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    Dealing with incontinence as an active person.
    nwsnowrider posted:
    I've been dealing with incontinence due to a nerve injury for more than 20 years. I am 48 now and my incontinence began at age 25. However, I was a bed wetter as a child also until the age of 14. In short, I've been dealing with bladder issues for a long long time!!! Expert on the subject? yes probably!

    I have tried many products, techniques and medications to manage my issues and have found that most of the products available, such as absorbent products or cath/bag systems, just don't address the needs of active people. On top of that, most of them don't work well when you're lying down either. With medications come side effects. So what is the best management? I believe that a combination of diet, urination management and absorbent products is the best solution. Diet is easy and there are many diet resources available that are specific to incontinence.
    Urination management works well when you have access to a bathroom but can lead to other problems, such as decreased bladder capacity.
    Absorbent products, more plainly described as diapers pose some other challenges. Most of the name brand and store brand absorbent undergarments just don't cut it for active people. Leaks, noise and excess bulk are big issues that most products just don't adequately address. I have tried dozens of brands and models of these products over the years and nothing has really compared to cloth diapers and waterproof pants in terms of absorbency and quietness. Problem is, cloth diapers for an adult are inconvenient and not at all discreet.
    BUT, finally I have found 2 products that really do work!!
    The Providers Choice Active Ultra Plus absorbent brief is my number 1 pick. They have a fluid capacity of over 120 fl oz, velcro fastening tabs, standing leak guards, and are quiet enough to wear undrer shorts or under light clothing. They are very thin and all white with a soft elastic waist and leg gathers. They advertise as a 12 hour diaper. I have used these now for about a month and I am very happy with them. I haven't had one incidence of leakage either in bed or during the day.
    I bought these at . They ship in very discrete plain shipping boxes. They are a bit more expensive than the mainstream products but you get what you pay for.
    I also tried the Unique Wellness Super Absorbent Brief which they also carry. Its also a very good product, with dual layer tapes that allow for refastening, and standing leak guards. The only issue I have with the Unique Wellness brief is that they are somewhat noisy. So if you don't mind the noise, they are a good choice as well.
    I hope this info is useful to someone else!!!!!!
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    helpmyaunt responded:
    Thank you so much for the info. I am trying to help my aunt who was in a car accident many years ago. I just put up a post today and hope someone can help her concerning her unique circumstances.
    Pulcher responded:
    I agree that the Providers Choice is a great diaper in terms of functionality. The hold up well but the velcro landing area is a bit too stiff for me. I prefer more flexibility. So I use Abena x-plus diapers. The refastenable tapes have very specific locations linked to the original taping which is not as accommodating as the PC diapers. However the plastic backing is slightly softer and the top of the diaper is more flexible because it doesn't have the rigid velcro landing area.

    You're right about solutions for active people. Abena's are functional but they are obvious in workout clothes. I've yet to find a good solution for working out. The extent of this issue is contingent on the exercise. If I'm cycling (not stationary) then it's not a big deal as you're alone on the boke, the shorts are padded and already shape similar to being diapered, and the posture while cycling obscures obvious signs. However working out in a gym is problematic. I try to go during off (less busy) hours and at locations where I don;t really know people. Yoga class is manageable as I take a spot in the back row.

    Long story short - I manage the majority of my life with product selection (i.e. Abena diapers) but I manage working out by logistics (rather than the product). Hopefully that conveys.?.?
    MaryatTheQOL responded:
    I really think that the quality products from medial lines such as Tena and Prevail are really where you will find the most for your money. They are high quality and very reliable. They are the best of the best! The other main brands like Depends or Poise are simply bunched up toilet paper, basically. blech!!

    I recommend this site: The Quality of Life Store. They ship free, fast, and discreet to your door. Worry Free!!! They are reliable and locally owned in Washington. They aren't those liquidators who sell cheap and fast then disappear never to be heard from again. I trust them! They are new and great.

    Thanks for your honest open post. We need more of these!!
    TDXSP08 replied to Pulcher's response:
    for working out in a gym setting and discreetness i would pick up either contour cloth with velcro. and rubber or plastic pants over top.


    the bikini cut cloth diaper with bikini cut rubber or plastic pants.

    those are the ultimate in concealment undercover diaper technology-the only thing slicker would be to cath and massage your bladder before leaving home and wearing a pull up as backup- but if you are not required to cath as part of your care plan don't start!!
    diaperjamie replied to TDXSP08's response:
    have ben incontient about the same amount as you incontinence is do too a small bladder/urge incontinence.i have try many products like pull-ups,colth-like diapers they just weren't that absorbent for me.the diaper i use is wellness diapers and they work great for me.i think you should keep looking for what work best for you,or you could stick with wellness what if they are noisy/crinkley if they keep you dry and do there job then all is okay.diapers are like a differnt kind of underwear if you think about.

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