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    blood in urine
    speechtxjessica posted:
    Does anyone know if IBS can cause macroscopic blood in the urine? I went in for a physical and doctor said I had blood in urine but there is no sign of infection and kidney blood tests were normal. I'm confused
    Polarisld33 responded:
    Was your doctor concerned about the blood? What did he or she say about it? I assume that you were not menstruating at the time of the urine test.

    I would imagine it would be possible for IBS to cause it, but I would check with your doctor, too.
    speechtxjessica replied to Polarisld33's response:
    The doctor's medical assistant is the one who called and asked if I was menstruating during the test, I said no. She called me back and said the doctor is going to give me antibiotics to treat UTI. I reminded her that she had told me that urine showed no signs of infection! Doctor said to take antibiotics and if I still had issues to call her back. To me it doesn't make sense but I guess I will try the antibiotics
    Polarisld33 replied to speechtxjessica's response:
    Did they check to see if you had kidney stones? They normally cause pain and/or discomfort, but I would imagine there would be situations where there would not be any symptom other than the blood in the urine.

    Hopefully it is just an infection that didn't show up in the tests. Sometimes they don't show up; the tests usually just look to see if your white blood cell count is up and if they aren't, they will not suspect an infection.
    speechtxjessica replied to Polarisld33's response:
    I have had slight pain and discomfort but I think the discomfort has to do more with gas. The pain is not in one specific place and it comes and goes. They did not check for kidney stones. I will have to go back if I continue to have issues. Another question, will antibiotics worsen IBS symptoms?
    Mimimojo responded:
    Sounds exactly what I'm going through. Same thing. Been referred to a Urologist. Seeing him today. Although, all my symptoms point to IBS. The concern is them finding blood in my uurine. So, I have the same question. Can IBS cause microscopic blood in urine? I'm confused...and very concerned after reading up on reasons for blood in urine. I hope to find some answers today.
    Ecave replied to speechtxjessica's response:
    always take a pro biotic when taking antibiotics to regain healthy flora in the digestive track.
    sickibs responded:
    I am wondering the same thing let me know
    sickibs replied to Mimimojo's response:
    went to the er doc also said I had blood in urine he was not worried said follow up with PCP are you serious no tests done while in er only ekg fluid 1 bag blood work no anemia so what is it

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