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    jammie311 posted:
    OMG girls!! That test was no fluke!! I have one more test with a faint + and DIGITAL CONFIRMATION!

    Here's what happened about 15 or 20 minutes ago. I thought before bed, it might be fun to do an OPK~ b/c I'm dying to know how they say it will be + if you're KU. So, I do, and bam, it starts getting dark, so I reach for it freaked out, and knock it into the pee cup,haha. it stopped working at that point but looks almost + so I quickly dip a HPT in the cup and see a very faint line, almost crying now, I pull out the clear blue easy digi test and within 4-5 seconds, it says "PREGNANT" OMG I'm so happy I'm starting to cry!!!

    I thought for sure I was KU the last 2-3 days but didn't want to say it for sure thinking it would either jinx me or AF would come and I'd look like a dumb @ss,lol. I am 11 & 1/2DPO,lol and got the BFP! That makes me feel more secure in that I won't have another early miscarriage, since it was so different in September. Oh girls I'm so happy, I'm shaking and kinda feel like I'm gonna puke! lol.

    I'm shocked at how light (almost can't see it) the HPT from is! it's supposed to be more sensative then the digi, but it was + In a few seconds flat,lol. I guess a SUPER faint line is indeed a line though!!!
    jammie311 responded:
    Here's the pics I took right after I saw the results. I am always curious what everyon'es BFP's look like! lol so thought I'd share...I took like 5 pics too
    nthompson1989 responded:
    That's awesome Jammie!!! I am so happy for you!! Another lovely lady in the group gets what she wants!!! that's what we like to see... Stay healthy and many wishes to you and your lovely family!!! Fingers are crossed that aunt flow doesn't come today... 21.5 hours to go before she's late... It looks promising for us too, been kinda freaked out by the preg. symptoms, because I got preg. before and at this stage I didn't have any symptoms... So if I am, then this time is VERY DIFFERENT! Congraulations again though! You deserve this just as much as the rest of the ladies in here who are always replying to posts... Don't forget to celebrate!!!
    jammie311 responded:
    Thank you so much!!!! I am soooo happy I can't even sleep,haha. I feel sorta bad at the same time, like....I want all my ladies to join me too so it's not as sweet without you... you know?

    I'm sure more November BFP's will foloow! so far it's been a decent month! let's keep it rolling baby dust to all!!! ~please kindly send me sticky vibes in return??

    BTW (nthompson) your symptoms sound promising!! I hope AF does not come in those 21.5hours (or for another 9 months,lol) when are you testing??
    nthompson1989 responded:
    Actually, your post made me want to test, and I opened the box and took one of the tests out and just stood there for a couple minutes, then put it back in the box and decided to wait... lol... I don't want a bad test... I'm afraid of taking it... Even though AF is due today... I woke up at 11 pm and now it's almost 3 am... so, I wouldn't technically have FMU. and it makes me weary of taking the test. I'm so happy for you though! and I'm still waiting to hear from Chrystyne in the "could I be pregnant?" board... she got a faint positive the other night and she was going to retest, so, I'm waiting to hear from her, but I believe she is, I believe that a positive is indeed, a postive... so I already congratulated her... lol... but yes!!! STICKY STICKY VIBES TO YOU!!! We want every one of these babies to make it and come out completely healthy!! Thanks for the baby dust... Hope it works last minute
    becca0320 responded:
    congrats!!!!! You give me hope that next month will be mine!!!! Sticky vibes!!!!!
    seza responded:
    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Doing the happy dance right now

    I'm so happy for your and your dh Jammie. Will be thinking pink

    Wishing you tons of sticky vibes and happy and healthy pregnancy.

    Hopefully some of us girls will join you soon.
    mcelroy07 responded:
    Congrats. I am so happy for you. What a way to stay motivated for you stopping smoking.
    jlcohen78 responded:
    CasLong responded:
    OMG!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!! TONS OF STICKY VIBES COMING YOUR WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! AND A H&H 9MONS FOR YOU! Enjoy every second of it!!!!!!!! I"M JUST SO HAPPY FOR YOU! (((((BIG HUGS))))))))
    tristansmommy08 responded:
    YAY! I am soooo happy for you! This is awesome. I am wishing you a H&H 9 months and lots of ~Sticky Vibes~
    JessicaGreen responded:
    AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO STINKIN EXCITED!!!!

    saraginger responded:
    congratulations, Jammie!!! this is soooo exciting! did you tell your DS that he's going to be a big brother soon? oh and yes, what was your BD schedule like for this BFP?
    lramsden responded:
    so what was your BD schedule if you dont mind me asking. do you DTD right before you OV or right after? im curious because my hubby and think we finally got our timing right.....
    mrsk32 responded:
    WOO HOO!!!! Congrats Jammie!!! I'm SO happy for you! I hope we both have a H&H 9 months together!

    Just so you know, I've taken tests from 3 different brands so far, and the line from the test was by far the lightest...and I tested at 14DPO!

    Are you going to move up to the 1st tri board? I haven't moved up yet.

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