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    Not sure if this is even IBS but...
    ravupadh posted:
    I'm 23 and ever since adolescence I've been having weird bowl movements almost every day. I have a hard time pooping in the morning even though I have a clear urge to do it and can even feel the stool backed up in my intestine. This brings great discomfort to me. Usually by the afternoon I'm able to go to the bathroom. However, while a normal person poops maybe once a day, I tend to poop 3-5 times a day all during the afternoon/evening. When I go the first time during the day, even after I'm done I have an incomplete feeling that I still have to go. Also, on most days the stool comes out in multiple small pieces. I feel like there are a million different pieces of feces when I pass a stool. The stool isn't completely liquid but it's a mixture of liquid and many many tiny solid pieces. It's definitely not diarrhea. Even on days where I'm not experiencing the most severe symptoms, which is rare, the stool comes out in 3-4 whole pieces but there are always multiple small pieces that have broken off as well. A more recent symptom that started a few months ago was the appearance of bubbles in the stool. After I go to the bathroom I can see bubbles (air bubbles) rising out of the stool.

    I'm a vegetarian so I'm not sure if that's the culprit. I ate meat for 3 months but that didn't change my symptoms. I notice that when I eat very spicy foods or foods with a lot of spicy seasoning, the symptoms get worse and I actually have a burning sensation around my anus the next morning even though I can't pass the stool. When I do get to pass stool by the afternoon, it burns. I've also noticed that after I eat spicy foods I get a burning sensation around my esophagus. I'm not sure if this is heartburn or an esophageal problem. I've gone to 2 doctors about my problem and I have a feeling they don't know what's going on. One doctor thought it was Crohn's disease cause of my scoliosis and told me to swim to fix the problem. Another doctor said it's because I have low levels of Vitamin D but my symptoms didn't improve after I started taking the vitamin supplement. I'm thinking about scheduling a colonoscopy with a gastroenterologist at this point. I don't mind going to the bathroom multiple times a day but whatever is wrong with me does bring great discomfort in the morning when I have to wake up. Sometimes I have such an urge to pass a stool but it just won't happen, and as a result I'm uncomfortable for the whole morning. I've had days where I just stay in bed the whole morning because I can't take the discomfort. What's wrong with me?
    ravupadh responded:
    Oh and the second doctor that I went to not only said I have low levels of vitamin D but abnormally high levels of CRP.
    smann68 responded:
    I'm sorry to hear your having so much trouble! I'm no doctor, but I do have reflux and IBS. It sounds to me like you have the same thing. Try a gastroenterologist and good luck! Keep us informed please.
    asheraz responded:
    OH MY God i am shocked to read all this infact its terrible ,,,,, i also have the sameeeeeeeeeeee thing i dont even need to right my problem at all as i am passing on from the same symptumps what is the solution i know about IBS but what to cure it even my wife is a dr and she told me it is un curable deseaes yet becasue it is not as dangerious but still i need to rectify it and for this i need to get the solution , my wife say u need to walk eat fiber and use a relaxing life style but i am a very busy person i cant do all that every day my job is hell stressed ,.... but i think this is the only sollution if ylou keeep consulting dr they would just make money out of you my suggestion is to change your life style and start taking fiber as much as you can and have exersize as mch as you can .


    ravupadh replied to asheraz's response:
    Thank you for your response! I actually don't exercise so that may be the problem. My sleep habits are horrible too because I am a medical student. I may try exercising to alleviate the situation. Also, I'm not sure if fiber is the problem since I am vegetarian but I may start taking fiber supplements. I hope it is a lifestyle thing that can be changed once I start becoming more active
    wellnesstoday replied to ravupadh's response:
    the medical community knows changing the angle of your colon = better bowel movements. i have recently tried a squatty potty and it has helped with my IBS symptoms. I have heard that loose stools are (counter-intuitive) are actually a side effect of incompletel bowel movements. It's a godsend! . I hope it helps you too!

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