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    Zona Plus Anyone??
    Feelnhelpless posted:
    Have any of you used the Zona Plus device and if so how did it work for you? I have been using it for 9 mos and have noticed a drop in my BP, though I stil take some HBP meds it does seem to help control it. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear Feelnhelpless, I believe RunToBeHealthy4Life has posted about using the Zona Plus. I believe a couple of other people have posted about it in the past, too. Hopefully one of them will chime in and share their story with you. I'm glad it's working! Byroney
    dacookmgnt69 responded:
    Yes, I've been using it since March 2009. Fabulous results in my opinion. I thought I was going to have to up the dose on the Toprol XL and Lotrel, but using this device, I have lowered my bp substantially. I get readings of 115/65 on occasion. Unheard of until I started using this device...I almost always had readings of 130/90 or worse. Haven't ran it by the Dr though, so hopefully this device isn't doing any type of damage? I would highly recommend.
    Canookgirl responded:
    I've been using the Zona Plus regularly for 5 weeks. Hadn't had my BP taken before I started but it was always borderline and should've been lower. Just went to the Dr. this morning and was stunned to see my BP was 119/72. It's NEVER been that low! I can only assume it's the Zona!
    atrumpeteer responded:
    I began using the Zona Plus three weeks ago. After reading all the research I could get my hands on I decided to take a chance on the device, but I was still skeptical. When I started, my BP was pretty consistently between 140/90 to 150/92 or so. I already had been getting on the treadmill and walking for an hour at 3.5 mph five or six times a week with no appreciable decrease. I fully expected that it would be 6-7 weeks before I would see a result. Two days ago, two hours after my daily "workout" with the Zona I recorded a BP measurement of 123/78. I was astounded. In the succeeding days, that measurement seems pretty consistent. I am looking forward to seeing what happens as time progresses. I am curious to see if it continues to drop. I am delighted with the results so far
    run2bhealthy4life responded:
    It is so wonderful to hear that you all have had success with the Zona Plus!
    My Grandfather has been using it for about 5 years now and it has kept his once out of control blood pressure (170 systolic) in the normal range without HBP meds. It was not until I started doing research for my Grandmother on the other side who was experiencing bad side effects, that I realized just how dangerous blood pressure medications can be for some people and how important lifestyle changes and alternative approaches to lowering blood pressure can be! Thus began my crusade to make sure people know that for many people drugs are not the only option:)
    Again, I am so glad to hear that the Zona is working for all of you!
    darkntall replied to run2bhealthy4life's response:
    Ive been able to convince my PCP to take me off my BP meds after I started taking COQ10, cinnamon, and some grape seed extracts supplements from swansonsvitmins and recording my BP measurements with and without the meds. She seen that I was getting the same measurements without the meds while only taking those supplements as I was getting with the meds only and decided not to write me another px for benicar. So thank God for that!
    run2bhealthy4life replied to darkntall's response:
    That is fantastic! I love hearing stories like yours! :)
    kwriter13 responded:
    I have used the Zona Plus for about a year. It hasn't worked miracles. I am still on my meds. But my readings have gone from about 140/85 to 130/75. I am pleased with the drop. My Dr. was talking of adding another med. Now she's not. I don't think more meds are good for me, so I am pleased with the results. It is expensive. I don't know how long the device lasts..

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