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    Heavy bleeding betwee menstruals
    kender_2005 posted:
    I really need advice/help on what happened to me this weekend. My OBGYN has given me information over the phone, but I do not agree with her diagnosis.

    A little background. I have been trying to get pregnant. I am on my 15th month of trying, with months 13-15 on clomid. This is my third cycle of clomid. A normal cycle prior to clomid was approximately 28-29 days. Clomid has changed my cycle to 32 days on months 13-14. I ovulated on CD 15 this month.

    On day 19 of this cycle, I was helping friends lay paver stones. I was lifting a significant amount of weight (approx. 18-36lbs per load). Upon completion, I had gone to the bathroom, and had a large amount of very red blood when I wiped. This continued for about 15 wipes throughout the next few hours. Very little blood made it to my panty liner, but the amount I was seeing on toilet paper was comparable to an extremely heavy period, although the color was not normal for my menstrual period.

    My OBGYN stated this was too early for a miscarriage (I agree), and that I should consider this Day 1 of my period (I do not agree). Never in my life have I had a cycle less than 26 days, so 19 days is extremely unlikely. The bleeding completely stopped by the next morning. I wore a "super" tampon to bed, and it was not full in the morning. I have not had any bleeding since. Today is CD 22. I have not had any of my usual period symptoms. I have not been in any pain whatsoever.

    This episode of bleeding has caused my OBGYN to completely change my course of treatment, without even seeing me!! I was supposed to get the HCG test after this cycle, if I do not get pregnant. With her considering this the start of my period, she is refusing to do the HSG until one more cycle has passed.

    Can anyone tell me what this bleeding could be a result of? Other than a possible early menstrual period! I have never been monitored the entire time I have been on this medicine.

    A few things I have read up on are as follows:
    Ruptured cyst (Corpus Luteum)
    Heavy implantation bleeding?! (is that possible?)

    Help Please!!
    editor_morgan responded:
    Hi kender_2006,

    I do not think that it is acceptable that your OBGYN has changed your course of treatment without seeing you first. I think that you should push for a visit and for her to examine you before making any assumptions about the cause of your bleeding. If you don't agree with her diagnosis then you have every right to challenge it and to seek a second opinion.

    Here is some information about abnormal vaginal bleeding

    Here is information about abnormal uterine bleeding

    Here are some tips on how to ask for a second opinion

    My heart goes out to you during this very tough time.

    Please be sure to come back and update us.

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    trying to conceive tip
    My OBGYN Lady Doctor told me to count 10 days from day one of your period... so I just started my period Friday December 2nd, so I will ... More
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