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    rose3625 posted:
    I have this burning question:
    I have a big problem with Gas, no matter what I eat I feel as though I have a Gas making machine inside me, I am taking over the counter medication and still no help.
    I did an endoscopy and colonoscopy and found no issues. I have been to various doctors and still cannot find a solution to this on going problem. I have had seizures in my past life, the last one was four years ago. And most times I feel as tough I will have another one. But now when I do exercise or take Gas Pills and Pas Gas I feel much better. Strange. I also get hungry very often, have sleeping problems, and gets depressed at times, also pain various parts of my body, most of this happens a week before my Period and just when I get my period the bloating and pain will go and I will be passing lots of gas and I feel much better. I cannot even sleep late because I get up feeling so hungry and gassy. I also suffer from Acid in the stomach big time.
    I do not know what is my health problem and it is frustrating me. I feel like a Lab rat and still cannot get a solution for my problem/s. One Doctor proscribed Paroxetine 10 mg because he taught I had a mental problem. I had to stop taking this because I was loosing my vision and did not sleep for a week.
    Can someone please help. I am now taking over the counter medication (for - gas, ibs, acid and sleeping aid). still no solution.
    forgotten1 responded:
    I pass gas too. Ive had the same tests as you and others too. My first gastroenterologist said IBS and I was 20/21. 2 yrs or so ago I went to a new gastro and he thought I was nuts and said so by spoken thought. SO rude and hurtful. It is NOT a mental problem and it is not all in the head. IT is VERY embarassing to me and it is ruining my life. I'm 27 and 28 in July. Also, I'm female so that it makes it even more embarassing cause it is often viewed as a male issue but either way it is rude. I can't hold it and people think I'm being rude. He told me i have a lot of acid in my stomach but I thought he mentioned bacteria. My stomach burns, bloats, cramps but I could deal with anything but passing gas all day. Anyway, my last gastro had suggested a psychiatrist and I was so frustrated that I did go. Then they of course thought i had a problem and wanted to make me into a bipolar/schizo. Mainly gave meds for depression/anxiety. I tried the med for the sake of my stomach to no avail. I dont take anything right now. I was recently prescribed bentyl again but all it does is cause the gas to pass out even easier. I have no control over it. Ive tried every over the counter gas med and nothing helps. And I dont sleep good but my schedule is off because of college late assignments and having no job to go to. We are in the same boat.
    BamaNik replied to forgotten1's response:
    Have either of you considered gluten intolerance?

    All I know is that I was having horrible gas pains, bloating, stomach distention and horrible constipation. I tired numerous meds...gasx, miralax, senna leaf, lots of fiber..nothing really helped. Then one day it just clicked and I thought I wonder if I cant digest gluten. (Im normally on the fibro board and its a farily common subject). So I cut it out of my diet and it worked! All the gas, bloating, went away. I even started to have somewhat normal bowel movements again. It wasnt hard giving up gluten to not be in pain and not look like Im pregnant all the time....

    Just a thought to give it a try when youve nothing else to lose...

    forgotten1 replied to BamaNik's response:
    Im lactose intolerant. Ironically, my last IBS episode landed me to the ER and my nurse supposedly claimed she has IBS and recommended activia yogurt, which is dairy! hello?! I find i even pass gas when i dont eat a thing!!!! usually when i go places i dont eat anything and that helps SOME but i definitely still have the gas but i know from experience that is nothin compared to if i do eat something.
    sheba_q replied to forgotten1's response:
    Many people with lactose intolerance can eat yogurt as the live bacterial cultures (that they like to brag about these days) partially predigest the lactose. I gave up drinking milk (secondary lactose intolerance due to ulcerative colitis) but yogurt has never been a problem.

    Most gas pills will only work if you've eaten beans or something like that and the gas production starts in your stomach. If the gas is starting up in the intestines then the gas pills won't do much.

    Generally when I hear gas my first thoughts are that there's a food intolerance of some sort. When your body rejects something and doesn't digest it, gas happens. Have you tried keeping a food journal?
    BamaNik replied to forgotten1's response:
    I just wanted to say that I had read somewhere that lactose intolerance can be caused from gluten intolerance. Thats how I linked them together, as I had began having symptoms of lactose intolerance. When I cut the gluten out, after a while I could eat dairy without a problem. Its like the body corrects itself. Not eating gluten has made such a huge difference in my digestive system. Normal! And now when I eat gluten, it kills me.

    Try the food journal, something has to be triggering the gas.
    Diannetrd responded:
    Msg could be the culprit. Google MSG (monosodium glutamate). Check out Msg & hidden sources of Msg. Really bad stuff. Found in soda, flavored water, bullion cubes, broth, jello, catsup, mayo, mustard, salad dressing, spices (non-organic) etc. Msg, from what I have learned over the last 12 years, goes hand in hand with lactose & gluten intolerance.

