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    What else can I try?
    Anon_26284 posted:
    I've had significant stomach pain, bloating, and gas for as long as I can remember from most foods. Meat, white bread, white potatoes, and most junk food doesn't make me sick; generally fruit, vegetables, yogurt, and whole grains do (varying from mild pain for a few hours to severe pain for over a day). I don't have any diarrhea or stool problems.

    I have tried taking probiotics (prescription and OTC), digestive enzymes, anti-spasmodic medicine, and Rifaximin. I've been tested for Celiac's, had a stomach biopsy, had my blood examined, and had my breath tested for small intestine overgrowth.

    I've seen two doctors before and am seeing one periodically now. She's out of ideas too and wants to try putting me on SSRIs, but that seems to just be to diminish the pain, not fix the problem. I don't want to be stuck on depression medicine for the rest of my life, with all the side effects, to mask the pain from my broken digestive system.

    Has anything besides these medicines/tests helped others? I would really like to eat a healthy diet one day.
    calgal37 responded:
    Anon, consider trying some elimination diets to see if there's a food group that may be at the bottom of the problem and causing you pain in general. The 4 biggies are gluten, dairy, eggs and soy. You might consider taking one food group out at a time for 3-4 weeks and seeing what happens.

    How were you tested - specific test? - for celiac disease? Many times the regular blood test to check for that issue may not pop positive for a number of years after the problem first I'm wondering.

    Do you have any rashes of any kind? Any brain-fog? Any symptoms that might not seem to be GI related?
    Anon_26284 replied to calgal37's response:
    I haven't tried a full elimination diet, although I'm pretty confident about what will upset my stomach. I've never had any problems with gluten, but I have eliminated eggs and lactose.

    I believe I was tested for Celiac's by a blood test (I've done so many tests that it is hard to remember). I have never had any problem eating any type of white bread, rice, or pasta before though.

    I don't have any rashes, brain fog, or any other external symptoms that I am aware of.

    The most recent GI doctor just had me do a stool also, which was negative. The doctor now wants me to go on anti-depressants for the IBS symptoms.
    IBSFREE replied to Anon_26284's response:
    I had the worst stomach problems for the past 8 years. I am happy to say I have been IBS free for the past 7 months. I can't help but pass on what helped me and hope it helps someone else. I lived with the stomach nightmare for 8 years. Stool samples, colonoscopy, lotronex, X-rays, barium drinking, elimination diet, etc. Finally I was in the grocery store and a natural doctor gave me her card. I was skeptical as anyone would be and honestly it took me 6 months before I broke down and went. She ran some quick tests and gave me vitamins. It was so ridiculous how much better I felt the next day. I can't believe how normal my life is now... I couldn't remember how good this felt. I was a kid when I felt this good.

    What she gave me was:

    Phytostan (from Integrative Theraputics)
    Probiotic (Integrative Theraputics)
    and HCl (don't know who made this)

    The only thing I take now is the Digestive enzyme.

    Turns out I had a terrible yeast overgrowth. No doctor could figure this out.

    After paying the $250 for the natural doctor... I looked in her cabinet of goodies that she prescribed and ordered everything on amazon. WAY CHEAPER!

    I hope this helps you!
    bnovc replied to IBSFREE's response:
    Thanks for the information - when you had your IBS, was it triggered by wheat (since you had a yeast overgrowth)?
    crazycat57 replied to bnovc's response:
    It can be triggered by wheat. I have IBS and try to avoid it. I do, however, eat a lot of greek yogurt, with live cultures, and bananas. I watch mayonaise and other fats. NO fast food!
    crazycat57 replied to bnovc's response:
    IBS, you always have. Its how you treat your diet. What works for others maynot work for you. I, however, cannot eat mayo and fat. especially fast food! that's out! lots of fruit, if you can. Bananas help me and greek yogurt, with live cultures. At least 2 yogurts a day. V8 Juice, high fiver, 1-2 8oz glasses a day. this helps with constipation! Prune juice is o.k., but it can lead to gas.
    BitterLemon responded:
    What has helped me: moving to Africa, where the diet is MUCH lower in sugar, meat, processed foods, dairy, and bread; higher in vegetables (especially tomatoes) and rice (white, unfortunately). Almost nothing packaged or processed.

    Making sure I do not get constipated by eating high-fiber foods and drinking a ton of water. And, as I posted in another thread, bitter lemon soda. Yup. Can't explain that at all.

    Trying to handle stress, which triggers the cramps for me. I have actually come to think this is a major factor.

    What has NOT helped me: elimination of any foods (although I eat pretty healthy in general anyway), Zelnorm, magnesium supplement (although it helped my leg cramps), homeopathic remedy for colic, simethicone.

    You do the best you can. Then you buck up and get on with your life, pain or no pain. You learn to put your attention on the things that make life worthwhile!

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