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    Pregnant and desperate for some insight
    preg91 posted:

    I am a 22 year old female and 15 weeks pregnant. Since I was about 10 weeks, I would get these dizzy spells, nasuea, panicky feelings, hot and out of breath upon standing...It was mild then but over the last week its been progressively bp would time got as high as 169/105! This is upon standing...I also get tachycardic when I stand. My bp laying will be 110/65, sitting 122/75, standing usually 130/90 to 145/100. My heart rate laying will be 75-80 BPM and once i stand it will be 95-120 bpm! When I get out of the shower, my heart beats like 140 BPM. Again, once I lay down these issues are resolved 100%. Ive seen four doctors this week as it has gotten worse. Sunday was when i got that 169/105 reading at the grocery store and blurred vision so I headed over to the ER. Got there, did an ekg,blood work and checked for Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. Everything absolutely fine cause of course once I lay im fine and all tests were good. Doc told me it was anxiety and told me to follow up with my OB. Tuesday I saw my OB and again my bp was 150/105. She freaked and gave me a referral to go down stairs to the ER. Well once I got to the ER, it started dropping a little to 140/90 and again i had an ekg, blood test, etc. Laying down it dropped every half hour lower and lower to 118/65 at the lowest. Doc again sent me home with an anxiety diagnosis. I started getting more suspicious, cause I know the difference between anxiety and something being not right. I made an appointment to see my regular MD in hopes of getting some kind of treatment. Well the MD told me she doesnt see anything wrong. ugh, im so frusturated! I have gotten sicker and sicker these last two days and I cant stop crying because what I feel is very real. ive done my research and im thinking i could possibly had POTS or orthostatic hypertension..IDK, thats why Im wont help me and i feel horrible. I want to be able to do regular things again.. All opinions welcomed. Thanks..
    Anon_320 responded:
    I'm sorry, I don't really know what might be causing your symptoms. Panic attacks can cause many of your symptoms; it actually isn't always so easy to distinguish between panic and anxiety attacks or something physical, and since you mention feeling panicky, it's something to consider. I understand, though, why you are not convinced it's panic or anxiety, and why you're so concerned that it's a physical problem. I'm sure I would feel the same.

    Years ago, I saw a doctor for severe abdominal pain that had lasted for several weeks, and I wasn't very happy when he told me he thought it was anxiety over a job I was miserable in. I'm not an anxious person or a worrier, so I didn't believe for a second that was it. I did quit my job shortly after that, though, and got one I liked much better, and my pain went away for good. Sometimes we just aren't aware of what we're feeling deep down, or what it can do to us.

    That is not to say that your problem isn't 100% physical; it may very well be.

    Have you had any health problems before?

    Has your pregnancy been going well otherwise?

    What kinds of doctors have you seen?

    Are you taking any medications?

    You say you're getting sicker and sicker in the past couple of days. Are you having new symptoms, or have the ones you'd been having just become more chronic?
    An_251436 replied to Anon_320's response:
    Dear Preg91,

    I am not a doctor but I will share my experience with you. During my 2nd pregnancy, I was always having a bad headache blurred vision but by the time i get to the doctor for checkup or complaints my BP reading was 90/60. I had this from 5months till the end of my pregnancy and nothing was diagnosed.

    A week after I had my baby, approx 8days, I started having a very bad headache, I used pain killers nothing worked, so I told my husband to drive me fast to the hospital. At the hospital car park, was when I had the first seizure (BP 167/120.. and above), paramedics were around to revive me and was later diagnosed with Eclampsia. Only God saved me. Medical practioners believed that I may have had pre-emclaypsia that was not diagnosed. This happened to me in Houston and my OB was one of the best ones in town. So you need to take extra care. Not sure what to advise you to do but please learn from my story and take very extra care.

    You having a blood pressure machine is a very good thing and step. I never had one and had never heard of emclaypsia nor pre-emclampsia until then.... too naive as I should have done my research

    My husband told me to create a website to share my story so every woman can learn from this but I havent had the time. I really hope many people will read and learn from this. Please take care of yourselves all pregnant women and if you can monitor your blood pressure yourselves other than the normal visits. Take any minor ache very seriously. Wshing you all a wonderful delivery.

    Straight from my heart.
    An_251440 responded:
    Dear preg91-

    I don't know if this is your situation, but I'll share with you my own experiences with high bp during pregnancy:

    I got pregnant with my first child and everything was fine till I reached the second trimester. Then I began having trouble breathing, would get dizzy upon standing, and experience bp spikes. My ob was concerned but just asked me to take it easy. Then during my third trimester I nearly fainted at work. The school nurse (I'm a teacher) took my bp and it was 165/110. Needless to say I went straight to my ob, who ordered a 24 hour urine test and bedrest. The urine test came back Negative for preeclampsia, but I was placed on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy. Then about a month later my bp spiked again, and it was decided to induce me. My son was born healthy, but I had to stay at the hospital for a week while they tried to regulate my blood pressure. I was sent home with a prescription for bp meds and told to check with my regular doctor monthly. My bp went back to normal about 4 months later and I was taken off the bp meds.

    Fast forward 6 months, and I'm pregnant with my second child. This time the bp issues appeared during the first ob appt. Now knowing my history, my ob placed me on bp meds right at the start and I had a perfectly normal pregnancy and a healthy little girl. Again, I was off the bp meds about 4 months after her birth.

    My condition was called gestational hypertension, and while its an early warning sign for preeclampsia, it does not mean that you will get preeclampsia. My bp would regulate when I lay down, especially on my left side. In fact, I was told to do just that during bedrest to keep it under control. I would check with your ob to see if this condition is a possibility-it can't hurt! If you have a bp cuff, take your blood pressure at the same time each day and write it down along with your activity level beforehand (rest, light activity, moderate, went for a walk, etc). Take this data with you to your ob appts and share it with your ob-it may help.

    I know how scary it is to feel your bp go haywire, but try to keep calm-anxiety will only make it worse (which I'm sure you know). Try laying on your left side for 20-30 minutes next time it happens, and think calm thoughts. Take care, and God bless!
    lasaleia replied to An_251440's response:
    I forgot to mention, once we discovered it was gestational hypertension, there were several ways I regulated it through diet- drink plenty of water and cut down your sodium intake. Diets high in sodium can make the symptoms worse...and it's surprising where sodium hides! Check your food labels for sodium levels and try to eat foods low in it. Fast food was a big no no for me, which stunk because I would get cravings for a Big Mac with my first pregnancy! Lol

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