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    Holistic substitutes?
    TheirNana posted:
    I wondered if there is an herbal/holistic/more natural medication that could/would replace having to take Hydrochlorothiazide? I am currently taking 25mg/day. My doctor said she didn't know and I'm not sure I should just take the advice of the counter person at the local health food store.
    run2bhealthy4life responded:
    Good news! There are many natural ways to lower blood pressure, all with clinical evidence to support their efficacy.
    First, you need to eat a proper diet (Google the DASH diet), maintain a healthy weight, do at least light exercise fairly regularly (like walking 30 mins) and get enough sleep (no less than 8 hours). If your high blood pressure persists even after all the recommened lifestyle changes, then vitamin supplements or hypertension relief devices may be helpful. Garlic, CoQ10, Hawthorn and Pomegranate have all been shown to have little or no negative side effects and can have a huge impact on blood pressure. There are also two devices on the market that may help called the Resperate and Zona Plus. The Resperate is a guided breathing device that helps lower blood pressure by targeting the sympathetic nervous system trough relaxation via rhythmic breathing while listening to music. It may be possible to achieve similar results with other less expensive devices such as the Stress Eraser, but the Resperate has been the subject of more research. Another option is a device called the Zona Plus. It is an isometric handgrip therapy device that guides the user though a carefully calculated hand exercise that has been shown to improve artery function and also to slow an overactive sympathetic nervous system, with no negative side effects. My grandfather has used this device with great success.
    Hope this helps!
    Good Luck!!!
    oriettad responded:
    I had been taking Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg and Ramipril 10 mg for several years with fairly good results on my high blood pressure. About 6 months ago, I started feeling extremely tired and even depressed. I visited an edocrinologist who told me these symptoms were due to my slow thyroid. He also told me that the blood pressure medication I was taking was making my thyroid worse. I am now taking one medication called in Co-approvel (combination of Ibersartan/hidrochlorothiazide) and my symptoms have improved. Has anyone else even been told that bp med can effect thyroid function.
    comnaltusr replied to oriettad's response:
    Dark chocolate dilates blood vessels. Also it's important to drink enough water and get enough rest. I also eat sources high in magnesium and potassium, which includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also nuts. I have been able to skip my second dose of atenolol this way. Weight loss can help a lot. That is something I will start working on soon, but just doing some simple things in the way of diet and habits jump starts improvement in BP even before weight loss occurs. I eat one square of dark chocolate every 2-3 days and nuts every day, usually pistachios and other nuts somewhat. The nuts have improved my lipid panel as well. I also started taking resveratrol, pomegranate extract in capsule form, and pycnogenol. These are supposed to help too. I try to eat oatmeal often and apples every day. I can't emphasize enough the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and even making some of your meals vegetarian to make sure your intake of produce is as high as possible. Libraries have lots of good vegetarian cookbooks. Eat organic as much as possible.
    2sofi responded:
    I have lost 40 pounds over the past couple of years, and that seems to have been the major factor in my blood pressure dropping to normal. EXCEPT when I get uptight, that is, and then it quickly rises. House building was going on next door (with an irresponsible contractor) several years ago, and my blood pressure stayed sky-high. I take Cardizem for blood pressure and other issues, and I plan to ask my cardiologist on my next visit if I may discontinue half of my dosage.
    healthynosh responded:
    I've been told that it's in the medical journals that you can significantly lower your BP by setting your alarm for 15 minutes, and then sitting restfully with your eyes shut and breathing slowly and deeply, expanding your diaphragm, 6 breaths per minute or less. That's 5 seconds in, 5 seconds out. Once a day or more. Worth a try. It's free.
    marlenedo replied to oriettad's response:
    I have had the same problem. Then a scan, that shows a spot,a bright spot, maybe just a cyst on my parathyroid? I will need to now have the thyroid removed. I have had to start taking Vit. D-3 pills as well. You do have 4 parathroids but the more they are not working the more pills you need to take.
    learner456 responded:
    the following worked well for me until I got allergic to the eggplant:
    Here is a simple natural method of controlling high blood pressure.
    Please keep in mind that this should be done with a doctor's guidance and approval. Also, this should never be used unless there is a way to take the blood pressure every day. It can drop the blood pressure dangerously low, if not monitored. Stop using this when the bottom number reaches 80, because the pressure will continue to drop for a day or so. Low blood pressure can also be dangerous.
    But, before I explain the procedure, I'll tell you a little bit about eggplant's components which could be responsible for lowering blood pressure. One is called scopoletin, which has anticonvulsive properties and a general calming effect on the nerves that control the small muscles in blood vessel walls. Eggplant also contains another similar-functioning compound called scoparone
    Additionally, when eggplant is eaten with food high in cholesterol it binds to the cholesterol while in the intestinal tract and prevents it from being absorbed into the blood stream. This is only known to occur, however, when the eggplant is eaten whole (not an extract) at the same time as the high-cholesterol food.
    [Experimentelle Pathelogie 75;10(3,4):l67-179.>
    To prepare this natural product for use, use a wide mouth gallon glass jar. Cut a medium sized, unpeeled eggplant into half inch cubes and place in the glass jar. Fill the jar with spring water. Do not use tap or distilled water. Store in the refrigerator for four days. On the fifth day start drinking 1 liquid ounce of the preparation a day. Refrigerate. After a few days the eggplant swells- remove it. Drink 1 oz. per day, checking blood pressure. It may take 1.5-2 weeks for results. With the lower figure below 90, you may need it every 2 days. Don't let it get too low. Check daily.
    coolgranny52 responded:
    Have your Doctor check ur vit.D can help with blood pressure....It helped mine...(:
    tekbaker replied to learner456's response:
    Dear Sir,

    First day drink 1 ounce, then till eggplant swells, should continue or wait till it swells? That means a gap between 1st day of preparation and till swells`. Pls clarify?
    gartlan replied to learner456's response:
    did you come off your meds first am trying your idea and lowering my meds gradually thanks
    CherylDee56 responded:
    There is an herb that is used to control Hypertension. It is called "Hawthorne". It can be used as a tea, and taken only twice daily. It dilates the arteries causing less pressure on the heart. Under a Holistic Professionals care, the drug may be administered in another forn, but it a sure way to reduce blood pressure. Good Luck!
    marklowell responded:
    There are many!

    Here's on the top of my head:

    1. The DASH diet
    2. Potassium, magnesium, calcium
    3. Soluble fiber
    4. Regular exercise
    5. Herbal supplements

    I've blogged about this before, you might find it useful:

    Good luck and get well soon
    billh99 replied to marklowell's response:
    2. Potassium, magnesium, calcium

    In general those should be from diet and not supplements.

    Recent research as shown that calcium supplements in men is related to increased heart disease.

    And without lab test indicating a lack of potassium supplements should not be used. Specially with some meds (BP and others) can cause the body to retain potassium.

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