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    digestive problems
    emmay55 posted:
    my son age 29 has issues when he drinks coffee first thing and then eats....he will always have diarrhea when he eats and no matter WHAT he eats...he doesnt have insurance and wont go to the doctor anyway. also he wont give up coffee. i would like to know if anyone might know what he could have wrong
    sheba_q responded:
    Coffee is well known to help people with constipation get their bowels moving.
    Polarisld33 responded:
    I have the same issue with coffee, so I just drink it in moderation. Eating a banana and/or cheese before the coffee may help a little as they are both known to have the opposite effect. Unless there is blood in his stool, it probably isn't anything worth going to the doctor about anyhow (they will probably just tell him to quit drinking coffee anyway).

    Also, excessive alcohol consumption the night before or on a regular basis can also cause diarrhea and other digestive issues. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is far more likely to cause digestive upset than after eating.
    vbcadd responded:
    I only have issues with coffee if I put milk, cream, or those fake creamers in it. If he's using fake creamer, he may be sensitive to the chemicals in food or he may be a little lactose intolerant as I am. You didn't say if he was drinking it black or not. Also, I can't use fake sweetners either. Someone who is "sensitive" to fake food, additives, or chemicals will definately have an adverse reaction to it. Some peoples bodies cannot process these so they end up making us sick and the body tries to eliminate them immediately. I have learned, without medication how to control it and not have any episodes but I have to be careful of what is in the foods or beverages that I consume. I have IBS and I drink coffee everyday with sugar(real), or stevia and low fat milk, lowfat evap milk, or almond milk with no problems. It's only when I use cream, cremora, or those powdered creamers that I get sick. And also if I use sweet n low, Equal, or any other fake sweetners I don't feel well and I get bladder infections. Also fake or processed cheeses (yellow) bother me. White cheese never bothers me. I also can't eat cauliflower (too gassy, it kills me). But I have no problem with broccoli. He needs to write down what he is eating and drinking and eliminate each item to figure out what it is. Sometimes it's not what you eat or drink, its what you add to it. I can't drink any diet or regular soda either. Instant stomach ache and bloating. Hope this helps!

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