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    25 year old new to IBS
    fotohutman77 posted:
    Hi everyone! I'm new to the whole IBS scene. I have been going through stomach and intestinal cramps since my golden birthday of February 25th. I couldn't handle he pain anymore so i went to the doctor and went through several blood tests, had xrays done, an endoscopy done, and a colonoscopy done. Everything came back negative, no cancers, no ulcers. but still I'm out in the blue and the GI Doctor and my family doctor both diagnosed me with IBS. Can anyone give me any input of my situation i'm going through? It's making me depressed and stressed.
    barbarafromtucson responded:
    Welcome to the 'club'. I'm 38 and have had this for the past 4 years. I've had all the tests that you have had, plus ultrasound and stool tests. If you haven't had any stool tests, be sure to ask your doctor to get them--to test for parasites.

    Keep a food journal (it's a pain, but worth it) and write down what you eat, when you eat, and then what/how/when the 'results' are. Over a few weeks time, you will find out which foods will 'trigger' it or not.

    Some of the 'common' triggers are dairy and 'greasy' food. When I eliminated dairy from my diet, I noticed a big improvement.

    Also, in your diary, notate your moods, how your feeling, throughout the day, and every time you have a bathroom moment, in addition to the time you eat.

    Your moods can affect your digestive tract. Feelings of anger, pain, stress, anxiety, and so on will/can have an effect.

    I suggest not only seeing a GI doctor, but also talking to a counselor--even if you think you're "normal" psychologically. A psychologist can help uncover any hidden guilt/anger/hurt/pain that could be contributing to your gut issues.

    A counselor can teach you methods of relaxation and such that will calm your nerves which has positive effects on your GI track!

    Depression and stress will make IBS worse--so that's why you need to see both a medical MD as well as a psychiatrist.

    If you are religious--whether Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, etc....develop meditation, prayer, reflection time, retreats (whatever applies). If you're Christian--talk to your pastor/priest about what you're going through and 'connect' it to the suffering of Jesus on the Cross. That takes time and prayer to get to that point (unless you have a strong walk with the Lord already) but that does help too.
    barbarafromtucson replied to barbarafromtucson's response:
    P.S. I ment to say psychologist, not psychatrist!!! However...if you let the depression get to deep/entrenched, you may have to see a psychiatrist!
    fotohutman77 replied to barbarafromtucson's response:
    thank you my friend, and I will take all of your information and take it into consideration.
    GeorgetteMay responded:
    [email protected] This is the best web-site I love Sherry Bresia! Her advice about the digestive tract is the best! The food combination thing is the way to go. I have suffered for 28 years and this is the best advice I could ever give anyone. I have had all the tests etc etc no help otherwise. Lactose intolerance, diverticulosis, IBS, GERD. Honestly the best help you could want try it can't hurt. 4 day free trial
    Amers35 responded:
    Hi Fotohutman
    I have been living with this IBS lifestyle since I was 20 years old, I am now 35. It started with the pregnancy of my first daughter and has gotten seriously worse sense. I always knew it was stress related and now I have since learned that it can be controlled by food. I will tell you that probiotics did nothing for me. I did however, decide to cut out several food groups from my diet and that has drastically helped. I still have problems occassionally but it is much less than before. I would say to cut out ALL dairy, ALL pork products, ALL caffeinated foods and drinks, spicy food, fried foods, and limit the amount of red meat you consume. Also drink LOTS of water and exercise at least 30 minutes a day. These things have all helped me and I have to say it wasn't hard for me to eliminate things. There are soooo many choices out there today in our markets that they make it easy for you to give up of luck to you.
    syberman responded:
    I know how you feel - I've been dealing with IBS for 40 years & it's taken a long time to get it right. I've been through all of the testing & the doctors. You will need to eliminate or adjust the amount of your intake of several things from your daily diet to find tolerance levels. And, as mentioned before, stress can make things worse. The doctors can eliminate any major health problems that may be lurking & they can point you in the right direction in regards to things to look for, but it really come down to you. You know all of the things that you are eating & when it bothers you. It will ultimately be up to you to do the testing and make the necessary adjustments to your diet.

    Things to look at: dairy products, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks, wheat (gluten), very greasy foods, & yeast (like sourdough bread - this was a big problem for me at one point).You should consider eliminating all of these for a while & then slowly re-introducing them back into your diet. Why? You need to find out what bothers you. Everyone is a little different in what bothers them. You have to find out what specifically bothers you!

    Things you might want to try: Enzymes like Primadophilus w/Bifidus (time released), Pancreatin. DGL before every meal (licorice - takes getting use to the flavor) And if things get really bad, take a charcoal pill after each meal. Coral Calcium - this helps me with my acid/alkaline balance. This saved me!! This is what got me started on the road to recovery. Best thing I ever did. (give it time to work) More fiber. This part is a little tricky because, from my experience, some things will make things worse, not better. I use Chia seeds & Quinoa.

