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    Bandia1206 posted:
    Omg.. omg omg!! LADIES! I too 2 FRER's this AM and a Digital.. They were all positive!! And noticeable too. I am 11DPO and on CD 35/36. Weird that we weren't ttc this month huh? I am nervous and stuff cuz of the cramps I am having. And also cuz we don't have any insurance. But I am so excited!!
    waber0211 responded:

    I literally just started crying!!!!! I can't believe it Ash!!!! YAY!!!!! I'm so excited! So now we CAN be Pregnancy buddies, like we were talking about the other night! OMG!! And you're 11 DPO! Wow I tested at that many DPO and got a - and didn't get my BFPs until 13 DPO. I'm so excited for you!! I'm so glad we're having so many BFPs this month! Now we just need Joelle and Jessica to complete our Buddy Circle! Congrats hun, I'm SOO excited for you!!!!!
    lramsden responded:
    im so excited for you!!!! congrats:) me next me next
    UGAmomof2 responded:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SUPER HAPPY for you and DH. DO NOT WORRY!!! Everything will work out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lots of happy hugs to you!!!!!!!!
    mrsk32 responded:
    CONGRATS ASHLEY!!!! I had a funny feeling that you were preggo!!! I'm thrilled to bits for you!!!! Can I join you, Whitney & Jammie in the pregnancy buddy club?
    seza responded:
    Omg Ashley, I just opened up the boards and saw your "Nofreakingway" and nearly fell off my chair!!! So excited for you. Amazing how it happens when you were not even trying! Maybe because it was less stress.

    Wishing you tons of sticky vibes and a happy and healthy pregnancy. And I wouldn't freak out about the cramps, I had cramps with both pregnancies right when AF would of been due.

    Hope you get some insurance soon. When are you going for your first appt?

    Oh my gosh...doing the happy dance
    Bandia1206 responded:
    Whitney- OMG I know right! The oopsie baby dust worked lol. Yay for preg buddies. Yea it's 2 day before my expected AF and those positives are a pretty sight. I can email them to anyone who wants to see I reckon. I'm so stoked..

    Iram- Ty hun! GL to you!

    Uga- Ty ty so much! It's hard not to worry, but I'm trying to stay +. I'm waiting for a call back from my OB. ::hugs back::

    Ladies.. I would love love love some sticky vibes pz!
    nthompson1989 responded:
    CONGRATULATIONS HUN!!! THAT'S SO EXCITING!!! ((((((((((((STICKY VIBES))))))))))))) AF hasn't shown up yet... She was due yesterday... Still getting BFNs, but now I'm going to the dr. as soon as they call me back and we make an appointment! I'm so happy for you and all the other lovely ladies that are getting their BFPs Glad that you're all getting what you deserve so bad!!
    zz2004 responded:
    Bandia1206 responded:
    Natalie- Aww thank you so much, of course you can! I don't see why not

    Seza- Lol. I hope you didn't fall and get hurt . It is crazy, I think it is cuz I was less stressed. Ty so much for the vibes and H&H wishes.. I truly need them! Yea, many people (Jammie, Jill) have told me that they have/had cramps like the ones I am having. I don't know about my first appt. I'm waiting to hear back from my OB. I called 30 mins ago so I will hear soon. Ty so much!
    hrmomof1 responded:
    Congratulations Ashley!!!! That is really exciting news!! You deserve some happiness (((((((STICKY VIBES))))))) H&H 9 Months!
    Bandia1206 responded:
    Nikki- Ty so much! And xtra thanks for the sticky vibes. Oh I hope she holds out for you and that you get a BFP! Ty again

    ZZ- aww sweetie. ty so much! I knew it would get a crazy response from ppl lol. Hehe.. ty ty ty!
    Bandia1206 responded:
    Ty so much Lindsey! best of luck to you!
    JessicaGreen responded:

    I don't know what to say!! I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

    JennyRenny was RIGHT!!!!!!
    Bandia1206 responded:
    I know Jess. I wasn't expecting it either! I fought myself about testing Yes.. Jenny was right! Now we just gotta see if she was right about the sex

    Oh and btw. .ladies check out my chart ! My temp skyrocketed today

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