like dust or strong fragrances, or when they are in cold air.

    And I suspect that I am sensitive to it.

    Silent GERD is another cause.

    • Chronic cough has more than 20 causes, and in up to 62% of cases more than one cause can be involved. Specific therapy for the cause of chronic cough leads to cough resolution in up to 98% of cases.
    • Gastroesophageal reflux (GER )-related chronic cough is the second most common cause of chronic cough and is defined as a cough that improves or is eliminated with GER -specific therapy.
    • Although GER is a cause of chronic cough in 40% of chronic cough patients, it can be clinically silent in up to 75% of patients with GER -related chronic cough.
    binchar replied to billh99's response:
    Thanks for all the info - very informative. My only concern is why this would happen now at age 70 and never before. As soon as I coughed in front of my health care provider, he was the one that asked if I was taking BP meds? That is how I made the connection. Thanks again
    An_244630 replied to binchar's response:
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