    In order to get to a point of feeling better, you will need to be patient & persistent. Again, what works for one person might not work for you. Start by eliminating all of the things that you think are making you sick and stay away from them. (I personally go 2-4 weeks before going back to any foods) Don't introduce to many new things at once. Try 1-2 things (like vitamins) and see how you react. Eat smaller meals. Don't eat until you feel full. You might still feel hungry, but your body will adjust over time. Find healthy snacks for between meals.

    There is so much more I could say, but this is a start. Hope some of this helps. The most important thing to remember is to be patient. Feeling somewhat normal will take time. Be informed. Use the internet to gather information and don't be afraid to test out new ideas. Good luck!
    bball14 responded:
    Sorry for your discomfort and lack of help. I can relate to every way you mentioned. I have been suffering from "IBS" (Dr's diagnosis) for the last 6 years. Unable to eat or drink without experiencing chronic mid epi pain and bloating. I have not enjoyed a meal in 6 years--my food intake is ricecakes. The more I "eat" the worse it gets. The only relief I get is when I lie down--otherwise I feel like I am carrying around a ball and chain as my gut feels heavy and pulling downward. I have reached out to the Cleveland CLinic, Temple Univ, and many GI doc's in Rochester NY--my home area and had every test possible as well as some surgeries. NOTHING has provided me relief.... And, the only time I feel good is when I don't eat--and that isn't an acceptable answer. I am so very frustrated.
    It helps that I am taking an antidepressant and seeing a psychotherapist to just vent and continue to explore options. I cannot and will not accept that the only answer they can give is that I have IBS..Good luck to you!!!!
    FXFIBROMOM replied to bball14's response:
    I've had this for years, tried all kinds of dietary changes, meds, supplements. Nothing worked. I tried Align (probiotic OTC "bfodobacterium enfantis 35624" "Bifantis"), 1 capsule a day for many months, and got no help. I doubled it (okay with Gastroent.), and within a few weeks felt much better. That was 6 months ago. I seldom have a bad day, and most days feel so much better. Gastroenterologist said IBS was almost impossible to treat as everyone is different, but studies have found that Align has been clinically shown to help specifically with IBS. It IS expensive, but it's worked for me. I think it's worth a try.
    agawammom replied to bball14's response:
    I don't usually respond on these sites, but your location (I live just outside of Auburn) and your similarity to my situation convinced me to. I have had IBS for over 30 years-- 3 major flare-ups where I have dropped to 70 lbs because I was unable to eat or drink anything (even water) without horrible pain and diarrhea. I have been to Sayre Pa and Cleveland Clinic as well as local specialists with little relief. I have tried traditional meds (too numerous to list), dietary changes, acupuncture, energy healing, kineseologist/chiropractor, yoga, and hypnotherapy. I have found most doctors to be uncaring and have relied mostly on the internet to research medicines and therapies. What finally has helped me this time was the drug Elavil, which I discovered myself because I also suffer from migraines and I was hoping it would relieve both the IBS symptoms and the migraines. It didn't help the migraines, but miraculously has greatly eliminated the abdominal pain. I still have bouts of diarrhea and am fearful to eat and leave the house, but can load up on Pepto or Imodium if I have to. It is a horrible way to live and the depression is overwhelming. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who has supported me through the years of battling this horrendous condition. I think the hardest part is reading about other people who try things that work and then getting your hopes up when you try it, only to be disappointed over and over again when nothing changes. Every test they do you hope they find something that can be fixed...but nothing. How can there be nothing physically wrong but you be in so much pain? And no one understands what it feels like to hurt that much or to be afraid to leave the house. They tell you to just stop worrying about stuff and you'll be fine. Sorry, just needed to vent. Keep trying different antidepressants- Elavil was a miracle for me-- Paxil worked for my last bout and then stopped working for some reason. Another one that a friend said saved them was Noratryptalene ( a cousin to Elavil). Don't count on doctors to help-- you have to request them yourself. Good luck-- this last bout of mine lasted 2 years but I did get better so don't give up.
    fiegelc1 responded:
    Isn't it terrible! I have had this problem for quite some time and have adjusted my diet. I am slowly feeling better at times. My "attacks" happen throughout the night. Try changing some of the things you eat and drink.
    RaRoyal responded:
    Lived with IBS for 40 years. Live in Orange County, Ca.
    Great Dr that help me tremendously..Habib Rahman, 26600 Crown Valley Pkway # 475, Mission Viejo, Ca 92691, 949-2762882.
    An_191981 responded:
    My daughter was diagnosed with IBS 7yrs. ago. Then in Oct.'09 she got very very ill. She went back to her GI Dr. and he sent her for blood tests, colonoscopy nad then a endoscopy. After all test results were back she was diagnosed with celiac which is an allergy to glutin. She's on a glutin free diet which eliminates wheat, rye, barley and oats. As long as she doesn't get any glutin in her system she is getting healthy again. Drs. aren't always diagnosing celiac just because they are just becoming more familar with celiac. This is something you may want to check with your dr. about celiac. Good luck and hope they get to the bottom of your problem.
