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    How I am controlling IBS
    An_252858 posted:
    I recently retired from my job, and for some reason my IBS was out of control. Every two weeks I was down for 3 - 6 days. (Possibly due to inactivity?) I started taking probiotics every day, one capsule in the morning. I use the Spring Valley brand because it seems to be the best product for the money. I had used fiber products in the past....that gritty stuff you mix with liquid, it was orange flavored and turns into a thick gel. Didn't help a bit and was unpleasant to take. I tried psyllium capsules, and noticed no difference. So I bought fiber powder. No taste, dissolves instantly and doesn't thicken. I put one teaspoon in my coffee every morning. Most of the larger stores and drug stores have a generic brand, and it is relatively inexpensive. I try my best to drink more water every day. Since doing all of this, my bowel habits have become more regular. So far it has been over a month and no IBS! When I was having an attack all I could eat without having extreme pain a few hours later was plain white bread and white rice. And again, lots of water. IBS is painful and embarrassing, and really lowers your quality of life. If this information helps just one other person, then it was worth sharing! Good luck.
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    Digest responded:
    What is the name of the clear fiber powder that you bought? I am looking for the same.
    Torontosrose replied to Digest's response:
    The clear fibre powders are inulium based rather than the psylliium based metamucils...the Life Brand (Shoppers drug mart, in Canada) is literally called Clearly Fibre, but look for any inulin based fibre additive.
    pawsns responded:
    Thanks for sharing about the soluble fiber. It can really help a lot. I am writing as one who had this for a very long time. It was only given a label in 2003. I also used the white fiber to help for a number of years and in 2009 started focusing on white bread, crackers, rice, potatoes..... it worked reasonably well relative to the trouble I had had before, but I still had to be really careful and found I had a lot of minor triggers. Last fall when I did an elimination diet (just as an experiment for my studies in nutrition). I discovered that I am indeed sensitive to wheat. I had been tested for Celiac a number of years ago, but now that I do very little wheat, including white, my digestion percolates along quite well and tolerates some abuse again . I find it helps to eat lot of vegetables like dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, beets, winter squash. I no longer need the white powder fiber supplement. (There is actually a wheat component in many of those.)

    I just thought I would write to tell you that I am so glad that you are finding relief with the soluble fiber. From my reading and talking to folks, i am finding that there are lots of people like me in the IBS world who are actually sensitive to wheat.
    Torontosrose replied to pawsns's response:
    I was diagnosed with IBS 27 yrs ago. For the longest time I never heard of anyone having this problem. But unlike most people that do suffer, I can not eat vegetables esp the leafy greens, spices, even the root vegetables. It's like broken glass going through my system. Even a little black pepper can set it off.

    A few months ago I went into a specialist to find out about Bariatric Surgery. It was decided that due to the issues of my IBS and the higher chance of "dumping" happening post surgery, that I should do the Optifast diet program with the same doctor that does bariatric surgeries. I managed for over a month with the 900 calories a day Optifast diet. I lost 26 lbs total. Then around a month ago I started having Diarhea pretty bad. I assumed it was an IBS attack due to the fact I was also stressed out due to family issues. But now its been over a month and I don't think I have had more than 3 days of no diarrhea, and its not even that alone. It's now into a "dumping" issue. I don't go more than 30 minutes after eating/drinking when I am running for the bathroom. And sit there for at least 30-60 min. In all my history of IBS I have never had an attack last more than a day or two especially when I make sure my diet is "IBS friendly". The doc ordered two stool tests but still waiting for results.

    Has anyone heard of any of my symptoms...something I can mention to the doctor the next visit? Something we can test for?
    1eaglepepeson2 replied to pawsns's response:
    Thank you, I found this very helpful.
    mojo3132 replied to Torontosrose's response:
    Have heard some say inulin causes more bloating. Has anyone experienced this ?

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    How I am controlling IBS
    I recently retired from my job, and for some reason my IBS was out of control. Every two weeks I was down for 3 - 6 days. (Possibly due to ... More
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