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    suffering IBS for 10 years
    An_245365 posted:
    I'm suffering IBS for many years, but it has taken my life. I have so much troble no matter what I eat. bloating, gasy, burping old the time that now my kids compliant about the smell, I stop working, I don't want to see people around me because cause me to feel really bad. Nobody that I know undestand the way I feel, I spend my life in the toilet I'm so afraid to go out, like rigth now my son is in a concert and I could not make my self go, It start afecting my kids and husband.Please I need help , I don't see my family or friends because I'm afraid they are going to make fine of my, because I smell so bad and my tummy hurt all the time, I'm sad and my self steem is so low that I don't know what to do anymore.
    Gladtohelp responded:
    I reply to similar question and I think the general information will help you as well. Stay strong and know that you will get through this.
    Gladtohelp responded:
    I empathize completely with your story. I have had IBS for 14 years now (since I was 13) and for those first couple of years we had no clue what it was, so I had to suffer through it as if it was a curse from the gods. And I know you understand how utterly frustrating it is when something you feel like you cant control owns your life schedule. However, I am here to tell you that you will be fine and you can beat this thing. Your doctor gave you the right advice, unfortunately though they never seem to fully explain what consists of a "diet" or how that reflects on you.

    First, I had the *exact* symptoms you have, (bm's 2-3 a day, and mucous and all). As it stands today, I still have a relatively fast GI tract, but what has changed is that I no longer suffer from bloating, gas, cramps, or diarrhea. It took me years to figure out the right mix for my diet and in the last couple of months. I added what could possibly be the most important piece of the puzzle!

    Water - it sounds extremely silly but over 50% of the adults in the U.S. are chronically dehydrated. I drink about 1500ml of water a day, more depending on what I eat/drink (I will get into that in a little bit). Now, how did water affect my GI tract. I always associated the diarrhea with "watery" stool right? However, whats happening is that the stool is actually "drying out" because of the lack of water (your large intestines is like a giant sponge with sole purpose of sucking up water back into your body). So when stool cant move and you drink or eat something that causes gas. *Bam* instant cramps/bloating resulting in mucous-y diarrhea

    -- I'm not familiar with your triggers but the other two parts of the equation were stimulants and acidic foods. As you know, soda combines the worst of those two worlds, as it is both highly caffeinated (on average twice as much as a cup of coffee) and extremely acidic (i think the last lab test I did put it slightly above or around orange juice -- another thing I cant really drink--) so unfortunately I have to report that you might need to find another route for your daily dose of "go-juice" However, I find that coffee is pretty manageable as a substitute because you can add milk or cream to cut the acidity and the caffeine content is not extra ordinarily high.. although with ANY stimulant you should expect some motility of your GI tract, so be ready for a bm! I always make sure to add a glass of water with every stimulant I drink. 1 cup of water to 1 cup of cofffee, etc. And you can add that water to your 1500ml a day goal, so it adds up quick and becomes less of a thing to remind yourself to do.

    -- Also, I have cut a large portion of red meat out of my diet. Its not because of the fat content or the fact that meat is harder to digest (although those are good reasons) but its because red meat is especially full of hormones and antibiotics. Hormones and antibiotics (especially) act as irritants in your body, more so because our GI tract are sensitive to inflammation. Thats not made up either, a couple complaint of antibiotic therapy in inflammation, itching, irritation, and burning. Usually, I eat red meat (steak or otherwise) about 1 - 2 times per month without issue. I still eat chicken and pork and usually have no problems

    If you try those previous suggestions and your diet really stabilizes, I suggest adding fiber to your diet. I use metamucil about 1 to 2 times a day, depending on how I feel. I usually ONLY take it if I am feeling okay, because if my stomach is irritated it is already too late and it will just make it worse. I dont have much space left so I'll make a list of foods I avoid, foods I eat when Im feeling alright or in moderation and Food that are good to go

    Avoid: honey nut cheerios (guaranteed to make me cramp up), life cereal, citrus juices, deli meats (I find the preservatives really give me acid reflux), hard cheeses (once in a while is okay tho but in moderation)
    calgal37 responded:
    An_245365, do you have other symptoms in addition to the bloat, gas and burping? Do you toilet issues run to diarrhea or constipation? Do you have headaches? Rashes? Fatigue and/or 'brain fog?' I'm wondering because it might help you to start to narrow things down.

    Are you on any other meds? Any other health conditions? Any form of GI issue run in your family? What tests have you had done? What meds have you tried?

    Outside of that, many with IBS find they're actually intolerant to some foods, or foods within some categories. I know it may sound strange, but it's worth trying a couple of exclusion diets to see if it will help. Those categories are dairy and gluten (wheat, rye and barley products). You'd be shocked at how miserable certain foods can make you.

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