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    ibs- charcoal
    tdbbdt posted:
    have been diagnosed with ibs, it seems to effect me in the mornings everyday,with diarrhea. in the mornings i get up, have to go, then 5 minutes later, go again, and so on, until my bowel is empty.and sometimes i have to keep going with nothing there, kinda like dry heaves from that end. and when that happens i break out in a sweat,have the stomach cramps,then i start feeling nausious, and sometimes, vomiting.i also have the gas and bloating. my doctor has put me on bentyl(dicyclomine)which helps some, don't think i could live without it at this point. but i also discovered that charcoal capsules help me. i take 2 capsules every night before i go to sleep,(but they must be taken at least 3 hours after your other meds.) i'm not sure what they do, but they seem to take away MOST of my spasms. its not a cure all, but i hope it can help.
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    abhorant responded:
    Has anyone else have this work for them? My symptoms are Very similar especially the fever like sickness that comes over me...often during before or after a bout.
    tdbbdt replied to abhorant's response:
    not too my knowledge, my sister was taking them for gas, so i thought i would try it, to my surprise it seemed to help with my other symptoms, im not sure i would take them for constipation, because thats one of the side effects of the charcoal. the bottle says its a vegetable fiber.i don't seem to have the fever before or after, just during, when im having a bad day.good luck
    mel8341 replied to abhorant's response:
    I only take them for terrible gas and I do know you have to wait before you take anything, vitamins or medicine, the charcoal soaks up the nutrients. My doctor has given Levisin for any type of cramping. I to experience the fever that overcomes my body, it starts in my abdomen and creeps up when I am having an episode which I usually am in the bathroom for 1 hour or so and sometimes I throw up along with it so I dont take a medication to stop it. Do you do anything like that?
    ftw76 responded:
    I have many of the same symptoms and the Lomotil I have been taking doesn't seem to be working as well as it once did. I have attacks at night. Sometimes all night. Lately the attacks have started coming in the morning too. Do you think the charcoal would help?
    anzach replied to mel8341's response:
    I have had those attacks for the past 16 years. Six years ago, I finally followed my GI's advice, avoided triggers and changed my whole life to reduce stress. I got a divorce, new job, new stress free tactics. My attacks went from weekly to only about 2-3 times a year.

    But now the symptoms are back with a vengeance. I take Levisin for attacks along with some Vicodin for pain. My symptoms sound EXACTLY like yours. I am going to go back to my GI and ask his advice but in the meantime, I will figure out the other items in my life that need to be destressed again. I am afraid of losing my quality of life again and being ruled by this.
    An_256155 replied to abhorant's response:
    I've been on it 3x a day 1 hr after meals and improvement is unbelievable. In it for 8 days so far and no pain and bloated tummy is going down. Just not sure how long can take it though? Supplementing w acidophilus and electrolytes though.

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