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    Can it be as simple as Exercise?????
    unsinkable777 posted:
    I saw a new doc yesterday, because IBS is compromising my quality of life to an unacceptable degree. I had just recently become aware of the fact that having had my gallbladder out 20 yrs ago could have been the root cause of my IBS. I wanted to ask about meds to deal with bile issues, thinking that might be the answer to my misery.
    He listened patiently to my story and my theory about bile, and then he told me there was ONE simple answer for my problem. EXERCISE - like sweating, heart beating, 1 hr/day exercise. I am willing to try anything at this point. I was even prepared to have surgery if it could help. Can it possibly be as simple as exercising HARD 5 days/wk???
    Anyone have any comments? Please??
    calgal37 responded:
    You have GOT to be kidding!!! Where in the heck did this doc get his degree??? Now I have really heard everything. If exercise worked, I wouldn't have spent 14 years being miserable with IBS. I've made sure that I exercise 4-5 days a weeks for years and it never did one thing for my IBS other than to sometimes send me to the bathroom more often that I usually would go - which was a lot.

    Exercise is good for most everyone and does a LOT of good. But it's no cure-all for IBS.

    Karen, my opinion is find another doc.
    jml0730 responded:
    I was diagnosed with IBS and I just couldn't believe it. I am a very calm person and worked in the ER for 35 years. You would think I would have spent my time working in the BR. I tried a gluten free diet in July and have stayed on it since. I do see a difference. My celiac tests were negative but I decided to try it on my own. I think I have a gluten allergy along with a dairy intolerance. My problem started after I had my gall bladder out. I thought the doc was crazy when he told me I could have chronic diarrhea if I had my gall bladder out.
    I fell so much better after going gluten free. Before that, I had a lot of joint pain. I do not have any now.
    Dunrovin75 responded:
    I have found that water aerobics helps temporarily. But I honestly do not think there is anything that can PERMANENTLY stop IBS. I have had this condition since 1955. Once the flair ups begin, the only thing that will stop my diarrhea is imodium. Then, I'm okay for a few days...but only a few. Good luck. Try relaxing with either a hot bath or a heating pad on your lower abdomen. And the obvious, eat less fat in any form.
    carp12 responded:
    I have gotten tremendous relief from exercising 45minuts to 1 hour daily. I usually do 7 days on then 2 days off. If I don't, I feel awful. I started this after recently being diagnosed with gastroparesis (IBS diagnosed several years ago). I remembered what my doctor in California said when he diagnosed me with IBS. Increase your workouts. I hope this helps you as it did me. I am actually addicted to the exercise component of my diet or new way of life. When I start feeling the symptoms come on ....I head to the basement for some cardio. Good luck and hope this helps- you get to the point where you will try anything and I think you are there.
    west67 responded:

    I love Zumba, but I have found as an IBS sufferer that it shakes things up a bit and I would not say it helps with IBS. Actually, most exercises I do such as biking, treadmill, eliptical, etc... irritate my gut more than help it. My dr. recently put me in Lotronex, which is for IBS sufferers (women) with diarrhea. I still have symptoms at times, but I'm on a lower dose than the lowest dose they recommend. I take .5 mg each night. It is worth talking to your doctor about, or a new doctor. I have to agree with CalGal37, I have never heard a doctor say more exercise will help IBS. Good luck. Oh, by the way, my doctor gave me a number to call and get a code from the drug company so I only pay $15.00 for Lotronex rather than the $600.00 plus it costs ($200 plus after insurance). Very helpful and affordable. Good luck to you. It is a miserable syndrome.
    fastclip responded:
    Experienved simular issues following gallbladder removal. My gastro doc knew immediately how to cope with the problem and gave me Rx for cholestyramine oral suspension powder using 1/2 scoop full mixed in 4-6 oz water twice daily. Haven't had any bowel problems since following regimine.
    jacko101532 responded:
    baloney !!

    when i overexert myself , half the the IBS sets in!!!!!

    This is definately off his trolley tracks.
    barmar72 responded:
    ii don't know for sure about the exercise; sounds kinda flakey to me. my doctors insisted i have my gall bladder out years ago to lower my cholesterol. lot they knew! all i got from the deal is IBS and living in the BR every day from the first cup of joe till after lunch. no matter what. the cholestyramine did help, but i take too many other meds to depend on it. it ties up the meds in addition to my gut, so i don't get the benefit of anything. tried lotronex, but had to quit because of the side affects, infection, more pain, etc. wish the exercise would work. at least it's free, and generally doable anywhere. i depend on imodium for a normal life, although chronic
    diverticulitis causes me to have many hospitalizations and i don't get to keep taking it with all the IVs and antibiotics. so far i've had two bowel resections, and i'm trying to avoid a third because that may mean a colostomy. don't know which is worse: having the runs and accidents or the colostomy. any suggestions?
    Esqaf responded:
    I've been exercising for 18 yrs contiuously and it has benefitted me in many ways. Currently, I work out 6-7 times per week. It has not, however, cured my IBS symptoms. That doctor is seriously misguided.
    binzer49 replied to Esqaf's response:
    do not know what i have or if i have IBS. I h ave the feeling of going but when i try to go i have to sit for a while and then, when it does come out it is loose or in chunks.
    bcrowell responded:
    I was first diagnosed with IBS following my divorce. The best way I keep it under control is to take Digestive Enzymes (Country Life Maxi-Zyme Caps) with the first bite of food at meals. Sometimes, I may not have them with me but always keep Papaya Enzymes (chewables) with me. I think also just staying away from fatty foods, caesar salad dressing, or spicy foods helps. Exercise never helped me. It's about controlling the stress in your life and eating the right foods. I try to eat lots of whole wheat, high fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables. I also stay away from beef and eat lots of chicken and fish. Fresh pineapple is also good after a meal to help with digestion. I hope you get some relief soon!
    klhunter48 replied to calgal37's response:
    I have been told also to exercise more and drink lots of water. I am looking for a new doctor. I have seen my gastroenterologist since last June, the problem began that made me really notice it in April where the pain would wake me up at night and I couldn't move, and I had a colonoscopy in 2008, and this new doctor didn't even as much as give me an exam, we talked, he prescribed Amitizia which is expensive and that is all. I am having episodes about every other week now. I haven't tried the probiotics but I will get some today. Thanks,

    Karen H.
    A6brennan1 replied to jml0730's response:
    I too had problems and put myself on a gluten free diet since January. I felt better until about two months ago when symptoms started coming back...maybe could be dairy but I'd hate for that to be the case:( did you experience anything like this? (my blood test for celiacs also came back negative)
    unsinkable777 replied to A6brennan1's response:
    I have been diagnosed, through scoping, with Celiac. I avoid gluten like the plague, but most Celiacs need to avoid dairy and soy for the most part. I too had blood work that came back negative for gluten intolerance. You can't rely on those tests. Scoping is the best way to find out for sure.
    All the best

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