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    Includes Expert Content
    Really Afraid
    bossyjess posted:
    I wonder if there is anyone out there struggling like I am. I am 31 years old and recently went to urgent care for pink eye and was almost admitted to the hospital due to my high blood pressure (198/102). I have been afraid ever since. I am afraid to go to the doctor because I know what they are going to say...lose weight...exercise...stop smoking (I know I know the last one is really bad). I am trying but it is so hard! I feel like I am too young to be dealing with this, but I know I am not. I just don't want to be afraid anymore...I am worrying myself sick. Any words of advice? Wisdom? Encouragement? I will take anything right now....
    BDPHILY responded:
    I was just like you when i found out i had HPB. It seemed my bp keep going up even while on meds until i learned not to worry so much. Please go to see the doc dont let it go to long Mabey chantix can help you with the smoking I smoked also when i found out i had hpb Chantix worked get for me. so hang in there and good luck
    75funsun responded:
    I am 33 years old, and have just been diganosed and put on medication for HBP. However, mine is purely genetic, as I am not overweight or an excessive smoker. But I too am worried about getting it under control, and it seems like the more I worry about my BP the higher it gets. It's like an awful cycle! I'm thinking of visiting with my doctor now on ways to relax and control my anxiety. You definitely should listen to your doctor and maybe find some ways for you to control your anxiety about it also. Good Luck!
    oceanblue1971 responded:
    Hi Bossyjess -

    High Blood Pressure can start at any age - whether you are 31 or in your 20's. The fact that you are worrying about your high blood pressure will cause it spike up and you certainly don't want that since it is already high. Your numbers are quite alarming, however, with lifestyle changes, you can control your numbers. Losing weight is very much the key towards better numbers. I lost 20 lbs about a year ago and my numbers came down after losing the first 5 lbs. I was even able to get off my meds and have been off them for a year, but it has been alot of hard work. Cutting down my drinking to once a week and watching what I eat are two important things that i have to watch every single day, probably for the rest of my life. I too have to watch my weight as well as i have gained 10 lbs back over the winter months, so the BP numbers have risen a little bit but nothing to be alarmed about. I too, have been afraid of even getting my blood pressure taken because i hate to see the high numbers, so i have told myself to not take it so often and to relax. I know that's easier said than done, but relaxing is the key to good numbers, as well. Hang in there and as long as you know that you have the high numbers, it's up to you to make the changes necessary to bring them down. Keep us posted!!

    Dawn3178 responded:
    Hi there!

    I was diagnose with HBP at 27!!! 5 weeks after my last baby was born. I went to the hospital because My head felt weird,and I coughed up blood. I got worried and went. turns out I had bronchitis and my blood pressure was 170/100. I now at the age of 31 is on Lisinopril 20mg. I did manage to lose some weight,not by exercising,but by eating right. It makes a whole lot difference. fruits and veggies help also. I love eating cantelope,strawberries,banana especially, is good for HBP. worrying is just going to make it worst. Just know there are doctors that will help you through this.
    Xemily1982 responded:
    Hi. I'm struggling with you! I'm only 26, and I've had high blood pressure for about five years now. I only recently realized that I had to do something about it. Being in my early twenties, I ignored the fact because I didn't realize how serious it was, especially being so young. But now I know I have to do something about it, or I could actually die.

    That's terrifying!

    But you can't jump into a major lifestyle change, it's stressful and really hard. The first step I took was going to the doctor and getting on meds. That right there made me feel A MILLION times better. Just knowing that a little pill can help me get started.

    I know how you feel... you don't want to go to the doc, because they all will have the same thing to say. Same for me.... I go to the doctor and they ALWAYS say, "Oh my! But you are so young!!" I've just come to accept that, and I simply say, 'Yes, I am and I want to take the steps I need to in order to work on getting it under control.'

    Take this one step at a time, but don't do nothing or the fear will never leave you. You're not alone with this. And remember this too... you're not as young as I was when I developed high blood pressure. People have hbp and they don't know why. You're not alone.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear bossyjess,

    The previous posters have offered a lot of good advice, but the first thing you need to do is see your doctor. Your doctor can work with you to help create a plan to tackle your hypertension. The possible consequences of untreated hypertension are a lot scarier than a doctor visit!

    I have a couple of articles to get you started: Hypertension FAQ which may answer many basic questions you have, and Understanding High Blood Pressure. Finally, here?s a link to our Hypertensions/Blood Pressure Center, where you can find articles, research, information about medications and diet, a newsletter, and other helpful things to help you keep your blood pressure under control.

