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    IBS C anyone on line that wants to communicate
    nonos324 posted:
    Would be nice to communicate with someone with IBS C. This has been taking over my life and doctors seem to try things but I am not sure they know what works. nonos324
    Hazel4 responded:
    I know what you are going through. I struggled with IBS C for 20 years. I have been to multiple doctors several times in my life in an attempt to find an answer to explain why I was sick all of the time. I have been put on an extremely strict diet, I have had a colonoscopy, I have been put on medication, I have had an UGI scan, and I have had blood work done all in an attempt to get to the bottom of my condition. Nothing that I have ever tried has been able to help me with my IBS. I had completely given up all hope that I would find something to help me live a normal life. I finally found a product that works for me that I have been taking for over a month now and I would be happy to tell you about it if you are interested.
    Periwinkle03 replied to Hazel4's response:
    I'm only 19 but I've been going through what I personally believe is IBS-C. I've been to the doctors/ hospital a numerous amount of times within the past year. This is the only logical thing I believe it is. Ive also had blood work done, tried going on strict diets cutting out everything that a 19 year old loves to eat. I'm stuck to drinking miralax every morning to help jump start a bowel movement. Even though this helps with my bathroom problems occasionally, it doesn't help w/ my nausea and constant stomach pains. I'm too young to be having all of these stomach problems. It's so stressful. If you know anything that helps please let me know, I'm desperate.
    IBS6567 replied to Periwinkle03's response:
    My "chronic idiopathic constipation" started in my early teens. I have struggled with this for over 50 years. I have had every test know and was given the diagnosis of IBS-C 6 years ago. I have tried everything recommended. I finally got fed up and said if fiber, more water and exercise were all I need, I'd have been cured years ago. I take Amitiza 24mcg 2 times a day. At time, It causes diarrhea for several hours, but the alternative is is not going at all. I have recently been diagnosed with severe anemia and had several invasive tests to look for the cause. Nothing has been found. I am taking Ferrex 28 (prescription iron with vitamins) and of course you know what iron does so now the Amitiza doesn't work well. I'm sick of being sick and taking medications that don't work. Periwinkle, there is a fairly new blood test to check for Celiac disease (gluten intolerance) that could be causing your problems. Ask your doctor about having it done before they decide to do biopsies on your small intestines (which they did to me). Hope you can get some relief and some answers. I am very sympathetic because I've been dealing with this for 50 years and am still struggling to find answers.
    nonos324 replied to Hazel4's response:
    Yes, share please, I cant believe I wrote this 4 months ago.
    If you are a salesperson selling something then do not respond.
    If you are a person who truly has IBS C like you said I would really appreciate our sharing.
    pjwrites replied to nonos324's response:
    I was diagnosed 40 yrs. ago with IBS-C but have always remembered having it from childhood with horrible Mom's remedies that made it worse. I had 4 c-sections from age 20 to 29 yrs old as well as partial hystorectomy which only seemed to worsen it. Finally in 1976 was diagnosed with IBS-C and overweight after last child. No help really given, only that my metabolisn was very slooow and to take laxitives which ony made pain worse so changed to stool softners, TRY finding quiet time for a IBS-C ATTACK with a home full of boys. 30 yrs later-My Husband was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and my stress level was out the roof so AT AGE 66 I went to a Neurologist for my trembling finger and shocking sensations on left upper side of my bodyand weight loss.Blood tests diagnosed me with worst case of CELIAC DISEASE SHE HAD EVER SEEN. Now at 70 yrs old, I am too busy with his caretaking (he is only 56 and now has a perineal hernia along with permanent ostomy). I have not been back to my Neurologist since my CELIAC diagnoses but will ASAP now as IBS-C is worse with some new symtoms as well as demyelinating disease to be diagnosed as to which one it is. CHECK OUT CELIAC DISEASE WITH NEUOLOGIST! I had never heard of it as I am very small lady again.

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