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    Anyone have IBS without diarhea?
    jaimaG posted:
    Hello All,
    This last week has been horrible for me and I can't figure out what is going on.
    The more I google my symptoms IBS keeps coming up.
    I have read through these threads and see most people have diarhea with theirs.
    Here is what I experienced.
    Started one evening as a back cramping then in the middle of the night woke me up with crippling cramps.
    The best i can describe it is it felt like I was having contractions as I have 3 kids so I know the feeling.

    So, I go through that until 9 am with no relief but all the while passing gas occasionaly and the gas was hard to pass.
    So, I finally drove myself to the emergency room to see if they could figure it out.
    They asked about my bowel movements and they are normal I have 1-2 a day but I do eat alot of fiber and drink alot of water.
    That hadn't changed at that point.
    So, they did urine screens and blood tests and only found a mild bladder infection.
    Forgot to mention during this time the nurse could tell I was in pain so got pain meds from the doctor which was 2 strong motrin and 2 hrs later they hadn't even touched the pain.

    The cramping was so intense and I don't remember even having that much pain during labor although I did have an epidural.
    So, they gave me lortab and that did help the back pain but not the cramping all that much.
    They sent me home with some lortab and antibiotics and I was able to sleep some when I got home.
    I was starving so I tried eating some muffins thinking that would be mild enough to eat.
    About an hour later the pains started again.
    I went through that day and all through the night with these pains waking me up and this time they would come and go.
    All the time I would pass gas and just feel like gas was stuck in my colon and the cramping was maybe my colon having contractions.
    So, that next day I took myself back to the emergency room as I could not bear to keep going through this and I have 3 small kids to take care of so I have to get better.
    This time they did an ultrasound and pelvic exam to see what all was going on and they only thing they found was a cyst on my ovaries.
    I don't think that would cause the intense cramping?

    So, I started paying attention to when the episodes were coming on and seemed like about an hour after I eat each time.
    One night I didn't eat hardly at all and the cramps weren't as bad.
    I am now making rice to eat for supper as I am too scared to eat anything else.
    I already had an episode today while trying to take care of my kids.
    I can't go through another night so going to see how the rice does me as I need to eat.
    I had lost 33 lbs over the last 8 months by diet and exercise and had hit my target weight.
    Now I know I have lost more weight since all this started and been told I look too skinny and look sick now.
    Does this sound like anything all of you are going through?
    I need to figure out what is affecting me like this!
    tdbbdt responded:
    hi jaima people can be diagnosed with ibs for constipation too,not just diarrhea. but my daughter had cramping with a cyst on her ovaries, i had to take her to the doctor, they gave her pain meds, and told her the cyst would proably go away on its own. we thought she had ibs because the symtoms were almost the same as mine, and I have been diagnosed with ibs. she was 25 at the time. they perscribed pain meds for her. she seems to be doing better now. so maybe this too will pass for you, so hang in there.
    jaimaG replied to tdbbdt's response:
    Thank you for the response.
    I have been feeling like I am going crazy.
    But, I have been really watching what I eat and eating mostly rice and potatoes such like.
    I don't seem to have the pain and gas when I do.
    Did your daughter seem to have gas that just wouldn't pass with her cyst or that was really hard to pass?
    Anymore info would be greatly appreciated.
    tdbbdt replied to jaimaG's response:
    hi, my daughter felt bloated alot.maybe not gas so much,don't let the doctors brush off your symptoms though, maybe you have ibs, and there are meds to help control the symtoms. it makes life a little more bearable.i too have been trying to watch what i eat, still haven't really figured out the trigger foods. but i know when my symptoms flair i try to go on kinda of a bland diet.ive been dealing with this for about 2 years good luck, and keep on those doctors.

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