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    Can anyone shed some light.... PLEASE!!!
    mariel76 posted:
    Well, I wish I could say this is all new to me but I've actually been to specialists since I was 13, and have been diagnosed with everything from from lactose intolerant to eosinophillic gastritis!! And since last year IBS... I've had so many tests done there's not enough room here to list them all, and I've had my gall bladder taken out because it was only performing at 4% and even had to have a pyloroplasty due to pyloric stenosis and having to have my pyloris ballooned five times!! That's when they said they found the presence of eosinophills and diagnosed me with Eosinophillic Gastritis. They've told me I have very slow transit and that actually even though I have diarrhea everyday, several times a day that I am actually severely constipated. Other than doping me up with pain meds because of the pain being so severe they've only had me on Amitizia, and now I'm on medicaid and can't afford it... I'm actually due to have another colonoscopy Monday and hope to be able to get some kind of answers... anybody got any suggestions...??? I can hardly function anymore... and the pain is so severe but I've taken myself off all pain meds because I was starting to develop an addiction!! I need help....
    mariel76 responded:
    I forgot to list a couple things... one is that I am on Prilosec because they said my body made way too much stomach acid, and also for some reason one of my symptoms that comes and goes but usually lasts a couple months is really stinky burps!! Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?
    CalGal37 replied to mariel76's response:
    Mariel, if you have a diagnosis of EE, did you read the results of the esophageal biopsy and see the pics? Did the pathologist's report say that your eosinophil number was elevated?

    If you do have EE it could be the cause of a lot of pain and discomfort. And if EE is present, you need to figure out what foods are causing the problem and take them out of your diet. If that's done, over time some of the discomfort, and perhaps a lot of it, will drop. EE can cause problems body-wide.
    mariel76 replied to CalGal37's response:
    What is EE? My GI doc told me I had elevated eosinophills present in my pyloris and diagnosed me with Eosinophillic Gastritis. And I have no idea what foods could be causing I get so much discomfort with just about everything I eat, so, I don't eat much at all!! What foods are likely to cause problems with EE?
    CalGal37 replied to mariel76's response:
    Mariel, go to: it will give you a good overview of EE, EG and other eosinophilic disorders. It's not that you eat only a little, it depends on what food(s) you're body is specifically reacting to. That food, or foods, is going to have to be investigated, carefully. Not each person has problems with the same thing. Your doc should (!) be helping to guide you through this by sending you to someone to do some specific food testing. If he isn't, either push him on the issue or find another doc to work with who actually knows something about this issue. It can be serious to you long-term health and happiness.
    mariel76 replied to CalGal37's response:
    Well, I've done my colonoscopy and my EGD and both came out clear.... so back to the drawing board!! Lord how I wish they could figure out what it is and fix it!! I'm starting to feel hopeless!!
    An_191969 responded:
    Hi.. I was just passing by and seen your PLEASE..
    if I were you I would go on a gluten free life style,plus no fructose or corn syrup......
    and get some peppermint capsules and take before meals..
    now I am not a Dr or prescribing this but if it were me thats what I would do.

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