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    Please Help
    pseudenim posted:
    Hi, so when I was younger (around 5 or 6) I used to get a LOT of stomach aches and pains. I had many home/school stresses, more than a 5 year old should, and would often get anxious, which would always induce nausea.
    It faded away for a number of years. But 3 years ago, when I was 15, things picked back up again. I became depressed and anxious. I didn't get the pains or the nausea, but I did have a funny tummy. It was also around this time that my brain thought it a good idea to get an eating disorder.

    About a year ago, 2 and a half stone lighter, I was diagnosed with IBS. I had a bit of a dodgy gut and had to avoid dairy/gluten but I got used to it and it didn't really affect my day-to-day life. I no longer had the room to avoid food, had to suck it up and just eat what I could.
    3 months ago, I came down with what I can only describe as the worst "flare-up" of my life. I was shaking, being sick, dizzy, had breathing problems. The shaking was so bad I had involuntary movements in my head, arms and legs. 12 weeks later... and I'm still here!
    I've only experienced those very scary low points a few times, but I have spent the better part of this week in bed, shaking with headaches and pain, and quite honestly wanting to expire. The nausea is so bad and it feels like I'm about to die. The pains have gone from cramps to sharp, deep shooting pains all over my abdomen (mostly on the left). I've never been so scared in my life, which obviously doesn't help the symptoms Because of this illness, I've been in bed for 3 months. I can't go to university, I have no friends. I went to IKEA for a few hours and ended up having another flare-up for 4 days.
    I've apparently exhausted all my options as far the hospital are concerned. It's not Coeliacs, Crohn's, ulcers, tumours, cysts. Nothing. My bloodwork and other vital signs are all normal. From a medical stand-point, there's like a <1% chance it could be something other than IBS. They wont do scopes other than a sigmeudoscopy (spelling?) due to my age (18) and symptoms.
    What I want and need to know is - is THIS normal? This feeling of utter utter wretchedness? I don't understand how the human body can feel this way and it just be a little stress?!
    I have a counsellor and a very supportive mum, but it's as though no matter how much I talk about my problems, nothing changes? I'm reaching my limit and, whilst I'd never actually do it, some days I feel like taking my own life it's so bad. Nothing makes any sense and I just want this to be over. I'm onto my 4th gastroenterologist on Wednesday, I'm losing faith.
    Please, anyone who's ever gone through this similar feeling, tell me how you got out of it? It feels like I'm so alone in this, the doctors look at me like I'm muck on their shoe. Help!

    itsmedarling responded:
    from my experience and really want to help. and it will help if u contentious u will see result in one month sp with 5-htp in ure case
    1- probiotics2- probiotics again3- 5-htp will help gradually one month later will be fine 100-3250 mlg day

    if u find that probiotics hard to find do kefir or yogurt at home and u can add some probiotic on and u will emade it by ureself using the old one as culture starter. and if u want to know if hte probiotic that u bought is working u can add one capsul to 200 ml milk after 24 hours if it become lactic acid taste so its good.12 years with ibs only with this its gone.even u can take honey with and without food. but the probiotic is the real key.
    mikeamoretti responded:
    I have had many "flare ups" over the years and finally after fighting with my GI Doctor and GP doctor, I changed to a new GI doc only because he finally agreed to prescribe the "GI Cocktail" they give me when my flare up is so bad I go to the hospital emergency room. This is NOT a daily maintenance med. I only use it when I can't take any more suffering and go to the hospital ER. The cocktail has kept me out of the emergency room at least 10 times a year for the past 2 years. To this day i can't understand why Doctor's refuse to prescribe this medication for use at home in emergency situations. You may want to discuss with your GI doctor. Again, not a cure, but will many times keep you out of the emergency room.

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