    bagiraffe25 responded:
    Well, we have the same birthday, so I have to respond....
    I have had IBS my entire life. I also have developed ulcers, intestinal tumors, and have severe GERD. I have been tested for a lot of things. It's a strange feeling when I get the results- I am thrilled I don't have cancer, or even severe IBD (one of my doctors is sure that I have that mildly), but after all this time and how much research there really has been done on IBS, it still feels like it's "all in your head". The thing is, it does get there--to have to worry about when and what you eat as it may create an emergent need for a bathroom when there isn't one nearby, and to affect the quality of one's life the way it has the supreme ability to do, make IBS very much a part of one's thoughts and actions.
    I think I may have been on everything available. It is sad that a GI doctor I went to put me on the new drug for IBS for those with mainly diarrhea. Even taking a pediatric dose changed my system so drastically that I ended up with a bowel obstruction! I took myself off the Rx after the incident upon the advice of my General MD. I never even got a call from the GI MD's office telling me to stop taking it due to the recall (several people actually died due to this med.) I was shocked that as soon as the medical problems started appearing, that every doctor didn't contact all patients who had been put on this Rx.
    In 1995 I was experiencing horrible pain. I was going to a fairly inexperienced GI MD. I had a brury due to tumors that were hemorrraging in my gut. Though I called his office in such severe pain, he just kept prescribing pain killers...I finally ended up in emergency and they couldn't figure out what was wrong until they saw how enlarged my stomach had become. Then it was all concern, as they thought I had cancer. I had to have surgery to remove the biggest ones, as the biopsies were inconclusive. Nobody seemed to know what this disorder was, and I since I never actually knew where it came from, I lived my life for a long time like I had a ticking bomb in me that could go off again at any time. I have a lovely scar about six inches long from my navel to the opening of my rib cage (I am a pretty small woman) along with many more scars added along the way. Why I bring this up is that MY SEVERE PAIN, DUE TO THE BLEEDING TUMORS WAS NOT TAKEN SERIOUSLY UNTIL I ALMOST DIED FROM THEM, BECAUSE THE DOCTOR FIGURED IT WAS JUST IBS. That's the kind of stuff that makes us feel frustrated, depressed, desperate....But, the thing is, those of us with IBS really truly do understand how you feel. I have a saying: Expectations low, Hopes high. I will try different things (hey, what can it hurt), and know my body and when things get really bad, I am fortunate to have a doctor (she is not even a GI) who will not 'hold me responsible' for the pain I am in. Due to my personality and life experiences, my tendency has always been to blame myself for my IBS. Well, I didn't cause it, I can't control it, and I can't cure it. I have to remember these 3 C's and concentrate on another C- Cope. I know that I have to cope with IBS. It is as much a part of me as my curly hair and thin (but muscular) body. I exercise, I eat what I can and not too much, I take a lot of med, I meditate, I use warm packs, I push through the pain, I make sure I know where the bathrooms are, and yes, sometimes I hold off on eating when I know I won't be near a bathroom, or my stomach is already upset and moving my bowels didn't help (which is supposed to happen when you have IBS---just one more thing that varies between IBS sufferers).
    There is a lot of information out there. I truly believe that those 3 C's help to keep your head in a better place, thereby giving you (hopefully) some serenity which can help your gut.
    Take care of yourself. Those of us with IBS Do understand, and care, even if we don't know you.
    I won't say "good luck", because it isn't. We have to deal with the cards we've been dealt!
    courtyard responded:
    I have been following the replies. I agree w/all! I have had IBS or whatever you want to call my knowledge for about 15 years. I DID NOT REALIZE WHEN IT STARTED WHAT IT WAS. AGAIN EACH DR. HAD A DIFFERENT OPINION AND RECOMMENDED ALL THE TESTS TO NO AVAIL. Yes, I try and watch what I eat, the one thing that does agree w/me is unsweetened almond milk (this is a nondairy product). I eat t.v. turkey dinners l.cusine almost everyday...adding fresh carrots (I put in the t.v. dinner before microwaving). I have one cup coffee morning and I make my own cornbread out of Jiffy mix, w/o.oil, egg (no white) and the a.milk. Bake as a one pan layer cake. I eat one small piece of this morning. I eat b. rice (no sugar in it but does have fiber) w/chicken buillion cube in one cup water. I use 1/2 c. each day w/rice.....I take xanax when I have a "bout" and Lonox which stops the bathroom visits. I
    I have reached a point finally that whatever I have, I have. I try to control it myself......
    I think once you accept the fact that you physically have whatever we call it, it becomes easier. Be smart, pick up advice if it makes sense from whomever......some things made help you. The xanax takes the edge off, I take .50mg approx. 3 times a day (this is not a lot) you could take more. But it's enough for me.
    I do believe it has a lot to do w/the food in our particular bodies, which brings on a bad bout, which then leads to stress. It's a merry go round that we're all on and I don't believe we'll be able to get off. BUT, WE CAN MANAGE THE RIDE....AND MAKE IT A LOT SMOOTHER!

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