    Best wishes,

    raiderbill9 responded:
    Don't be can conquer High Blood Pressure...listen to your doctor or if you have no confidence in your doctor, find an internal medicine doctor who specializes in High Blood Pressure.....the key is to take your meds, diet & lose weight, and quit smoking......once you have lost the weight and quit smoking you might be able to get off HBP can do it.....lots of us have done it and live an extra 20 years longer for your children and grandchildren......good luck
    mombear57 responded:
    Hello, bossyjess!

    Please listen to what Byroney said about there being a lot scarier things than seeing a doctor for your high blood pressure. My husband has had HBP for many years which he tried to control with diet & exercise, no meds. His B/P was in the range of 230/90-100. He quit smoking about 15 years ago & that helped some but not near enough. Finally, about 2-1/2 years ago he developed a really bad nosebleed that landed him in urgent care - had to have his nose packed to stop it. The docs insisted he be seen by a cardiac doc before he could be released to go back to work. Nosebleed was on Wednesday, cardiac appt. was scheduled for following Monday. On Monday morning, he walked 3 blocks round trip to get a newspaper & had some agina on the way home. Went to the cardiac doc that afternoon & had some agina walking into the building. When the cardiac doc heard about agina, she ordered a short strip electrocardiogram(EKG) & when she saw the results of that, she admitted him to the hospital where they did a complete EKG followed by a bunch of other tests. They ended up doing an angioplasty to open up four(4) blockages in one six(6) inch section of one of his coronary arteries. He's on several meds now & will be for the rest of his life BUT his B/P is back in a normal range. He works a 40 hour week & feels great. I feel better now, too, knowing that he's healthier. We really watch the sodium & fat content in frozen foods we buy & I cook a lot differently than I used to, but that's better for me, too! I never thought I'd be grateful for a nosebleed, but I am because that nosebleed made him see the doc & get treated with meds to bring B/P under control. He would NOT be with me now if not for the doctors! Good Luck!
    jumblebunny responded:
    I'm now 64. I never had bp as high as yours, but when I was in my 30s I was diagnosed with borderline HBP, but never did anything about it. Now, I have a few medical conditions which I possibly could have avoided altogether if I followed my dr's advice when I was younger. So, my suggestion is to follow your dr's advice now, it could benefit you for the rest of your life. btw, losing weight can be difficult, but I finally managed to do it when I focused on improving my eating habits and stopped thinking about the large amount I needed to lose. Even losing a lb a week is great - that's 50 lbs a year!. Good luck to you.
    williamsl35 responded:
    Dear Rally Afraid,

    I too suffer from HP and I was in denial for many years. I did not want to take medication as I thought that it would be admitting that I was really ill. Well, I now take my BP meds everyday after days of HP headaches and feeling awful from my pressure being above 150/100. Yours is at a point where you should be really afraid. Please if you want to feel better, go back to the doctor and have them monitor your pressure so they can give you a prognosis.... Good luck and take care of yourself

    _ Feeling much Better after meds,
    HyattNeal responded:
    Hey Really Afraid- I understand. But worrying is probably the worst thing you can do. But I'm not going to give you any slack on exercise, losing weight or smoking. I'm telling you to do the same, but gain confidence in starting a program before someone else tells you to. Walking does wonders! Also, potassium does tremendous efforts towards controlling your blood pressure and has so many other benefits as well. First stop worrying - now take action. I have learned to control my blood pressure without medication. I'm proud of my efforts and you will be too. Take control of your life and destress. Learn what makes your blood pressure go up by monitoring it. The known culprits, sodium, stress, lack of exercise. Good Luck - You can do it! Please keep us posted. Potassium!!
    wafflesu responded:
    Find an Acupuncturist in your area to help you stop smoking. Acupuncture will reduce your nicotine cravings and help with the detoxification process. As a licensed acupuncturist I have helped many people stop smoking and minimized the detoxification symptoms as they quit. GOOD LUCK! You can do it!!
    hopefloat40 responded:
    Hi Really afraid, I was told knowledge is power. once I was told by my doctor that I have HBP at the time it was 140/90 I didn't know that was high so I went around with that after about four years later I went to the doctor for chess pain that felt like very bad gas and my pressure was 220/110 yes I was admitted in the hospital over night they did so many test. I was afraid too. I thank God that they didn't find anything other than my pressure was high in other words I was doing more damage then good. once I got home I begin to do my research and learn how to take care of myself with diet and exercise. I begin to appricate my body and my heart. Now I'm on medication and alive today I can count my blessing. Remember blood pressure can be control whats really frightening having something that you have no control over like cancer. Take care good luck.
    ELNOR responded:
    Don't be afraid. I went to the doctor In Jan. of 09. I weighed 223 lbs I am 5'2 should be around 150 lbs. my blood pressure was 150/102 my trygliceride was very high. I started exercising everday. for 30 minutes. went back to the doctor In march. Lose 15 lbs. and blood pressure dropped to 114/72. so you c an change your habits if you try...

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