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    Includes Expert Content
    Watery Eyes During Urination
    Keenan1990 posted:
    I found this site while trying to research an issue i'v had as long as i can remember. i found another post on here with an answer i dont believe applies to me. Everytime I urinate (ever since i was at least 5) my eyes instantly water up. the other post stated that this was most likely caused by my Vagus Nerve and low blood pressure, but i want to point out my younge age, where this is most typical in older men, and the fact that the time of day has nothing to do with it, because it happens EVERY time i urinate no matter what time it is, and dizzyness is not a symptom while this is occuring which is why i rule out Micturition Syncope. Theres no pain involved, its such a natural occurance that i dont even notice it anymore, so it always slips my mind at the doctors, and i just lost my health insurance so theres no way for me to find out. please help me figure this out!
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    You really will need to seek a doctor's assistance to find the reason. Low blood pressure is not atypical in younger people, particularly women.

    There is Health Care Regardless of Your Ability to Pay by calling your local health department, Free Clinics, women's clinic or use this tool to Find a Health Center from the HRSA. The following resource helps you to learn ways of Managing Medical Bills.
    Crzywmn111 responded:
    Ok. I have had this same issues since as long as I can remember also. My husband thinks it's hilarious. What's crazy is we found out yesterday that my son has the same issue and it happens every time as well. I was just discussing this issue with my friends and they've never heard of it. I've never discussed it with a doctor because it's not really an issue.

    However, I am glad to know that I'm not the only wierd person out there!
    nikkisixx84 responded:
    WOW! This is even a current post. So this makes at least 5 people in the world that has this problem. I too forget to bring it up at the doctor's office. My mom has it and I've had, again for as long as I can remember. The funniest thing I run into is using toilet paper to wipe my eyes. I forget to look in the mirror and every time I come out of the bathroom, someone stops me and says" what's on your eyes?" The residue from the toilet paper sticks to my eyelashes!!! I see the MD response was to talk with the doctor. I have asked some of my instructors at school and nobody has heard of it. Like the other person said, doesn't matter what time of day, it happens every time, it doesn't hurt, no pain, just as soon as I sit down to pee, the tears start rolling, and I even have HIGH blood pressure so that heart rate thing can't be it. We should start a research group..."HELP, I cry when I pee!"
    HMSCharybdis responded:
    I have been meaning to look this topic up for years. I have experienced watery eyes infrequently during urination since my childhood. I recall mentioning it my mother as a child and she (who is not a medical alarmist) told me that wasn't something to be concerned about. I'd forgotten about this until my 6 year old daughter mentioned to me last week that it happens to her sometimes. Then I had another instance of it just yesterday. Decided to look it up. I see no medical explaination that fits yet, interested to see this topic's discussion so current.
    ssieben responded:
    I am going on 23 years of age, and have experience this as far back as the age of 10. It's not painful, there are absolutely NO other symptoms other than instant watery eyes. Always thought it was weird, I'm surprised to see others with the same "issue." Not a big deal, just rather interesting.
    Laura0822 responded:
    I just posted "Help for my 5 year old!" and saw your post directly underneath... she does the same exact thing - tears pouring down her face, no pain at all! I also never mentioned it to any Drs, as I never thought anything of it. I wonder how many people do this and if there's any link?!
    HeatherR1280 responded:
    Wow I experience the same thing. It's nice to know I'm not the only one but it's so strange that no body knows the reason. LOL
    friendo2010 responded:
    I'm 22 years old and the same thing has happened to me since childhood. No pain or anything at all. Every time, my eyes will water a bit.

    I've also noticed that during times when I am sick and have a runny nose (or just have a runny nose in general), my nose will also run a bit more. It's as if my body is like "time to excrete fluids!" during urination. Very strange. My brother does not experience it but I have not asked either of my parents.
    itsibitsi responded:
    I get the same thing! I always have as far back as I can remember! I've always thought of it as normal and had no idea that it was uncommon until a couple months ago when it randomly came up in a conversation with one of my friends. She had absolutely no idea what I was talking about and thought it was extremely strange. I then brought it up to my family thinking surely they'd understand; but nope! Not a clue! So then I'd come to believe that I was the only person with this strange "problem" and decided to look it up to see if anyone had ever even heard about it. It's great to know I'm not the only emotional pee-er out there!
    malechemicalengineer responded:
    I have always had this problem. I am a 29 year old male. Most of the people who are reporting this appear to be women though - very interesting. Anyway, it is really embarrassing for me at the urinal because I have to constantly wipe my eyes and I'm always afraid that people around me think that I'm crying. I've never known anyone else with this problem until I found this post. It is inconvenient but something that I can easily live with. To me it appears similar to the mechanism by which my eyes tear up when I yawn. I have no idea why that happens either. Also, for me it is just as everyone else has described - there is no pain involved, just an involuntary watering of the eyes.
    AnIowanSkater responded:
    I'm 15, and a male. Same thing. When I pee and when I yawn. It's just weird lol
    phantiasmic responded:
    I'm a 36 yr old male with the same problem. I sometimes think of researching this but then forget to because it is such a normal thing that sometimes it does not occur to me to look into it, but I have always thought it was odd!!

    I have kids now so I wanted to learn more about it in case my son has to deal with it so I could explain it or at least relate.

    It sure is an odd thing isn't it?

    I have never felt like anything was wrong, I kind of thought it was just my body design somehow.
    AVAS1 responded:
    I'm a 35 yo female with the same issue as long as I can remember. I am also a nurse, but have no idea what causes this strange thing. Some people mentioned tearing up with yawning, which I realized I do too. I also find that I yawn whenever I am cold. All these functions must be related somehow. It would be great if someone did a study on this. Is it genetic? is it a symptom of a condition of some type? Is it just some random thing like being able to whistle? Very curious.
    paulkeri responded:
    I have the exact same symptoms. I have had them since BIRTH. My mother could tell everytime I urinated in my diaper, because my eyes would water and my eyebrows would get red.

    Have you found out anythong about this...thing?

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