    Msg gives you all the same gasey symtoms, also. Good luck.
    Missylulu1976 replied to sheba_q's response:
    Hi, Sheba_q, I notice that everyone is speaking about gluten and I know that this may sound crazy but....what is gluten and where or in what types of foods is it found. I have been been experiencing diarrhea every morning. I have noticed that I have most of my gas and other symptoms in the morning and by the end of the day they have diminished almost completely. I also noticed that not stressing takes the symptoms away also....
    sheba_q replied to Missylulu1976's response:
    It's not a crazy question at all. Gluten is the protein of wheat, rye, barley and likely oats too.

    I don't know why, but morning problems are common. Many of us adjust our schedule so that we have extra time in the morning to let our bodies settle before heading out for the day. Stress is also well known for being a problem and anything you can regularly do to reduce it is a good thing.
    An_191980 responded:
    That is the problem with doctors they always assume you are depressed and want to give you antidepressdants. The medicines caused me to become fat. I gained 30 pounds in less than a month and now I can't keep it off. I even went to see a psychiatrist upon the suggestion of my gastro doctor. The psychiatrist said it was the medicine that was causing the problem that I as less depressed than he was. I am have all the systems you have except for the periods (memopause). I don't see at all and when I do I wake up a hundred time s night. They are saying I have fibromalysia. I think that is a make up disease because they don't have a clue what is wrong with you and put a label on you as a person who makes up things in their head!!
    d0465 replied to forgotten1's response:
    Actually, although this sounds contradictory, it actually works. I use activia yogurt myself, once a day, and though I can't drink milk, eat regular yogurt, eat cheese or go anywhere near ice cream, the ingredients or "probiotics" or whatever it is in activia yogurt works on the digestive system to help regulate your system into working properly and I've been more regular and have had much less gas since using it. Go figure!
    countrywisdom replied to forgotten1's response:
    I hope by now you have found some relief. My experience is that I only have anxiety when my symptoms are at their worst. The anxiety is thought by some professionals to be a signal from the digestive system that is misinterpreted in the brain. Seeing a psychiatrist will not cure a biologically induced anxiety but may help the stress and depression experienced by people with any disease that negatively impacts their life. I think all of us have gone through the "It's all in your head," diagnosis and I'm glad you have seen past that. My IBS in under control now because I have kept a food diary. I also drink two cups of fennel tea every morning. The fennel tea was my first big break-though. I also make my own yogurt. Yogurt machines are fairly cheap & yogurt is very easy to make. Chemically treated food is my biggest problem and store-bought yogurt is basically a sugared snack. I can drink organic milk but not treated milk. I've eliminated anything that has artificial sugar, corn syrup, preservatives and most oils. I can handle small amounts of olive oil, coconut oil and unprocessed lard. These are suggestions I got from other sufferers. So, keep your food diary (including how much you had of suspicious foods & time of day you experienced your symptoms) and you will find your triggers.
    liz24962 responded:
    Your description sounds a lot like the symptoms my son experienced. He has seen several gastroenterologists, has been to Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, and because he has seizures, he has seen neurologists for the past 19 years. NO ONE ever mentioned gluten intolerance. We tried the gluten-free diet 9 years ago, without appreciable success, however, we found out that we were not doing it thoroughly enough. Now that he has been off every source of gluten that we can possibly identify it has changed his life. The change is not overnight, and 8 months later, he continues to notice improvement; it can take 9-12 months to get the gluten out of your body.
    The first change he noticed was in his GI system. Other significant improvements include mental clarity, better memory, increased energy, dissapperance of allergy symptoms (stopped allergy shots after 20 years), better seizure control, lessening of joint pain, greater flexibility, more restful sleep...........the list goes on and on. Eliminating gluten from his life absolutely changed the quality of his life. For the first time in 34 years he feels relatively good.....what a blessing!!!!
    Cosmoqueen1 responded:
    Rose, Are you starting menopause? I have the same issues and found out they are all due to peri-menopause. I starting doing Yoga every morning and it helps the body aches and general attitude. I get tired of feeling awful all the time, but I think I handle it well. I also use GasX which does stop the gas and relieves the bloating in my torso, which is obnoxious at times! Also watch what you eat (not that it always matters), but if something bothers you, stop eating it. I crave food now all the time, but I am watching my portions and what I eat. I am also pre-diabetic and have to go for another blood test next month. It's Oh so much fun getting older!!
    swchesney responded:
    Have you been tested for food allergies. I was sick (including
    many of your symptoms) for about 25 years before I was diagnosed with intolerance to gluten, dairy and egg whites. Almost all of my symptoms disappeared after going on a
    whole food diet which did not include gluten (protein in wheat), dairy or egg whites.

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