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    Urge Incontinence and sleeping pills
    Babette1217 posted:
    Hi All,

    I have urge incontinence. I wear Poise pads currently. At night I wake up at least two times and have to change my pad and sometimes my pajamas and underwear. I have tried the pull up type from Depends, but sometimes those leak too. I am not getting enough sleep and my husband thinks I should just take a sleeping pill and wear a "full blown diaper with tapes". He says it is no big deal to him but it is to me, but I am scared to try a sleeping pill now. The pull ups didn't work when I took a sleeping pill and I often sleep through wetting in my sleep and my husband will have to wake me up to let me know I've wet the bed and that the bed is soaked. I currently don't have insurance so we're just stuck living with this right now. I feel silly saying I don't want to wear a diaper and I don't know what to do. I haven't been getting enough sleep and I have become irritable and depressed. Should I just "Woman up" as my husband calls it and wear a diaper so I can get at least a couple good nights of sleep each week? Or keep doing what I have been doing? It should be noted that after 4-5 days of sleep deprivation I have a tendency to fall into a deep sleep anyway and I will wet the bed 1-2 times when I am that tired. Then I will wake up close to morning soaked and with a major headache.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

    gimwet responded:
    Hi Babette--

    I strongly encourage you to use whatever protection is necessary to get some sleep! A diaper is a diaper, despite all the euphemisms used. If it works, it works. You are lucky to have your husband's support, as I have from my wife.
    diaperjamie replied to gimwet's response:
    too have a sleep problem and have a very small bladder,in wich i have to wear diapers 24/7. it is great that you have your husband to support for wearing diapers.having to wear a diaper with tapes tabs isn't that bad,just think of them as a differnt kind of underwear.just be glad that you only have to wear them at night,not 24/7.there are alot of adult diapers online to choes abena diapers,wellness diapers that is just a few of them and there is alot more out there. i hope this help you?.
    BerSan1 responded:
    I know what you mean about not wanting to go the diaper route, but I have to agree with the others who appear to be suggesting at least going with such things in the short term. That'll likely net you the well-restedness you need to approach the problem with more objectivity, I think. Obviously, you'll want to go with a diaper that actually works -- not a simple "pull-up". I recommend going with one of the breathable models from Abena (Air Plus Super or X Plus) or Molicare. If you're really set on a pull-on design, Tranquility makes a "premium overnight" model that works pretty well. None of these are cheap, is the only problem.

    Anyway, places like xpmedical and northshorecare are good sites to get started, plus they're discreet with their shipping.

    Like I said, maybe give them a whirl for the short term. Unless you're the Queen of all Bedwetters, any one of them will probably keep you and you bed (and husband) dry while you make other plans.

    The headaches concern me: Are you skimping on water to try to curb the sleep-wetting? If so, you shouldn't, as that can make your urine more concentrated, which can irritate your bladder, causing you wet MORE. Also, it can cause you dehydration issues (like headaches and whatnot).

    Anyway... Yeah. Diapers can suck, but once you make the decision to try them, then you'll at least have them and you can at least take worrying about trying them off the list.

    Hope this helps!
    TDXSP08 responded:

    The best protection for nite sleeping is not found in disposables it is found in highly absorbent Cloth diapers(Nappi's) and Plastic pants over top you will not need to be woken up to change you can sleep through the night and shower in the morning as normal so taking a course of sleeping pills to get your self back to a stabilized sleeping schedule will be no problem what so ever.

    Do you want to know why i make this bold promises of sleeping through the night and using the Cloth reusable diapers with either pins or velcro that every three or four days you just run a small load of wash to clean your diapers and life rolls on easy for you?? because i have been incontinent for ten years i am now 43 years old and i take a sleeping pill Temazepam ( Restoril ) or Flurazepam ( Dalmane ) both are benzodiazepine sleeping pills and i have been alternating between the two for the last 15 years including all ten incontinent years so i know where you are and i know where you want to be if you click on my avatar at the bottom of "my Story" is a safe email if you would like to email privately about the what and how message me and i can tell you what i did and find out if you and i are similar sized because i have still unused products that i could send you to let you see what they are like and how comfortable they are and the protection they offer!
    tammycashat replied to TDXSP08's response:
    I am in the same boat as both of you! No pun intended. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like if I don't run I'm going to wet my pants, only to realize that I already have. I'm only 42 and humiliated! I know the normal life cycle is infant, toddler, prepubescent, teenager, adult, senior and then back to diapers. But I'm not ready to be past the senior stage yet! Just last night I had to change my clothes and bed linens twice!

    So, I'm very curious what the advise of cloth diapers you were giving Babette. It really peak my interest. I a have had a hysterectomy in 2007, as well as, a partical colectomy so all of my junk in prollapsing, cystocele and rectocele. I already talk a sleeping, Ambien, so now I need to know the diaper trick, please. I weight 135 pounds and I'm 5' 1".


    Thanks, Tammy
    TDXSP08 replied to TDXSP08's response:
    reverse the rr.neo
    TDXSP08 replied to tammycashat's response:
    And there are other measurements beside height and weight that i need to find out if what i have will fit you properly and those are best done via email or a chat program whatever you prefer.
    tammycashat replied to TDXSP08's response:
    My email is my username with after. I really appreciate you taking the time out to help. I have an appoint with the urology on the 16th for more lovely probing tests.

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