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    Confused by e.r. and my m.d. about bp spikes
    bettybeta posted:
    My history is my dad died of Afib Hypertention, until a 9 years agoI had perfectly normal b.p. in fact is was always low. Since my spouse had a heart attack 3 years ago, we have a heart healthy diet, no fried foods, lots of fresh fruit and veggies. Very little processed food. I climb several flights of stairs a day and my weight is good.
    I work in a clerical position at a hospital and at a routine employee screening sent to our e.r. for b.p. of 158/98. where they ran tests and kept me for 7 hours.

    Next time this happened I asked to go to my HMO up the street. That time my b.p. was 160./100.they put in an i.v., did an ekg took a chest film. All normal. This cycle continued with me resisting because I knew the routine by now, go to my HMO, they are not really worried about my b.p. because I am considered managed with meds.

    Then it all stopped for about a year and then came roaring back. Off to the HMO this time they didn't put in an i.v. or do anything beyond keeping track of my b.p. Then a nurse told me to move because someone who needed the space was coming in. Well that did it, I never wanted to mention symptoms again. But my employer the hospital was worried. So I had a treadmill that flunked in less a minute, had a myo cardio perfussion stress test which WAS normal.

    So I decided I was done, I took my medicines for high b.p., Kept track on my own. One morning as I was leaving for work I fainted. My b.p. was 178/114. my husband called the HMO who wanted me to come in by ambulance. I refused. I was right, went to Urgent care, patted on the head told I needed to start meditation and gave my a new b.p. pill.

    Well that's not working. so now I am extremely reluctant to let anyone know if I feel like my b.p. is up. Now my cholesterol is up (family history)

    Feel like a pest at my doctor, so I avoid going whenever possible.
    A footnote I went to m.d. for routine physical, my b.p. was up and THEY took me to urgent care despite my protests. Again patted on the head and sent home. So frustrating.
    MsPoovy responded:
    Have you tried the drug Spironolactone?
    billh99 responded:
    It sounds like you have never had a complete workup with a specialist such as a cardiologist


    Ambutory BP, echo, Holtet test are a place to start.
    bettybeta replied to MsPoovy's response:
    Never heard of it, but will ask about it...thanks much appreciated
    bettybeta replied to billh99's response:

    I had an echo which was normal and a cardio per fusion stress body is telling me something is off, but with the tests coming back normal...hard to convince anyone.

    On that note my husband had all of his tests come back normal a few years back and then he had a heart attack. Not wanting to barrow trouble for sure, my goal is to be a boring patient with nothing going on.
    billh99 replied to bettybeta's response:
    On that note my husband had all of his tests come back normal a few years back and then he had a heart attack.

    Plaque that ruptures and then forms blocks, which causes a heart attack, called vulnerable plaque. Vulnerable plaque typically blocks the arteries by 20-50%. Those blockages do not inhibit the flow of blood and thus don't show on things like stress. They can only be seen by invasive testing which is only done for research purposes.

    When plaque reaches 50-70% or more it usually stable, that is it will not rupture. But it slow the flow of blood and thus will causes shortness of breath and/or angina. They will show up on treadmill and per fusion test.

    What happened on the treadmill test that you only lasted a minute? Being able to only last 1 minute is way too short. You would not be able to handle everyday activities such as shopping.

    Have you seen a cardiologist?

    Looking at only the hypertension there are a couple of things that can cause spikes. One is a blocked kidney arteries. Another is adrenal gland problems.

    You can find hypertension specialist here.

    Another resource is if you have a medical school/teaching hospital.

    When you get test you need to get a copy. Then ask the doctor what they mean.

    "Everything is OK" is not an answer.
    bettybeta replied to billh99's response:
    Well here is an interesting update. I was at work (work in a hospital) and suddenly felt light headed, went to ask a question and fainted. i found myself on a chair with the m.d. who works in the same area i do taking my b.p which was 226/106. they called a rapid response team to whisk me to the E.R. I begged to go to my HMO, but ended up in the e.r. There i kinda went. I gave my history, told them my HMO is using this hospital as their local hospital and my history was available on our system.

    I was not given an I.V. no chest x-ray or had a auto b.p monitor set up. They drew blood, did an EkG (which was abnormal, but was told abnormal is normal for me0 and waited for my b.p. to naturally go down to 160/98 and sent me on my way.

    Now my m.d. and i know my problem is family history. This is my second EPISODE in 6 weeks. If I was at home i would have refused to go to the E.R. or my HMO. I can rest at home.

    The HMO and E.R. seemed bored with my EPISODES as i am too. My m.d. has had many fancy tests done, tried various meds and here i sit wondering if this is going to cause me to lose my job at some point. I fear a heart attack, though everything comes back normal. Dunno what's going on.
    billh99 replied to bettybeta's response:
    As I said you need to be evaluated by a specialist.

    And ask questions and get answers.
    ". So I had a treadmill that flunked in less a minute" How?

    " did an EkG (which was abnormal, but was told abnormal is normal for me" Now is it abnormal? Why is it "normal"?

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