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    Lisinopril Comments
    rickenicke posted:

    I was started on lisinopril. The HCTZ didn't lower my BP the way my doc would like. I've read some good and bad things about lisinopril. I'm almost scared to start taking it. I have a 10-mg dose. I'm going to start it in the morning. I've read the user reviews. I'm just interested in any other opinions of people who have tried this.

    Thank you in advance.
    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Dear rickenicke,

    I don't have any personal knowledge of that medication. I do know it's scary sometimes to read about the potential side effects, but on the other hand, the possibility of a stroke or heart attack is scary, too. One good thing about hypertension medications is that if one doesn't work or has bad side-effects, there are other choices out there.

    How is it going so far? Have you noticed anything, good or bad yet?

    Keep us updated,

    abbie2007 responded:
    As I just mentioned in another post about going OFF amlodipine because of its side effects, I mentioned that my internist just changed me to lisinopril----he very much likes the ace inhibitors---uses them a lot----it is encouraging that my pharmacist that I like so much tells me she thinks I will be much happier and feel better--- the ace inhibitors are kinder to your kidneys, will probably take away swelling that has been a side effect from the calcium channel blockers. As I had said in the other post, I am starting on a small dose----20 mg, with a half a pill for the first 3 days---and I will be monitoring my bp----- it will be interesting to see---I typically am very sensitive to medications and usually need a relatively small dose--I will keep you posted
    JeannieY responded:
    I took Amlodipine for a month - no difference, no side effects either.

    I've been taking Lisinopril for the past 5 months now. At first, I took 10mg and experienced numbing in my hands, feet, and face, some fatigue, along with occasional dry coughing. Now, I split the pill in half so I only take 5mg each day. No more numbness or fatigue and the coughing is only once in a while at night and only lasts for a few seconds. My doctor said that if I don't mind the occasional coughing (and it is working really well for me) that it should be fine. I saw almost immediate results so that my borderline high BP (140/90) is controlled at under 120/80. Working fine now and since Lisinopril is generic, it's really cheap. I get the 3-month supply of 10mg pills for $10 and can make that last for 6 months.

    Give it a try. You might experience some side effects in the beginning. Hopefully they go away and you'll be able to successfully control your BP. Good luck with it.
    rickenicke responded:
    Thanks for the input. I started taking lisinopril on Tuesday, and within 2 hours my blood pressure dropped from 153/105 to 121/82. Wow! I'm liking this so far. I have a question as to whether anyone has experienced a change in their menstrual cycle with this medication. My period began like normal (cramps and all)on Tuesday but stopped abruptly on Wednesday and has not restarted. I can't find any information that says this is a side effect. I'm wondering if it's just my body adjusting to the new medicine? I also take oral contraceptives, which keep my cycle regular to the hour almost. I'm getting worried. Anyone ever had this as a side effect?
    abbie2007 responded:
    I started lisinopril on Wednesday----my doctor gave me 20 mg tabs and said take 1/2 tab for 3 days and then to take a whole pill--- well I also immediately had a drop in my bp----it had been well-controlled with the amlodipine and atenolol, but I wanted a change from the amlodipine and went off it for a week-----and my bp did go up---on Tuesday p.m. and Wed a.m. in the doc's office it was 150 or 160 on the high end----90's on the low end. By Wed afternoon is was down to like 125/78 and has been good each time I have taken it----

    I am going to keep a record, and I don't think I am going to take the whole pill----maybe never, and certainly not until I have kept a record for a week or more of my bp----I am soooooo sensitive to meds--

    I have had a bit of dizziness and nausea which apparently are side effects---but I was also happy to hear that these ace inhibitors have a slightly diuretic effect which is great, because the amlodipine makes people swell, especially the feet and lower extremities----

