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    Issues Digesting Veggies
    Polarisld33 posted:
    I feel like I may have problems digesting my veggies. I just started eating more a little over a year ago, so I'm unsure if I've always had this problem or if I always ate so few of them it didn't matter.

    Anyhow, whenever I eat veggies (and it doesn't seem to matter if they are cooked or raw, they have the same effect) I notice that when I pass them, they are so undigested that they are recognizable other than having been chewed. Meaning, when I eat lettuce, I see small lettuce pieces in my loose stool (I always have loose stool when I eat veggies), or if I have pureed broccoli (I tried purees to see if it digested better), I pass something that looks exactly the same as the puree.

    Is this how a normal person passes veggies? I mean, I wouldn't think that vegetarians would stick with it if they could never have solid stool again. Also, I do not have this problem with "veggies" that aren't actually veggies, such as potatoes (starch), tomatoes (fruit) and corn (grain). I've heard it's possible for people to lack the enzymes required to break down vegetable fibers, is it possible that is my problem?
    Polarisld33 responded:
    It's starting to look/sound like I'm the only one that actually has this problem...I'm so confused. I'm supposed to eat veggies b/c they're healthy and supposed to make me feel better, but whenever I eat them, I feel pretty bad. Maybe the doctors are wrong and as human beings we aren't meant to eat plants. I know my body sure doesn't seem to think it's natural to be eating them. I'm thinking about going on an almost all-meat diet. I never have stomach issues with meat, even if it's undercooked. Is it possible for a person's body to do better on a carnivorous diet?
    Caveat_Emptor replied to Polarisld33's response:
    Have you actually spoken to your doctor about this?
    Polarisld33 replied to Caveat_Emptor's response:
    I haven't had the extra money for a copay yet.I know it's only $15, but it can be hard to come up with extra money right now. I'm also trying to save up money so I can have some dental work done that's causing me pain (I want to save all "extra" money for this until it's done before I make any other doctor's appointments).

    In short, no, I haven't been able to afford to see my doctor yet and I know if I call, all they will do is say they need me to come in so they can run some tests. I was hoping someone might have some insight for me in the mean time.
    Polarisld33 replied to Polarisld33's response:
    It's starting to sound like maybe I should completely give up on eating veggies. They must not be good for me if my body is having difficulties digesting them. They taste awful to me anyway, maybe that should have been a clue that I'm not supposed to eat them.

    Is there anything wrong with not eating veggies at all if I take a vitamin? I just can't handle all the stomach aches and diarrhea anymore.
    Caveat_Emptor replied to Polarisld33's response:
    Use a multi vitamin and stick with the minimum requirement of veggies, and yeah, see if it works.

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