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    INTRODUCE yourself again....
    nickiw217 posted:
    A couple of us have been so buy with whats going on in our crazy cycles that we realized how many others there are out there that we havent heard from in a while. I know a lot of you are really busy with every day life, but you are in our thoughts. Which is why I am starting this thread. Hopefully some of you will come out of the woodworks and let us know how your doing and where your at. So lets hear it ladies. How are you all doing. Give us some feedback on where your at in your cycles and how your doing.......
    egisclair01 responded:
    I am Elizabeth. This is our first month trying since our last baby 9/10/09. My LMP was 12/31/09. So my fingers are crossed hoping we won't have to go through too many cycles.

    I hope we can all end up being trimester buddies.
    stinads82 responded:
    I'm Christina!! I have recently moved up to the 6+mos board but still hang around here! I'm on C6! Pcos has caused me not to O and I just started my first cycle on 50mg clomid. I am waiting for my Provera to kick in so af will arrive and then I get to start popping the clomid! I will prob frequent more since I will now be o ing and need faster feedback! I Also miss sharing my dinner ideas and recipes with everyone!
    mrs_hope responded:
    Well you all know me, since I post alot, I am on C4, CD26, 11DPO testing last two days BFN. Still wishing for a miracle. Expect AF Jan11-13. Not feeling anything regards to AF coming soon like I normall do. Overall feeling pretty normal though.

    Praying everyone gets a BFP soon!!!!
    mtelkhunter responded:
    I'm Jen! I've never posted an into, just been lurking for the most part. I had Implanon removed in March '09 and have been ttc ever since. I am currently on C9 CD18 and 3DPO. We are ttc#1 before DH deploys again in July of this year. I use ff and have tried OPKs off and on but don't have a whole lot of luck with them due to I have a distinct inability to not drink fluids throughout the day so my 'sample' is always waaayyyy too diluted. FX for everyone to get their BFP's soon!!
    countrymom21 responded:
    I'm Kristina.. I'm on C2 CD5.. my cycles are still trying to regulate after my 2nd m/c in October.. I also had a chem pregnancy from my cycle in November, but Dr. are just thinking it as an AF..

    This will be my first cycle using OPK's so.. hopefully it results in a BFP.. FX for everyone testing this month!!!
    emmy1698 responded:
    My name is Emily!!! I live in Denison, TX. Hubby and I are ttc #1 since November. I'm on round 2 of clomid, cd10. I have a doctors appt on the 15th to see if we have an egg in there ready to be layed. Hubby and I will be BDing like crazy starting tonight and we get to use our Pre Seed for the first time!!! I so determinded to bring home a baby this year along with my SIL.
    hkybaby responded:
    HELLO!!!! my name is jame been ttc for about hmmm a yr and a half but no luck.. only had 2 AF in that time frame and i gues you can say i am on C3. lol right now i am on and we live in watertown, ny. got my dr appt on the 28th to see whats wrong with me! finall got on to FF and gonna get some OPK tonight!
    terricody responded:
    im terri on cd14 im oing as we SPEAK!!!!
    jen2licious responded:
    Hello, my name is Jen. I am on CD3 on Cycle# 5 and we are really hoping that this is our month!!! Just got my Preseed and Opk's in the mail today, so I have already got everything all planned out for this month (already let DH know the plans and he is ready). Here's to all of us getting our BFP's soon!!!!
    TheDans responded:
    I'm Daniela and my DH is Dan...hence thedans I've been trying since october...but my hubby thinks weve only been trying since december ...oops

    My LMP was 11/28 so..yeah it's been a long one... My Md assures me that we still have a chance to get pregnant this month without having AF come at the end of last month..I'm hoping either I ovulate and get a BFP or AF hurries up and comes so I can take control of my cycle again...

    I want to thank you guys for all your help...I ask lots of questions
    ginabmonkey responded:
    I'm Gina. We're trying to conceive baby #4 in hopes of having a daughter for our boys to be protective of or to just complete our family with another son.

    I'm still on C1, CD 35, approximately 14 dpo. I've tested for the past five mornings with no positives. I'll continue testing every morning until I get the answer I want or until the crimson tide rolls in.
    tristansmommy08 responded:
    My name is Dani. I haven't been posting a whole lot since me and DH are TAB for another month or two. Just gonna let it happen if it happens and if I'm not KU by March we will probably resume TTC. I'm not keeping track of my cycles right now so I'm not sure when I will O or anything, but that's been nice. Makes life a lot more relaxing!!!

    Christina-anytime you wanna post a recipe go for it! I love your recipes!!!! So does DH!
    mumofrobin responded:
    I'm Misti my dh is David. We;ve been trying off and on since my dd turned one. Really start trying in the last month. We don't want our kids to be too far apart. I'm hoping we don't have to ttc for long but we'll see. out little girl we had given up and was going to wait...well turns out when we did i was already KU

    hope we all get to move on the tri boards together
    StarryGrrl responded:
    DH and I started to TTC #2 in December, but then I ran into some minor health issues that made us TAB. We are going to start TTC again this summer. It took 3.5 years to get pregnant with my DS due to having PCOS, but I'm really hoping and praying that it doesn't take that long with the next baby. Anyway, I mostly lurk on here right now since I'm not TTC at this moment, but I like to give encouragement and congratulations when I can.

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