    Sorry I cannot comment on menstrual changes!! I am 59 and past that. But of course any time one starts a new medication, the body responds in some way or other. I know from years ago when I took birth control pills, it is not unusual to have short, brief periods when on oral contraceptives---but that is a good question
    kay_dee_1 responded:
    I have been taking lisinopril for about 2 months now. I have had a HORRIBLE cough for almost the whole time. I have went back to see my DR. on numerous occasions as the cogh does not go away, and it has never come up that the medication could be the culprit. So I have been taking numerous antibiotics, expensive cough medicines, etc. My blood pressure is now normal though. Has anyone had this coughing problem? (it is a dry cough)
    abbie2007 responded:
    Apparently, a dry cough is one of the side effects of lisinopril-----as with all medications, it seems that some people will be fine with one medication, and awful with another---and then the reverse for someone else--

    I cannot believe that a doctor is giving your antibiotics also knowing that you are taking lisinopril which is totally known for having a cough as a side effect------ you must pin down your doctor and confront him or her with this----- talk to your pharmacist---there must be other drugs in this same family that will keep your bp down but won't have the cough as such a bad side effect----

    you can "google' or look up on the internet lisinopril and side effects and the most common one is a cough----I cannot believe you doctor is so dense.
    kay_dee_1 responded:
    In all true reality, I cannot belive I have been this dense to not look it up, ot go to another DR. WOW! I have been getting comments at work on my Dr. and why he doesn't seem to be helping my situation. I'm going to look more into this, and maybe try to get a restful night of sleep! Thanks!
    starwright554 responded:
    I started taking Lisinopril ten months ago and I have not had a period since I started taking the medicine. I need to tell my doctor about it but just have not gone in to see him. My blood pressure is under control so I haven't worried about it.
    ZUZAKA responded:
    I also started taking Lisinopril and I did not get my period this month. I can not find any information about it as a side effect of this medication. Maybe somebody has any information about this? It worries me.
    birderjules responded:
    I've had just the opposite side effect. I've had my period for over a month straight now without stopping.
    mac09 responded:
    I started Lisinopril three weeks ago. I've had problems with previous medication. I feel so much better and have less side effects than with any other medication. Happy camper here! I don't have the dry cough, but I'm very concerned about my period. I got my period on 11-06-2009 and it has not stopped, for the past two weeks it has come and gone with spotting. Somedays it gets heavy, most days it's been light but continueous.
    delta69 responded:
    I am a male and can't comment on menstrual cycle, but I have taken lisinopril for over two years. All seemed to be well until the Dr. increased the dosage(from 10mg to 20 mg) this past January. Starting with May I was experiencing some side effects that were not altogether serious but nonetheless bothersome. I had developed a lack of sex drive, tired almost constantly, and would fall asleep in the afternoon while reading. I went back to the doctor he prescribed Micardis. I was not happy with the outcome of the visit. I went home and searched the web for some natural way to control this hypertension. I found the same ACE inhibitors in a "Bonita Peptide" complex, I started taking that instead of Micardis and monitored my blood pressure. The pressure stayed within the limits that the lisinopril and Micardis had accomplished. There are other ways to control hypertension without chemicals and their side effects. I am not a hippie or eco maniac, just someone who doesn't like side effects from the drugs. I do feel a lot better now. That could be the problem you are experiencing, side effects from the drug. Good luck and God bless.
    Peppermint77 responded:
    My doctor put me on Lisinopril 10mg and for 3 days I had headaches, extreme tiredness, very nauseated, back and shoulder pain, dry cough and my blood pressure was still high. I started taking it the same day my period was suppose to end but my period kept spotting. It's been spotting on and off for 5 extra days now but today I noticed heavier spotting. I stopped taking it and am waiting to hear back from my doctor. I was taking hydrocchlorothiazide along with Atenolol and it was great in controlling my blood pressure, but bloodwork showed that it was slightly lowering my potassium and sodium levels. He had me to continue taking Atenolol but cut out the Hctz and replaced with Lisinopril. I do not like Lisinopril.

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